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C3V/SoV Blasting Back Into Action!

Posted September 20th, 2016 at 01:51 AM by truth
Blasting back into action with blades bared and guns blazing, it's the SoV and C3V!

Wave 20 is lurking around the corner with a new format for releases that will get units out faster so you can deploy them on your battlefields as quickly as possible. Rather than putting all four packs of a wave out at once, we'll release booster packs as soon as they are ready. This means that the first booster for Wave 20 will be hitting the 'scapers home page this month! Then, over the coming months, you'll get the rest of Wave 20 in regular hits of C3V 'scapey goodness.

Exactly what 'scapey goodness, you ask? Well, that depends on you---the units that get playtested will be packaged up and delivered to you as fast as we can. Playtesting is the most important step in maintaining the high quality of C3V customs and relies heavily on community involvement. Go here to find out how to get involved.

So what do we have in the pipeline right now?

A band of good-hearted rogues, nipping out from the forest to pick off your enemies. A legendary hero, ready to take on all comers. A slew of monks trained in ancient martial arts. Levitating sentinels from Arctorus. A bonding squad rising from the swamps with perhaps the 'scapiest mechanic since the Fanscape era started. And much, much more.

But that's for the future. Very soon, the first booster will be here in all its glory with two common squads to add to your armies. The fearsome Teeth of the Makwa are poised to act on your Scouts' intelligence. The steady aim and crack shot of the 53rd North Carolina Sharpshooters will help your army control the battlefield.

Get your maps built and be ready to play.

Can't wait? Check out our sister project, the Soldiers of Valhalla and their recent addition to the Valhalla Customs project, Cormin the Dark:

Here doggy!

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@Sherman Davies Thank you, sincerely for your help. I'm so stoked to delve into the customs. Thank you, again..
Posted September 22nd, 2016 at 04:47 PM by Sholtz Vexon Sholtz Vexon is offline
Cleon's Avatar
Posted September 23rd, 2016 at 03:00 AM by Cleon Cleon is offline
Renegade Agent's Avatar
I counted 24 units in the picture plus the Teeth of the Makwa and the Sharpshooters ... including a Cave Lion from Alpha Prime(?) ... very nice
Posted September 25th, 2016 at 10:35 AM by Renegade Agent Renegade Agent is offline
Dad_Scaper's Avatar
Hold on there, Renegade Agent. We can't release units that aren't ready, and we need help in Playtesting. If you want to see all those units get released, send a PM to dysole and/or kinseth, and they will set you up to get you involved.

If they don't get tested, they don't get released.
Posted September 26th, 2016 at 03:45 PM by Dad_Scaper Dad_Scaper is offline
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Whooohooo... Thanks C3V, C3G, SoV, HoSS, & HoME(?) Teams for keeping up the GRRRRREAT work of finding, designing, analyzing, and play-testing ALL of these new units prior to releasing top quality products for us. Eat your hearts out Wotc / Hasborg . . . I guess H'Scape "ain't dead yet," afterall. We've even got a couple of new comers to these Forums. That's innnncredibly aaaamazzzing ; o )

Side note on card thickness: Once the custom cards have been published, I down load the files and print them at home on standard 20 lb. wt. paper. Then sometimes I have to take the full sheet sized image to a Staples to shrink it to 62% in order to match the standard original card size. Then I cut out both the front and back images as squares, which I proceed to attach to card stock (old file folders or cheap ones from a Dollar Store work great) using a glue stick. It's a little tricky to match them up top-to-top. Then I press them overnight under a heavy book and then leave them for a day in sunlight or near a heater vent to thoroughly dry. Finally, with a good pair of scissors I trim all the corners to form the distinctive "star shape"
before adding them to my collection.

Some people even have their cards laminated for extra thickness and durability. As my good friend @Sherman Davies mentioned above: it all depends upon how much money (and time and effort) you want to spend on this project. Just don't play against him if he brings NC Sharpshooters to the table (~~lol~~) [thus concurring with another good friend @chas]. This is the primary reason I love the new Release Schedule - I can work on only a few units at a time instead of being totally inundated by a huge Wave __)\~~~~~
Posted September 28th, 2016 at 10:35 AM by Johngee Johngee is offline
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