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C3G Interview - April 2018

Posted April 29th, 2018 at 04:39 AM by HS Codex

C3G Interview
Author: davidlhsl

Here is another classic interview from streaky2007. This interview originally aired July 16, 2012.
Streaky left the group awhile ago but had a lasting impression on me and this project. We miss you streaky and you are always welcome to return!
Not to be confused with the Ray Stevens song, here comes streaky2007!

How did you discover Heroscape? I see youíre from the UK. Was it difficult to get?

I got back into board gaming through ill health and finding BoardGameGeek. Inspired by Tom Vaselís Top 100, I put HeroScape on my hit-list. My parents bought me a copy for Christmas 2008 and I had bought myself a copy just in case they didnít. At the time, Rise of the Valkyrie was widely available for about £13 Ė 15 ($20 Ė 25). I also managed to get 2 copies of Road to the Forgotten Forest for £6 ($10) each in an online gaming store clearance sale. I have since spent obscene amounts of money buying official HeroScape, C3G and C3V stuff.

What is your favorite C3G design, and why?

My game group has changed a lot, so we often use Matt Helmís cards (because they are a lot simpler) for introductory games. As a result, Iíve only played with a small percentage of my extensive C3G collection. So far Iíve really enjoyed Punisher because of his flexible attacks, and Blob is great with his extra defense and immovabilityóhe makes a great trap. I also love Red Tornado. He plays exactly to theme and has some great strategies.

Iím also a fan of Matt Helmís customs. Which of his designs is your favorite?

Again, picking just one is hard, but my favourites include the Flash (smacking people while running through them), Green Arrow (very clever design for Trick Shot) and Hawkeye (Flying, Carry, Double Attack and long range make him very useful).

Also, Iíve just signed up for Batsí Spider-Woman playtestóhe must have read my mind!

Do you play Heroscape (Classic or C3G) with any house rules? Do you prefer to play with or without glyphs?

The only house rules Iíve played is getting the rules wrong! As for glyphs, I can see pros and cons. They can make the game more swingy, but also more fun. I never add them to a map unless theyíre included on the map build instructions.

Is there a comic figure that C3G hasnít yet released that you would love to see?

Gosh, there are absolutely loads Iíd love to see, so Iíll limit myself to a Top 10.
  • Mary Marvel (classic red outfitóďCaptain MarvelĒ miniature)
  • Captain Marvel Jr.
  • Rorschach (a whole Watchmen wave would be awesome)
  • Ms. Marvel (I have the Warbird mini, but the new one looks great)
  • Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew)
  • Hyperion (from Squadron Supreme ... amazing pre-Watchmen series)
  • Mr. Mind (removed from his cylinder: thatíd make a great DO)
  • Beta Ray Bill
  • Supergirl (original Silver Age version using earliest HeroClix version)
  • Captain Atom (the original Dr. Manhattan)

Do you play any other games besides Heroscape? What is the worst game youíve ever played? What is your favorite non-Heroscape game?

I play lots of other games, but HeroScape is the daddy. For quick games I love Bohnanza, Guillotine, Jambo and Archaeology: The Card Game. I also love Arkham Horror, Runebound, Star Wars: The Queenís Gambit, Thunderstone, Wings of War, Nexus Ops and Return of the Heroes.

The worst game I have ever played probably goes to the Really Nasty Horse Racing Game. It was really frustrating and a total nightmare!

As for my favourite non-HeroScape game, it would probably go to Runebound at the moment.

What is the most difficult thing youíve ever had to learn?

Thing Iíve actually achieved or not? Itís such a broad question. Being a dad is daily challenge, which I do better at some days than others. Trusting that God will see me through tough times is something I struggle with, but Iím slowly learning that one. In gaming terms, learning Arkham Horror was a bit of a marathon. It took Grudunzaís video series on BoardGameGeek for me to make a start on it, plus a few solo games before I felt I had enough of a handle on it to play it with other people.

What is your favorite animal?

Iíve always loved cats. I would have loved to have one when I was a kid, but my dad is allergic and my mum hates them. When I left home, my flat didnít allow pets. When my wife and I bought our first house, we got two kittens within a couple of months. They are sisters. My wife has a tortoiseshell called Snaps and my little tabby is called ... Streaky (after Supergirlís super-cat from the Silver Age Superman comics). They are now 6 years old and very affectionate, and the kids love them. I love most animals (and think ocelots look amazing) but my favourite animal is Streaky.

If you could have a superpower in real life, what would it be?

All the usual choices are tempting: flying, invulnerability, time travel etc. But with three young kids who are a lot of work, I think Iíd like Purple Manís power!

Here it is: THE STUPID QUESTION! Iíll ask a really stupid question, and you can answer it as serious or as silly as you wish. Be very afraid!

The Stupid Question: I hope Iím not playing into a stereotype, but I really enjoy drinking loose leaf tea. Create a unique and bizarre way to brew a cuppa.

I donít really bother with loose leaf tea much as bags are easier. I drank a lot of normal English breakfast tea in the past, but Iíve gone right off it the last 5 Ė 10 years or so. I love Earl Grey tea, but I have it with milk like normal tea, which I believe is not the done thing. I also like most fruit teas, ginger, mint etc. as well as green tea with lemon. But Iím really more of a coffee man. I also always go for Fair Trade whenever possible.

C3G 3 Truths and a Lie
  1. One of the main reasons I moved house was to have a room where I could leave a HeroScape map setup.
  2. I never use any proxies when playing HeroScape.
  3. I will pay $10 commission per card for C3G Heroes to release alternate figure versions of cards I would like.
  4. I took ages to get involved with C3G because I found navigating the forums a complete nightmare.

  1. Having three kids in a small bed house was reason #1, but my game room was in my Top 3óspecifically for HeroScape.
  2. Yeah, it was a lie. I donít like doing it, but Iím finally getting over that personality disorder.
  3. But that doesnít mean I wouldnít really like some alternative cards. Multiple Man and Captain Marvel being right at the top of the listómoney is waiting for you!
  4. On BoardGameGeek I can find stuff, but on here I have real trouble. I have to traul through stuff several times over and still miss loads of stuff.
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Tornado's Avatar
I hope all is well for you.
Posted April 29th, 2018 at 04:58 PM by Tornado Tornado is offline
flameslayer93's Avatar
Another excellent article! It’s good to see some of these re-airiings.
Posted April 29th, 2018 at 07:26 PM by flameslayer93 flameslayer93 is offline
streaky2007's Avatar
Hi Spinny,
I'm still alive. I really miss HeroScape, but my social circle has become more of a social amorphus blob.
I'm glad to see you're still involved here, you were always one of my favourites.
Posted April 30th, 2018 at 01:39 AM by streaky2007 streaky2007 is offline
Tornado's Avatar
Good to hear! You are always welcome to return if you ever get the itch again. Would love to see you LD the Lawmaster.
Just added the Brit Cit Judge!

It was fun reading through your wish list. We got to about half of them.
Posted May 2nd, 2018 at 10:18 AM by Tornado Tornado is offline
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