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This is a neater way of storing my playtests for my customs that I want other people to be able to see. I mostly intend on posting about units that I'd like to submit to the SoV.
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Ibaraki-doji Solo Tests

Posted January 23rd, 2021 at 05:37 PM by Astroking112
As a part of crunching out Ibaraki-doji once we discovered that the Oni Night Haunter sculpt did have the availability for a submission, @Leo Ultra wanted to run several solo tests against other heroes in the 120 point range to see how they compared. Given that these tests are smaller in nature than full games, I've combined them into one post to reduce the number of blog entries that I'm uploading today.

Ibaraki-doji vs. Siege
Round 1, Initiative Ibaraki.
Ibaraki turn 3: SA 2 skulls vs 2 shields, SA 1 skull vs 1 shield
Siege turn 3: 3 skulls vs 1 shield, Ibaraki takes 2 wounds.

Round 2, Initiative Ibaraki
Ibaraki turn 1: Normal attack 3 skulls vs 5 shields.
Siege turn 1: Normal attack 3 skulls vs 1 shield; Ibaraki reduced to 3 life.
Ibaraki turn 2: SA 2 skulls vs 1 shield; Siege takes 1 wound. SA 1 skull vs 3 shields.
Siege turn 2: Normal attack 2 skulls vs 2 shields.
Ibaraki turn 3: Normal attack 4 skulls vs 3 shields; Siege takes 1 wound, 3 life.
Siege turn 3: Normal attack 1 skull vs 3 shields.

Round 3, Initiative Siege
Siege turn 1: Crag of steel; +3 Defense (total of 8 ) and -2 Attack (3) for round. Normal attack 1 skull vs 1 shield.
Ibaraki turn 1: Normal attack 4 skulls vs 2 shields; Siege takes 2 wounds, 1 life.
Siege turn 2: Normal attack 1 skull vs 2 shields.
Ibaraki turn 2: Normal attack 3 skulls vs 4 shields.
Siege turn 3: Normal attack 1 skull vs 0 shields; Ibaraki takes 1 wound, 2 life.
Ibaraki turn 3: Normal attack 5 skulls vs 3 shields. Siege is dead.

Siege is mostly notable as a tank, so even if the other player led with him over the rest of their army, they could trigger Crag of Steel on OM1 and just blast Ibaraki with the rest of their figures for the round. Ironically, despite Ibaraki wanting to go after squads with Demon of Rashomon, he doesn't last long against them with his 3D.

Ibaraki-doji vs. Kaemon Awa
R1: Ibaraki wins initiative. Moves up 4.
Kaemon Awa moves up 1 and shoots up at Ibaraki (against height and a bush). 3 skulls vs. 2 shields (1 wound)
Ibaraki flies 4 spaces closer.
Kaemon Awa circles Ibaraki so that he can't get within range this turn. Shoots up at him again (against height and a bush). 3 skulls vs. 3 shields.
Ibaraki flies closer again, cutting off Kaemon from being able to circle around the left of the map.
Kaemon Awa backs into his Starting Zone for at least one more turn of safety. Shoots up at Ibaraki again. 1 skull vs. 0 shields (1 wound).

Kaemon: 0/4, Ibaraki: 2/7

R2: Ibaraki wins initiative again. Moves to be one space away from Kaemon, pinning him in the Starting Zone.
Kaemon Awa opens with Quick Draw (2 skulls vs. 2 shields, 0 skulls).
Ibaraki uses Demon of Rashomon (3 skulls vs. 1 shield, 1 skull vs. 1 shield). 2 wounds to Kaemon.
Kaemon Awa uses Quick Draw again (1 skull vs. 1 shield, 3 skulls vs. 1 shield). 2 wounds to Ibaraki.
Ibaraki-doji uses Demon of Rashomon (2 skulls vs. 3 shields, 4 skulls vs. 1 shield). 3 wounds to Kaemon. He's dead.

Kaemon Awa: Dead, Ibaraki-doji: 4/7

They were pretty balanced against each other, albeit Ibaraki had height on his side as Kaemon was trying to avoid engagement for as long as possible, and he often had +1D from the jungle map. Without those factors on his side (or if there were any figures in the way to tie him down), then Kaemon would've almost certainly won.

Ibaraki-doji vs. Asterios
R1: Asterios wins initiative.
On OM3, Asterios reached Ibaraki from height for 3 skulls vs. 1 shield. 2 wounds to Ibaraki.
Ibaraki circled around to same-level with his SA: 1 skull vs 2 shields, then 3 skulls vs. 0 shields. 3 wounds to Asterios.

Asterios: 3/6, Ibaraki: 2/7

R2: Asterios wins initiative.
He punches Ibaraki on the same level for 3 skulls vs. 2 shields. 1 wound to Ibaraki.
Ibaraki gets 2 skulls vs. 2 shields and 1 skull vs 0 shields for 1 wound to Asterios.
Asterios rolls all shields for his next attack.
Ibaraki rolls all skulls and Asterios follows suit, chasing death until the very end.

Asterios: Dead, Ibaraki: 3/7

Ibaraki-doji pretty clearly should've won here, given that Asterios' whole shtick is countering squads and having 6L/6D against them. He lasted a surprisingly long time against the Oni, but that can be attributed mostly to luck and nabbing height at the beginning with his quicker movement. With a little more luck on his side, he might've been able to turn the tides.

Ibaraki-doji is a pretty tough figure for 120 points--he's pretty evocative of Krug, but always hits for 4 dice and can double his movement if needed. It's a very powerful utility to let him get the upper hand, especially with his flying ability, but dedicated heroes can still deal a lot of damage to him.

It's also worth noting that all of these tests were in very controlled environments and ignored his negative power, Insatiable Greed. In a more realistic army setting, Ibaraki's pressure on OM management might make him significantly more difficult to use.
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