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Endless Flocking

Posted June 16th, 2009 at 01:45 AM by Melwing17
I spent quite a bit of time today starting (and making good progress on) a new project. Flocking four SOTMs worth of the "dark green" tiles. Whatever you actually call them- I tend to just call them 'the dark green ones'.

I may end up doing a sand 'flocking' on the sand tiles, not sure yet. I'd like to real-ify them all eventually.

Found one of each of the following this morning at a local game store; I previously didn't have any of them, so I was excited:

Roman Archers/Legionnaires
Blade Gruts/Arrow Gruts
Marcus/Tornak, etc


Ghostbusters comes out tomorrow. That might take away part of my flocking time. Really hyped for that game.
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