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Conversations with a Guru

Posted April 11th, 2009 at 10:56 AM by truth
Recently on the forums there has been quite a commotion about how the rules team for Heroscape functions. Well our own Mr. Bistro recently interviewed the man who creates the Heroscape FAQs. That man humbly refers to himself as 'theGuru'. Hopefully theGuru can shed some light on what the Heroscape rules team is all about.

Mr. theGuru, thank you for agreeing to this interview. May I call you Guru?

You may.

Thank you Jennifer.

I would like to begin this interview with a question. If a double-spaced figure flies and lands in both an unimportant space and Doorway Space #4, and assuming the reinforced door is closed when both the figure and the reinforced door are targeted by Deathwalker 7000ís Self-Destruct ability (causing 2 wounds to each), and supposing this damage is sufficient to destroy the double-spaced figure (yet not the reinforced door), may the double-spaced figure open and close the door, presuming Doorway Spaces #1-3 are not blocked, one hundred and thirty-thousand times prior to removing the double-spaced figure? The rules clearly state that a player controlling the door may open it A) when it is not his turn, and B) if the figure in Doorway Space #4 is destroyed and the space remains unoccupied. It is therefore reasonable to say that the door may open and close one hundred and thirty-thousand times in between the moments of Deathwalker 7000 exploding and the double-spaced figure being destroyed and removed from play. In fact, could a player not cause the game to last for an infinite amount of time by opting to open and close the door an infinite number of times prior to their double-spaced character expiring?

I'm glad you asked that!
Yes, he can in fact open and close the door one hundred and thirty-thousand times. HOWEVER, he would only need to open and close it 330 times in the span of time that DW7000 attempts to self destruct in order to make him tip over (remember he's top heavy) and thus negate any damage caused by his Self Destruct.
Also, by attempt 4 to open and close the door, you may get some dice thrown at you by your opponents, so I wouldn't recommend playing like that!

Interesting answer. I sent this question in to WOTC and got the following response:

Dear Mr. Bistro

Thank you for your question. The answer is Iron Man, except on Thursdays, in which case the answer would be Migol Ironwill.

Squee, Goblin Rules Support
Exciting News! The Maple Story: OMG Fer Realz Ya'll, LOL, BRB K? Expansion
is now available in stores!

So please tell me, which answer is correct?

Ah Squee, I don't know why they let the monkey that runs around the office answer e-mail all the time!
But on a serious note. I know over the past year or so since WOTC took over Heroscape from Hasbro, we have occasionally had an irregular ruling. This could be from a lack of explanation between the Customer and the Customer Service rep, or perhaps just TOO MUCH information given. Remember folks, if you are asking one question that requires 4 pages of text (and linked images) to explain it, perhaps you are reading too much into the game. This is supposed to be a fun game, not an argumentative game! And while we do our best when designing the game to cover any and all loopholes, finding some, or creating some, doesn't win you a gold prize, it just wins more descriptive and confusing wording that will eventually confuse the less nit-picky players.
I've had a long standing relationship with many of the folks over at WOTC CS, as I used to work at Hasbro in the Customer Service department. When needed, they e-mail me questions that they want to make sure they are interpreting correctly. However, they can't e-mail me every question they get, or I'd never get my day job done! 95% of the Heroscape questions they get are standard and are probably covered in our FAQs, but that's what they are there for, to help customers further understand the game. On the off chance that they interpret an answer wrong, the rules team and I are able to respond to them quickly to explain where the interpretation is wrong, and they are always more than happy to volunteer that information back to the consumers (see the recent double space figure moving onto one heavy snow space thread)

So you weren't impressed by my question?

I'm excited that you're so into the game that these kind of odd situations come up!
Heroscape is all about expandability, and making each battle unique and different. Random situations are sure to come up! But like most of our players, if something wierd comes up in a game that we're playing on game night, which might not be covered in the rules, we make a house rule and move forward.
Disclaimer: I am in no way against rules discussion. In fact I love it! But sometimes, we've gotta keep the egos out of it and remember that this is a game. A game we all love. Let's clear things up and start thinking about the next battle, instead of thinking up new and interesting ways to find loopholes!

So let me see if I understand what you're saying. Are you suggesting that if I were to call the customer care line for say, a computer company, and if I asked a customer service representative a detailed question about how the silicon chips work in their computers, that they might not be the best person to ask, despite their position and good intentions?

So youíre saying that if the guy who actually oversees the design of these hypothetical chips disagrees with something the customer service rep said, itís only because heís more qualified and not an elitist douchebag?

Well in a word, Yes.
But I don't want to paint myself, or anyone else who works on the design of Heroscape as "more qualified" than anyone inthe WOTC CS department.
It's their job to explain the ins and outs of all of WOTCs games to their customers. They have to be not just familiar, but know as much as possible about every game, every book, every card in WOTC's catalog, and that's a large catalog!
While, those that work on Heroscape spend weeks on the design and development of each card. Obviously, we know how most powers work like the back of our hand. That's why we work together with the WOTC CS department to help them on the tougher questions so we can keep everyone on the same page.
As a side note, we are also available on this site, to help to diffuse certain arguments before they even have to be escalated, as many of the more knowledgeable members of the site often do. Iím working with Truth and Grungebob to get tags on some of the more outspoken members of the rules team so when they make a ruling, or attempt to explain an answer to a member that might not know that they work on the brand, itíll be easier to understand where they are coming from. However, no one is ever 100% perfect. Just because a member of the rules team answers a question, donít hesitate to question that answer if you still donít understand where they are coming from!
So the designers in your metaphor are in fact, not elitist. They are just like everyone else, just enjoying the computers.

Sounds elitist. Guru, I thank you for your time and appreciate you letting me expose your flawed way of thinking to the general populace.

Thanks Bistro. It was a pleasure chatting with you. I'm looking forward to playing against you at Gencon. Maybe Iíll bring the new Gladiator Army!
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Kobu's Avatar
Now that's what I call edu-tainment!

Not really. No one says that. Funny though. And more gladiator hype! Yay!
Posted April 11th, 2009 at 11:02 AM by Kobu Kobu is offline
Rˇchean's Avatar

I think it is important to note that this "interview" had input from and the blessing of WotC.

Thanks 'Tater and truth!
Posted April 11th, 2009 at 11:04 AM by Rˇchean Rˇchean is offline
Velenne's Avatar
I love you guys!
Posted April 11th, 2009 at 11:05 AM by Velenne Velenne is offline
Aldin's Avatar
That's excellent... but I thought the answer was Steamroller
Posted April 11th, 2009 at 11:38 AM by Aldin Aldin is offline
I thought you no longer could open the door when it wasn’t your turn.
Posted April 11th, 2009 at 12:03 PM by Dualahorn Dualahorn is offline
Grungebob's Avatar
Steam Roller!
Posted April 11th, 2009 at 12:06 PM by Grungebob Grungebob is offline
Jaz1597's Avatar
Posted April 11th, 2009 at 12:33 PM by Jaz1597 Jaz1597 is offline
New Gladiators? I wonder if that is speculation, insight, wishful thinking or just plain messing with Sasquatch type of humor.
Posted April 11th, 2009 at 12:33 PM by Griffin Griffin is offline
Mr Migraine's Avatar
Yeah, I thought you could no longer open/close the door on an opponent's turn.... Oh well, it was a joke anyway. Steamroller.
Posted April 11th, 2009 at 01:02 PM by Mr Migraine Mr Migraine is offline
Troubleman23's Avatar
I'm confused...
Posted April 11th, 2009 at 01:14 PM by Troubleman23 Troubleman23 is offline
skyknight's Avatar
Is this all you guys really had to do today?
Posted April 11th, 2009 at 01:31 PM by skyknight skyknight is offline
mrbistro's Avatar
No, I picked lint out of my navel as well.
Posted April 11th, 2009 at 01:54 PM by mrbistro mrbistro is offline
theGuru's Avatar
Yes, you can only open the door during yours or your teammates turn. That's in the errata section of the FAQs. That was just a joke.
Posted April 11th, 2009 at 02:15 PM by theGuru theGuru is offline
Lord Pyre's Avatar
Migol Ironwill, huh?

Looking forward to him!
Posted April 11th, 2009 at 02:59 PM by Lord Pyre Lord Pyre is offline
Purplebeard's Avatar
Wow. Fantastically funny as always Bistro.

That just makes me want to listen to a 'ScapeCast.

Bistro, you and Truth rolling one of those out soon? Please god, yes, I need my sweet nectar of 'Scapetalk.

And I also have lint, centered mostly in my armpit. Perhaps we could braid them together?
Posted April 11th, 2009 at 03:50 PM by Purplebeard Purplebeard is offline
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