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C3G Interview - March 2017

Posted March 19th, 2017 at 09:00 PM by HS Codex

C3G Interview: Flashback
Author: davidhls (assembled by Tornado)

How did you discover Heroscape? Was the game difficult to find in Mexico, or did you purchase your stuff online?

A guy in the store I used to visit recommended it to me, telling me I could match Hulk and other superheroes against robots and dragons; I really just wanted to have the D&D stuff, so I bought MS3 there to play with a friend (at the time, we didnít have anything to play for only 2 players).

After that, I tried convincing another couple of friends to join me, but couldnít find any other MS3s to play with themóthey even commissioned me to find them some and buy it on sight.

Then came the super Christmas sale at one of our local stores: it was about an hour drive to it, and we didnít even know what it looked like, but we went anyhow one Friday and found out they were selling all their Heroscape at less than half the price. I bought a couple FotAs, FFs, and lots of minis, and my friends got their MS. I got home excited and opened the FotAs, and they reminded me of the He-Man Grayskull Castles.

After that I couldnít find more Heroscape in stores, so I begin to order it from CoolStuffInc, then I found a couple of sellers on MercadoLibre (our less ambitious equivalent of eBay).

One day one of these sellers had a TJ for sale so I decided to contact him, and struck a deal for a Marvel master set since I liked the black hexes. I didnít know what I was getting into ...

How did you discover C3G, and what is your favorite part of it?

I love the modular map building and the active community: it makes the game evolve faster than I could imagine.

At first I frowned at the idea of superheroes fighting in war games, as Iíve seen them in Heroclix, but suddenly all these new threads at the forums opened up to me and found it was worth a try. Then I couldnít get enough of it!

I used to play D&D Minis, but then one day I left the minis in the trunk of the car and ran into an apartment quickly and I got robbed of my minis. I was a fanboy of the drow back then, and I bought my first Heroscape because I had some unresolved longing for those drows minis in the MS3.

You indicate in your ďAssault the Secret BaseĒ that you have a gaming group of 4 Ė 5. Does your group play other games as well? How often to you meet? Is there anything youíd like to share about the group?

My group started playing RPGs and then moved on to Vampire: The Eternal StruggleóI was even the Mexico contact and national coordinator of the game, but a couple of years ago that game went out of print, so we needed something else. In our withdrawal from CCGs we tried a lot of board games, but I think this and Dominion have been the most successful ones, as we play them at least once a week, sometimes even twice a week for Heroscape.

I usually find teaching new players the game easy. A few months ago, my usual table was 6 Ė 7 players, but now weíve stabilized at 4 Ė 5 since sometimes some people canít make it.

What is your favorite C3G figure (of the published designs) and why?

I love my Deadpool, because itís a really playable figure, can stand against 2 or 3 opponents on his own (well, with the help of Bob), and I invested a lot of hours creating my miniature from a handful of heroes: Nick Fury, Spider-Man, and Sgt. Drake Alexander, plus a lot of glossy paintómy first mod after I saw Griffin make his own.

Do you have a favorite hobby besides Heroscape?

I like riding my bike a lot, and spend a lot of time at work reading comics.

Whatís your favorite comic to read? Or share your favorite movie/book/music/TV show.

I read almost everything from Marvel thatís rated higher than 6.0 in IGNís reviews. Iíve just read for the second time Astonishing X-Men by Whedon, and I think itís my one of my favorites. I also like the current run of Spider-Man by Dan Slott. But my all time favorite I think is Earth X by Alex Ross, engrossing a plausible explanation for all things Marvel.

If you could have a superpower in real life, what would it be?

I had this conversation with my sister a couple of weeks ago and noticed how almost everyone we know answered time travel and invisibility. I joked: I think this speaks poorly of our friendsí self-esteem! So I would have to go with super-speed.

The Stupid Question: Whatís that smell?

Itís gorditas! Most foreigners say my city smells like them. They are deep fried.

originally written: 11-4-2011
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Tornado's Avatar
@omael if you are still out there, pop in some time and say hola. Emma Frost is still one of my favorite C3G designs.
Posted March 22nd, 2017 at 10:47 AM by Tornado Tornado is offline
Hola! i'm still around, just not playtesting lately.

Thanks, Emma Frost was a big accomplishment i'm glad you enjoy it
Posted March 22nd, 2017 at 08:42 PM by omael omael is offline
Tornado's Avatar
Good to hear. Stop in and comment on developments when you get the chance. We love to get fresh eyes and thoughts on what C3G is working on.

Not sure if you have any points left but it only costs one to join the Danger Room. We have some interesting projects working within.
Posted March 23rd, 2017 at 05:35 PM by Tornado Tornado is offline
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