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OVAH NHSD 2nd Place

Posted October 18th, 2009 at 10:57 AM by NecroBlade
Yesterday, as everyone knows, was National Heroscape Day. It was my second tournament here with the Ohio Valley Area Heroscapers, my third NHSD, and my fifth tournament. Here's what, who, and how I played.

My 600 point army:
330 Minions of Utgar x3
180 Major Q9
090 Atlaga the Kyrie Warrior

Round 1 vs Aldin on Sidewinder:
220 Tor-Kul-Na
180 Marro Stingers x3
090 Marden Nagrubs x3
080 Raelin the Kyrie Warrior (RotV)

I managed to roll pretty well against the Stingers early on, only losing a couple Minions and Q9 taking 2 wounds (from the first attack against him, which happened 3 of 5 games!). Minions took out Raelin and Q9 mowed down 'grubs as TKN advanced. Atlaga failed Witherwood (12) on TKN, who proceeded to take out Q9, more Minions, and Atlaga himself. Denied his snacks, TKN eventually went down and I won, but not before Aldin got 380 points out of me (I only had 2 squads of Minions left)!

Round 2 vs KCUmaster on Embattled Fen:
180 Taelord
120 Nakita Agents
110 Laglor
100 Krav Maga Agents
080 Raelin

I got very lucky to come out on top in this match. Losing initiative helped with controlling the wound glyph (KCU's range pod was set up on one of the hills and not moving) and putting 3 wounds on Laglor. Even though KCU's agents were rolling 5 attack dice (from height and with Taelord), my Minions defended themselves incredibly well and steamrolled KCU's army once they closed in. Good defensive rolls plus 0 successful Engagement Strikes really helped.

Round 3 vs Onion_Knight on Road Rampage:
300 Marro Stingers x5
185 Nilfhiem
080 Raelin
030 Guilty McCreech

Q9 went down pretty fast once he got up on the road, but I was able to move Minions up quickly and recapture it. Once Nilfhiem went down as well (no thanks to Atlaga rolling a 9 for Witherwood), it was all downhill for OK. His Stingers couldn't push past my Minions to take the high ground, and I managed to capture the Move +2 and Defense +1 glyphs. Still, with many successful Drains in a row (and one unsuccessful one), OK kept the game VERY close, all the way to the end. He kept winning initiative and killed Minions with great speed, but in the end the Minions triumphed with only 2 remaining.

Round 4 vs jschild on Turret Rocks:
220 Minions of Utgar x2
140 4th Mass. x2
110 Airborne Elite
080 Raelin
050 Me-Burq-Sa

I lost this one pretty handily, only scoring 180 points (though Raelin had 4 wounds and there was only 1 AE left). I simply didn't play as well as I should've, but jschild did. As it turned out later, I would've won the tournament had I finished off the AE completely, but I had no way of knowing that at the time, though I did try to finish off Raelin or the 4th as well for the points. jschild and the dice wouldn't let me have it.

Round 5 vs jschild on Ticalla Sunrise:
same as above.

This time I played much more carefully and improved my record against jschild to 1-1. This was my second-closest match of the day, coming down to just 2 Minions and Atlaga with 1 wound on him for the win. Again, control of the wound glyph helped put a few markers on MBS, and then jschild had do decide what to kill. jschild held the glyph for a round, too, which put the wound on Atlaga, though we were both BARELY succeding our rolls! Atlaga got his one Witherwood success of the day, too, but only on a Minion because it was getting late in the game and jschild's army didn't have too many good targets to begin with.

Result: 4-1, 2nd Place to KCUmaster.
Like I mentioned, had I killed that AE KCU and I would've tied on points (the tie breaker for our 4-1 records), which would've bumped my into first thanks to my win against him! Ah well, I got lucky in that match and KCU is a great player and a great guy. I'm extremely happy with my 2nd place finish, my highest tournament finish thus far!

I got some great prizes and met some more of the great guys around OVAH. Good times.
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J4Jandar's Avatar
Wow, that's awesome! Enjoy the spoils of war. Superfly too burnt out to go down and throw down?
Posted October 19th, 2009 at 10:35 AM by J4Jandar J4Jandar is offline
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