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My Master Plan for Heroscape Packaging and Distribution

Posted November 6th, 2009 at 04:13 AM by Agent Minivann
Updated November 9th, 2010 at 02:27 PM by Agent Minivann
Some time ago I had an idea about making wholesale changes to the packaging scheme for Heroscape. I think that the D&D master set just drove home that I'm onto something good. Walmart shelves have space for a Marvel size box and a box or two of small expansions.

Part I - The Big Sets
In this new packaging and distribution scheme the big sets change a bit. For D&D, Marvel, and Fortress of the Archkyrie nothing changes. For everything else it does. First the existing master sets, Rise of the Valkyrie and Swarm of the Marro, get divvied up into smaller chunks. For the RotV it gets separated into about four equal portions. SotM goes in half. The large expansions get put in with one of the Master Set portions. Each master sub set would have a couple 24 hex pieces, a selection of the other standard terrain, one type of expansion terrain, expansion LOS pieces, and two players worth of order markers. Each set then gets a selection of the unique figures that have been released. These six 2.0 Master Sets could each get branded as an individual general's master set ( with the headliner being the flagbearer). The player gets a smaller initial set with only unique figures, and a complete two player game. When you get one of each of the six sets you have a complete RotV, SotM, and at least a full RttFF, VW, TT, and TJ along with the full line of unique figures. No common figures show up in these sets. The biggest problem would be getting all the terrain to fit in with about 18 medium and 5 large unique figures. Going to nine 2.0 sets (with 3 less obvious themes) would bring it down to about 12 medium and 3 large per box. That could also allow for more of the expansion terrain per box.

Part II - The Small Sets
With the changes to the large sets there are a couple things that are immediately clear. There are no mass market outlet ways to get the Marro from SotM, and any of the figures from the old terrain packs. For starters these guys get packs. From this point I really wish the two mounted squads didn't exist. If it weren't for them I would say switch to the box size the flagbearers come in and go one squad to a box. That way you get more on the shelf, you only have to buy the ones you want, and more come in the big shippers. Because of that we keep the current wave packs, but everything gets redone. Each pack gets 2 of the same card per pack. There are now 13 2.0 waves. They get grouped according to popularity. The ones that sell best are 2.0 wave 1. The mounted units are still 1 squad per pack, but some of the smaller ones like spiders, dwarves, repulsors, and rats could go 3 to a pack. When possible they are included with terrain, but the 2.0 packs get more variety in the extra terrain. Things like water type pieces, ladders, as well as single and double hex pieces. With 13 there could be a full selection of tiles. Maybe even asphalt and concrete tiles for Microcorp Agents and Gorrilinators. The sets could possibly go to a more boring rectanguar box that could fit more to a shipping box (maybe only 9 waves) and stack neatly on shelves.

Part III - The Future
The really hard part comes next. Future releases need to be bigger in certain ways. Each new release now needs to have a 2.0 Master Set with terrain and LOS blockers and a bunch of unique figures. The 2.0 waves will be 4 common units. They could come 2, 3, or more waves between the big sets. The slow release of uniques could really kill this idea. I guess the alternative could be to not include the RotV and SotM uniques in the first run of 2.0 master sets and future sets will include some of the old classics. That would cut it down to about 8 figures plus 3 big ones per 2.0 Master Set.

I think this could be a great way to "fix" the distribution problems with Heroscape. The unique figures all get consolidated together into Walmart shelf friendly (and by extension Toys R Us and Target shelf friendly) boxes. The stores will only need to keep space for the big box and the expansions. The original packaging for the existing product could persist for online sales, perhaps with terrain only sets available to FLGS and online retailers. It might take a bit of effort to make it all work, but I think it would be a great move in the long run.
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Great idea. Should I try to make specific lists of what goes in which set? *waits 3 seconds* AAAGGHH!! The suspense is killing me!
Posted November 8th, 2009 at 12:49 PM by Anitar Anitar is offline
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