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Dallas/Fort Worth EPIC Game Day II--Map Sections (3 of 3)

Posted January 27th, 2009 at 11:35 PM by DrLivingston
Updated January 28th, 2009 at 08:56 AM by DrLivingston
Rym, CheddarLimbo and myself all met and played at Funrun's EPIC Gameday summer of '08.

We had a blast and were inspired to throw another one this winter of '09.

Of course we had to make things more complicated...

For those interested, here are the Rules&Procedures, Legions, and Map Sections (all 4) for our EPIC event.

The Glacier Fortress:

Map I - The Glacier Fortress

"This forgotten fortress of the north has been slowly consumed by an advancing glacier for centuries. Only recently rediscoverd by an Utgar scouting party, the foreboding castle has already garnered a terrible reputation as a cursed and haunted place. Sir Hawthorne, the bloody handed traitor of Weston himself, came here searching for artifacts of power and never returned. Looking at the frost covered stairs and listening to the wind howl through the great doorway, it's reputation is easily believed. But like Hawthorne, you too have come searching for artifacts of power to help your lord in his struggle. Gripping your weapon tightly you start through the portal lined with splintered and rotted wood. Hopefully you'll have more luck than that traitorous black knight..."Special Rules & Events for this map:

Weakened Doors
"These ancient doors are splintered, rotting, and barely attached to their great iron hinges. Some enthusiastic kicking should smash a way through quickly enough."

Weakened Door
Destructible Object
Life 3
Defense 2

Weakened Defense
When rolling attacks against the Weakened Door with a small or medium figure, add 1 automatic skull to whatever is rolled. When rolling attacks against the Weakened Door with a large or huge figure, add 2 automatic skulls to whatever is rolled.
Frozen Shut
The Weakened Door is frozen shut and cannot be opened by any means short of destruction.

Collapsing Floor!
"What's that cracking noise?!?! Is that the effing ice?!?! Tell me that's not the da---Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah!"
The trigger for this event is 4 or more figures placed on the see-through ice hex at the top of the fortress.

As soon as 4 or more figures are placed on the see-through ice hex at the top of the fortress, the ice collapses. Remove the ice hexes. The figures that were on the ice hexes fall straight down to the pool below. If the space is unoccupied, the faller is uninjured. If the space is occupied, the falling figure takes normal falling damage for their height. It's a 26 level drop, so height 6 or less must roll a 19 or 20 else they are destroyed! Height 7 to 16 rolls 3 dice. Height greater than 16 rolls 1 die for falling damage. The figure that is under the falling figure rolls as many dice as the falling figure has height. Of course, no defense dice are rolled for any falling damage. If a figure under a fallen figure survives, they are placed in the nearest possible water hex by the host. This may be over the falls into the courtyard pool below. Which may cause additional falling damage...

Obsidian Guards Awake!

"You feel the heat being pulled from your body even as a gravely voice intones, 'Whom shall we destroy, Master?"

The trigger for this event is stepping on either of the lava field hexes on the map.

Your life force is now powering 3 Obsidian Guards that you may only place on the molten lava hex of any of the sentry towers. The Obsidian Guards are yours to command, and you may place order markers on them as normal. At the end of every round following this one, your figure on the lava field takes 1 wound. If this kills your figure, the Obsidian Guards must be immediately returned to the host. If for any reason your figure leaves the lava field hex (due to death, summoning, triggered special abilities, you decide to move him, etc.) the figure takes 1 wound and the Obsidian Guard must be immediately returned to the host. You are NOT subject to normal end of the round lava field damage.
Artifacts for this Section:

Sir Hawthorne's Sword


200 points

"You stand over the crumpled armor of the fiend Sir Hawthorne. His infamous blade lies half-buried in a pile of obsidian rock not two paces away. Thinking it will make a nice souvenir, you step over the traitor's body and reach for his sword..."

Blind Rage Special Attack

Range 1. Attack 4.

If the wielder of Sir Hawthorne's Sword rolls at least 2 skulls with its Blind Rage Special Attack, the wielder may attack again with the Blind Rage Special Attack. The wielder of Sir Hawthorne's Sword may continue attacking with the Blind Rage Special Attack until they roll fewer than 2 skulls.

Follow Me, Forsworn

After you take a turn with the wielder of Sir Hawthorne's Sword, you must roll the 20-sided die. If you roll a 1 or a 20, choose an opponent. That opponent now controls the wielder of Sir Hawthorne's Sword and any/all squad members of the wielder of Sir Hawthorne's Sword. Remove any order markers from the wielder of Sir Hawthorne's Sword army card and give the card to that opponent.

Stuck with it

You may only drop this artifact if you are summoned or destroyed.

Xavier's Helm

50 points

"As you place this round helm of white gold over your head, you begin to hear the voices of your comrades. Inside your head! You scream in surprise and instantly hear the startled answering cries of your friends. You quickly realize that you have gained an instrument OF instant communication amongst your entire band. Planning the disposition of your troops suddenly got much easier."

X Factor
You may use the card your X order marker has been placed on when it is your turn, instead of your 1, 2, or 3 order marker. Simply flip over the X marker as well as the order marker (1,2, OR 3) that you are replacing with the X.

Lodestone of Valstag

300 points

"This strange black rock reflects no light and is the heaviest object you have ever held. And you cannot drop it! The stone has adhered itself to your chest and begins to pull you to the earth. Your knees buckle and you fall to all fours. It will take all of your strength simply to crawl..."

While the artifact is in your possession you may only move 1 hex a turn. You may not fly. If you end a round in a water hex you lose a wound. If you end a round in a swamp water hex, you are subject to the rules of lava field damage. Your height is halved, rounding down. Finally all falling damage is doubled.

Stuck with it

You may only drop this artifact if you are summoned or destroyed.

Wings of Icarus


150 points

"Strapping on the wings, you look at your comrades a little nervously. 'Don't worry!' they reassure you. 'I'm sure they'll work just fine!'"


When counting spaces for the wearer of the Wings of Icarus' movement, ignore elevation. The wearer of the Wings of Icarus may fly over water without stopping, pass over figures without becoming engaged, and fly over obstacles such as ruins. When the wearer of the Wings of Icarus sarts to fly, if he is engaged he will take any laving engagements attacks.


Whenever the wearer of the Wings of Icarus uses the Flying Special Ability, roll a white (not old school red/blue) or flagbearer die after moving. If a "blank" or general symbol is rolled, the wearer of the Wings of Icarus takes a wound.

The Swamp:

Map II - The Swamp Bridge

"The stone bridge that dominates this area of swamp has been immortalized in legend as the site Ancent Kyrie heroes came to duel. Now 0.
the ruined road that leads to the rubble strewn bridge is only important because of the high ground it offers your forces. Still, you remember enjoying the tales of famous duels fought there as a chi---Wait a moment! You squint into the rising sun at the mist enshrouded bridge. Is that? Are there 2 men on the bridge? Is one of those men in your command!?! What the devil is that fool up to!?!

Special Rules & Events for this map:


"You have been challenged to a duel. In this day and age, in the middle of a war, on the eve of battle you have actually been challenged to a duel! Your commander would have your hide if you accepted. But a chance to duel on that bridge of legends... This will take some thinking."

The trigger for this event is the start of the game. This event occurs after deployment, but before order markers are placed.

You may choose one figure from your army--a single figure from you and your teammates legions--to accept the duel. Write the name of the figure on a piece of paper. Both sides will reveal their chosen figures simultaneously and place the figure on the bridge in the middle of the map as indicated by the host. Initiative will only be rolled for by the players controlling the figures on the bridge. The figures on the bridges will complete one turn each and then all players will roll initiative and play will proceed as normal. If one of the figures was destroyed, the surviving figure's owner may add 10 to their initiative roll. Alternatively you may write "coward" on the piece of paper and send no figure to the bridge. If there is only one figure on the bridge, the owning team may decide which of them automatically wins initiative and play will then proceed normally.

The Feeding of Sujoah!

"Do you hear a buzzing? I definitely hear something buzzing."

The trigger for this event is the end of the second round. This event occurs before order markers for the third round have been placed.

At the begining of the 3rd round, before order markers are placed, Sujoah is placed somewhere on the top of the central bridge/mountain tops by the host. Teams then begin bidding to earn Sujoah's favor. Players each roll a 20 sided die and the high roller bids first. Bidding moves clockwise. Bidding continues untill all but one player has passed. Whoever bids the most points of figures gets immediate control of Sujoah and may place order markers on the card as normal. When dividing to find the points value of squad members, always round down. All figures bid are "eaten" by Sujoah and are immediately destroyed.

Time Warp

"Something's amiss. You look at the sun. It's moving too fast. And it's moving the wrong way. This can't be good."

The trigger for this event is the end of the third round. This event occurs before order markers for the fourth round have been placed.

At the begining of the 4th round, before order markers are placed, announce the following change in turn rules:

1. In the Movement Phase, figures can't move, but can attack.

2. In the Attack Phase, figures can't attack, but can move.

3. Killed figures are not removed from play until the end of the round. Place any killed figures on their side until they are removed.

Figures can still move and attack until they are removed at the end of the round.

The Time Warp effect ends with the end of the 4th round.

(Credit where credit is due--Thank you, Parduz, for coming up with this idea and your custom glyph of time shifting.)

Artifacts for this Section:

Marro Drudge Map


150 points

"Looking at the torn and crumpled map in your hands, you cannot help but smile. It shows, in great detail, a series of tunnels that criss cross the very swamp you're fighting over. You've always wandered how the Drudges managed to move so quickly through these swamplands. Well now you know--and your enemies are about to find out as well!"

Swamp Water Tunnel

If the holder of the Marro Drudge Map, and/or a member of his squad/card, ends its normal movement on a swamp water space, you may immediately place it on any empty same-level space within 5 spaces. If the holder of the Marro Drudge Map, or a member of his squad/card, is engaged when it starts to tunnel, it will take any leaving engagement attacks.

Tunnel Collapse!

Every time you use Swamp Water Tunnel, roll the 20 sided die. If you roll a 1 the figure tunneling takes a wound.

Spider Bazooka


100 points

"Okay, this thing is just strange. It's a hollow log with a spider carved on the side. And when you slap the carving a giant spider shoots out of the log about twenty feet and attacks the first thing it sees. After apologizing to some of your men and getting their spider bites looked at, you begin to see possibilities for this thing."

Spider Cannon

Range 7. Attack Special.

Place 4 Fyorlag Spiders on this card. These spiders are your ammunition for the Spider Bazooka and you may not use Spider Cannon if there are no Fyorlag spiders on this card. Instead of attacking, You may place a Fyorlag within 7 clear sight spaces of the figure using the Spider Bazooka. After placing the Fyorlag Spider, you may immediately attack with up to 3 Fyorlag Spiders within clear sight of the figure using the Spider Bazzooka. Fyorlag Spiders may, if they are able to, use Entangling Web or Predator Bonding, before attacking. Fyorlag Spider may never move, and if are ever unengaged are immediately returned to this card to be used again as ammunition. Fyorlag Spiders that are destroyed are gone forever and can not return to this card to be used as ammunition.

Irate Spiders

Roll a 20 sided die each time you use Spider Cannon. If you roll a 1, the figure shooting the Spider Bazooka takes an automatic hit. The hit can be defended by the figure, but they must roll one less die than normal.

Engine of Destruction


300 points

"Your Omnicron engineer has patiently explained the workings of the machine you hold in your hands several times. It apparently belonged to something called a DeathWalker 7000. It will, if you understand the Omnicron correctly, convert the wearer's life force into an explosive blast of tremendous force. Hmmm. You're going to need a volunteer..."


After moving and instead of attacking, the figure bearing the Engine of Destruction may choose to self-destruct. Roll the 20 sided die to see if any other figures are wounded. If you roll a 1-3 all adjacent figures are safe. If you roll a 4-8 each adjacent figures receive 1 wounds. If you roll an 9-13 each adjacent figure receives 2 wounds. If you roll a 13-15 each figure within two hexes receives 1 wounds. If you roll 16-18 each figure within two hexes receives 2 wounds. If you roll a 19 each adjacent figure receives 8 wounds. If you roll a 20 each figure within 2 hexes receives 8 wounds. After using this power the figure bearing the Engine of Destruction is always destroyed.

Powerful Life Source

You may add, up to the amount of life the figure bearing the Engine of Destruction has remaining, to your Self-Destruct roll.


The Engine of Destruction, is itself, indestructable. After using the Self-Destruct special ability, place the Engine of Destruction in the hex the destroyed figure occupied.

Bands of Brachiation


150 points

"After slapping these bands around your wrist you're arms have grown so long that your knuckles drag on the ground. You look ridiculous. But you feel... Well, to be honest, you feel like jumping in that tree and going for a swing. Does anyone have a bannana?"


If the figure begins movement adjacent to a jungle tree, they may, instead of using their normal movement, be placed adjacent to any jungle tree within 5 spaces of the tree they started. The figure may use Brachiation up to a maximum of 3 times instead of moving normally.

Insane Monkey Strength

The figure wearing the Bands of Brachiation adds one automatic skull when attacking an adjacent figure.

The Really Really Big Tree:

Map III - The Validas Vita Nemus

"Centuries ago, in the lush, dense forests of the Feylund elves, began the Validas Vita Nemus, as the elves call it. The forests surrounding the Mighty Life Tree dwarf in comparison to the wonder that it is to truly behold the gigantic, majestic oak. Legend states that a weapon carved from the very wood of the Validas Vita Nemus exists somewhere in the forest.This mystic weapon is said to grant tremendous vision enabling you to rain down death and destruction upon your foes.However, with the desolation that occurred at Ukkinah Rel-Zeth, and the fall of the great Ice Fortress, so too did great strife visit itself upon the lands of the elves. Before their departure, the elves hid powerful artifacts in their forest to protect and aid those that would venture forth. Powerful magicks were placed upon the forest to help protect the Validas Vita Nemus from those that would do it harm...
Of course, the forces of evil have their own designs on possessing the wondrous weapon and would go to great lengths to ensure it falls into their own hands...

Special Rules & Events for this map:

Exploding Trees

"Many small evergreens pay homage to the Validas Vita Nemus by surrounding the Enchanted Grounds and offering a modicum of protection to those brave enough to attempt control."

The trigger for this event is the destruction of one of the three Sasquatch, to occur 3 separate times.

First Sasquatch tree explosion has an attack and range of 1 and explodes on a d20 roll of 8 or higher
Second Sasquatch tree explosion has an attack andrange of 2 and explodes on a d20 rol of 9 or higher
Third Sasquatch tree explosion has an attack and range of 3 and explodes on a d20 roll of 10 or higher
Attack dice are rolled once by the slayer of the yeti and defense for each affected figure are rolled separately. Once a tree is destroyed, and all affected figures have rolled defense dice, it should be removed from the map.

To Great Heights

"What wonders must exist amongst the highest branches of the Validas Nemus? One must soar and fly ever upwards to find out. However, the elves placed a ward of protection on the forest to prevent anyone from flying to the utmost heights. Defeat the ward to gain control over the air."

A Sasquatch sits on the Pull of Earth's Gravity glyph that allows no flying, leaping, or grappling hooks to operate.

The Sasquatch can attack all adjacent figues and has Thorian speed as long as its on grass or adjacent to a tree.
There are 3 sasquatch.
Two at mid level that sit on artifacts the artifacts of The Horn of Heimdal and the Sceptre of Darvius.
And one at the top sits on the Pull of Earth's Gravity Glyph as well as the 2 artifacts-- the Bow of Farseeing/Quiver of Doom and the Amulet of Yggsdril.

Artifact for this Section:

Bow of Farseeing and Quiver of Doom


250 points

"This thing makes Syvarris' bow look like a cheap toy. There's only 10 arrows, but they are impressive. Looking closer you see some letters carved into the large metal arrowheads. You grab two and have a closer look: 'Fatman' and 'Little Boy'. "

Bow of Farseeing and Quiver of Doom Special Attack

Range 15. Attack Special.

Place 10 attack dice on this artifact's card. This represents the arrows left in the Quiver of Doom. When attacking you may roll any number of dice you have remaining on the artifact's card to attack. All skulls rolled are doubled. Once an arrow is used, it can never be replaced. Once there are no more arrow dice on the artifact's card you may no longer use Bow of Farseeing and Quiver Doom Special Attack.

Amulet of Yggdrasil Bark


150 points
"Yanking the amulet off the Sasquatch's neck you get a closer look at the wood carving. Some guys gathered around a tree? One of your Viking Warriors explains that tt shows the Yggdrasil Tree that holds all of the nine worlds up. Hmm. Apparently the tree is pretty magical--maybe it will bring you luck..."


When defending, the wearer of the Amulet of Yggdrasil Bark, each shield rolled counts for one additional block.


When the wearer of the Amulet of Yggdrasil Bark is attacked by a "fire" attack, all skulls from that attack are doubled.

Pine Needle of Protecttion from Trees


50 points
"The Sasquatch's gold toothpick might be valuable so you decide to keep it. On impulse you start to stick it in your mouth to see if you can get that bit of popcorn that's been stuck there for the last week. As you lift the gold sliver to your face, you are overwhealmed with the strong scent of pine. You look at the sliver again. Is this a gold pine needle? And why does that tree suddenly seem threatening? You receive some incredulous looks as you order some of your men to guard the trees. Something strange is going on here. Good thing you have this pine needle."

Tree Immunity

The figure holding the Pine Needle, and all friendly figures adjacent to that figure, can never be targeted by an attack from a tree nor can they ever take damage from a tree.

Spider Silk Scarf


50 points
"You wrap the silk scarf around your neck and strike what you hope is a dashing pose. Ignoring the snickers from your troops, you march forward, your new scarf blowing dramatically behind you."


The wearer of the Spider Silk Scarf can never take damage from falling or throwing.

Horn of Heimdal


200 points

"You can barely lift this gigantic silver and gold wrapped horn. Your Viking Warriors seem a little nervous as the watch you put the horn to your lips. Pansies. Five minutes later, after you've picked yourself off the ground and stumbled to the edge of the tree, you stare down at your troops that had been standing in front of you as you sounded the horn. They're taking a long time to reach the bottom. Hmm. Better be careful with this thing, eh?"

Blast of Wind

After moving and instead of attacking, you may use the Horn of Heimdal. Choose 5 spaces in a line straight out from the holder of the Horn of Heimdal. All figures in that line are immediately pushed back 5 spaces in a straight line. Start with the affected figure furthest back from the holder of the Horn of Heimdal, apply all effects, and then move to the next furthest affected figure. Figures will stop if they encounter another figure or increase in elevation. Each figure stopped takes 1 wound that can be defended normally. Figures will not stop if they encounter a decrease in elevation and such figures should take any falling damage as normal.

Sceptre of Darvius


200 points

"Darvius was a nutter that liked fire too much. You've figured that much out after trying out his sceptre. You wipe the soot and ash from your face and hope your eyebrows will grow back. Absolute nutter."

Fireball Special Attack

Range 5. Attack 5.

Choose a figure to attack. Roll 5 attack dice. The number of skulls rolled is the radius of the fireball explosion. Starting with the targeted figure as "1", count outward in all directions the number of skulls rolled. All figures in this counted area are affected by Fireball Special Attack. Each affected figure rolls defense dice separately.

The Desert Temple:

Map IV - The Forgotten Temple of Ukkinah Rel-Zeth.

"Generations ago, life and civilization were teeming in this area. Now, in the aftermath of bitter destruction, and after centuries of negligence, little remains of the ancient city except crumbling buildings and decrepit winding pathways. The air is dusty, stale and what little wind there is serves only to add to the empty desolate feeling. Central to this region is a graveyard where tombstones jut up from the earth like the rotten, broken teeth of a giant. It has been said that even the dead do not rest easy here and and that the long-forgotten souls may seek out victims when the call of blood lust stirs them. To the east is an enormous mausoleum, still sealed by dark magic performed countless years ago. Even desperate grave-robbing bandits have shunned this cursed tomb, fearful of the sickly, pestilent aura that surrounds the area. To the northwest and southwest are two small pools of crystal clear water - sparkling gems in an otherwise dusty wasteland which entice travelers to bathe, drink and refresh themselves in the cool springs. The entire city is soaked with lost and ancient magics both powerful and treacherous...

Special Rules & Events for this map:

Zombie Attack!

"Your blood lust has roused the dead! Suddenly the ground in the graveyard splits open in several places. From each hole in the earth comes the horrible reanimated corpse of long dead warriors. As the Zombies shamble out of their graves they take up weapons and begin to pursue anything that moves..."

The trigger for this event is the first time any player rolls all skulls.

As soon as a player rolls ALL SKULLS for an attack, reveal these special rules to both players. Each team is given one Zombie army card and three Zombies to control. The Zombies should be placed adjacent to tombstones in the graveyard area. Each team controls one sculpt version of Zombie (bone or club) to keep them separated. Players may now put orders markers on the Zombies and activate them per their normal rules. In addition, now that the Zombies have risen, even their total destruction will not put their souls to rest. For the rest of the game, anytime a player on this map rolls ALL SKULLS on an attack roll, the opposing team may place a number of new Zombie figures up to the number of skulls just rolled on the map adjacent to any tombstones. If there are no empty hexes adjacent to a tombstone, no new Zombies may be generated with an ALL SKULLS attack roll. Players may generate new Zombies with the "Rise Again" ability even if none of their own have been destroyed yet, but no team may control more than SIX zombies on the board at any one time.

The Fury of Runa!

"Your weapons crash through the door, piercing its magical seals at last. A powerful explosion rocks the temple and surrounding grounds as both doors burst outward in shards of broken wood. Dust begins to settle, and the form of a monstrous winged human slowly rises from the ground. Runa, bearing the cursed Helm of Mittensoul, steps forward and descends on the nearby forces..."

The trigger for this event is the destruction of one of the two castle doors.

As soon as one of the doors to the mausoleum is broken down, hand out the revised Runa of Mittensoul card for all players to see and place the Runa figure on the board inside the tomb. No player controls Runa. Instead, from now until she is destroyed, after each player's turn, Runa will take a turn. She will not move from the spot inside the tomb, but will instead activate her powerful Helm of Mitonsoul ability. Each figure within 3 clear sight spaces of Runa must roll the D20. On a score of 1 (or less), the figure is destroyed completely. After using the Helm, place a black counter on Runa's card, up to a maximum of five black counters. The next time Runa uses the Helm of Mitonsoul, add the number of black counters on her card to the score Runa must roll. So if the card has three black counters on it, a figure is destroyed on a roll of 1,2,3,or 4.

The castle doors protecting Runa's Tomb use the revised Ancient Door statistics below:

Ancient Door

Destructible Object
Life 5
Defense 4

Revival at the Oasis
"As you step into the water a calm, soothing sensation spreads over your entire body. You feel the wear and strain of the battle literally washing away from you as the spring's healing powers begin to surge through you..."

The trigger for each occurs when a figure steps into the pool on the opposite side of the map.

When a figure steps into the pool on the opposite side of the map from their starting zone they are granted the following abilities:
1. The figure that steps into the pool is completely healed, if wounded.
2. The figure has the opportunity to revive fallen comrades. For each destroyed figure on his team, the player rolls the D20.
3. On a score of 19 or 20, the figure is revived and placed on one of the water tiles in the pool.
4. Once the water tiles have been filled with revived figures, no more figures may be revived that turn.

If a 1 is rolled when attempting to use the Oasis, then the player must select one figure in the pool to be destroyed. This Oasis pool is now powerless and cannot be used for the remainder of the game. "Fill in" the pool with swamp water to remind everyone.

Artifact for this Section:

Helm of Mitonsoul


300 points

"Mitonsoul's dreaded helm. The destruction Runa caused with this cursed helm was horrible. As you put the helm on you smile. Good thing it's in more responsible hands now..."

Helm of Mitonsoul Aura
After moving and before attacking, the wearer of the Helm of Mitonsoul may use the Aura. when using the Aura, you must roll the 20-sided die for all figures within 3 clear sight spaces of the wearer of the Helm of Mitonsoul, including the wearer. If you roll a 20, destroy the figure.

Seven League Boots

100 points

These are indeed the boots made famous in Fairy Tales. The boots so amazing that they enable a wearer to move 7 leagues with a single step. Unfortunately these are also the boots so horrible that they force a wearer to move 7 leagues with a single step...
Big Steps
Ignore all changes in elevation for movement when carrying this artifact. Your movement is never affected by terrain (road, water, heavy snow, etc.) Multiply your move score by 7. You must always move a multiple of 7 spaces. Each multiple of 7 spaces must be moved in a straight line. For example, an Airborne Elite Soldier would have a move of 28 (move 4 * 7 = 2. The AE must move either 7, 14, 21, or 28 spaces. Each of these moves of 7 would have to be in a straight line with no turning or forward/back movement.

Ring of the Djinn

200 points

"This plain gold ring is worn, scratched, and pitted. You rub it a bit to see if it will shine up, and are absolutely astonished when a cloud of smoke envelopes you. Astonishment turns to wonder when you hear a deep voice intone, 'What is your wish, my master?'"

Instead of moving and attacking, you may do one of the following:

1. Heal yourself or an adjacent figure of all wounds.

2. Target an adjacent hero with an attack of 8.
3. Move your figure to any unoccupied hex on this map section.
4. Destroy 1 common squad figure within clear line of sight.
5. Destroy all zombies on this map section.

6. Destroy all doors on this map section.

The ring will only grant one wish per figure and must change possession before granting another wish. Once a wish has been chose, it may never be chosen again.

Figurine of Anubis


100 points

"When you first hold this small onyx statuette, it almost slips from your grasp, so smooth is the polished black stone. The figurine is obviously meant to represent Anubis. But why have Anubis' eyes been so roughly gouged out?"

Death Shall Be Blind To You

The holder of the Figurine of Anubis may never be attacked by a Zombie under any circumstances.

Death Shall Have No Hold On You
The holder of the Figurine of Anubis can move through all Zombie figures and is never attacked when leaving an engagement with Zombie figures.

Rym made official looking cards for all the artifacts & events and I made the glyphs. The cards came out really well--if you bug rym, maybe he'll post them up somewhere. I ran around like crazy on the day of the event throwing down event cards and handing out artifact cards.

Surprisingly it all went fairly smoothly.

The collapsing ice floor and exploding trees were hilarious to watch.

Runa was a death machine. She killed lots of folks.

The artifact that I had the most fun seeing in action was the engine of destruction. SaintByGrace blew himself up 4 times using that artifact to finally kill Zelrig.

The 7 league boots were hilarious because my BroInLaw spent forever trying to mathematically figure out a way to get Krug up on the ruin tower. Pretty funny stuff.

I guess our biggest regret with the maps is forgetting we had originally intended to have start zones 1/2way up the really big tree.


It was a hoot.

Hope this helps folks thinking about putting an event like this one.

I apologize for the formatting issues (random colors and spaces--we had edited the google doc so much that it has a mind of its own...)
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R˙chean's Avatar
Originally Posted by DrLivingston
I guess our biggest regret with the maps is forgetting we had originally intended to have start zones 1/2way up the really big tree.
Posted January 28th, 2009 at 05:00 PM by R˙chean R˙chean is offline
Orwald's Avatar
Wow nice maps

My favourite is the first one.
What do you need for this map ?
Posted February 13th, 2009 at 12:58 PM by Orwald Orwald is offline
Updated February 14th, 2009 at 09:19 AM by Orwald
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Awesome maps. Could you get some more pics of them up?
Posted September 26th, 2009 at 07:24 PM by Darkness1717 Darkness1717 is offline

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