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The 5ive!

Posted May 21st, 2007 at 10:34 AM by markwars

Cupid's Customs - Urtengar and Grauknau
This week I wanted to start the 5ive with customs creator Cupid's Art. I got several PMs suggesting this thread and if you browse through it you'll quickly see why. The evolution of his Primo character on Page 9 is particularly worth a look. Prepare to have your mind blown:
H_E_H's Maps: The Gardens (page 9)
Site Admin Hex_Enduction_Hour started a thread for his maps during the first week of this site's existence and he's still adding to it a year later. The last couple of maps are my favorites. On Page 9 you'll find "The Corridor" and "The Garden". Both are very cool and the second one has a lot of custom elements added in for good measure. Check it out:
Synergy in Heroscape...visually
HeroScaper Ryougabot worked for a week on a really cool project. He created visual synergy charts for each of the Valkyrie generals. If you have no idea what I'm talking about then you'll still want to see this thread - trust me. Prepare to save it to your hard drive and make prints of it:
TSA..Toy Sneaking Anonymous.
Sometimes thread mining can be annoying, but other times it's like going to a class reunion and running into an old friend. This thread was started by Sweetcurse back in September for all of us that have ever had to sneak a Scape purchase past a loved one. Recently it was revived and it apparently still rings true because a new crop of addicts have made their voices heard....

Grishnakh's Custom Terrain - Now with Columns!

And finally this week I want to point out what is perhaps the coolest customs thread of all time. It is artist extrodinaire Grishnak's thread/guide about customizing your HeroScape terrain. If you've ever thought putting a wash on your road tiles would be cool then buckle up. Grish showed us all just how cool customized terrain could be and he's still at it.

That's it for this week. If you'd like to see something included in next week's 5ive please send me a link.
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