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Every Tuesday night I go to Dignan's to play Heroscape. Here's what happens...
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Dallas/Fort Worth EPIC Game Day II--Rules. (1 of 3)

Posted January 27th, 2009 at 11:17 PM by DrLivingston
Updated January 28th, 2009 at 08:52 AM by DrLivingston
Rym, CheddarLimbo and myself all met and played at Funrun's EPIC Gameday summer of '08.

We had a blast and were inspired to throw another one this winter of '09.

Of course we had to make things more complicated...

For those interested, here are the Rules&Procedures, Legions, and Map Sections (all 4) for our EPIC event.

The start of our EPIC event.

General Rules:

This event will consist of 4 team games being played simultaneously on one giant continuous map. The map is divided up into four sections with each section hosting a 4 player 2 vs. 2 game. All games are played simultaneously with one person "hosting" the game to explain additional rules, resolve any conflicts, and generally keep things running smoothly.

The objective for these matches will be point based. The match will be completed at the end of round 6, and points are awarded to each team for the following:

Control of Enchanted Grounds - Enchanted grounds are designated 7-hex areas that are used to control regions. Control of an Enchanted Ground is worth 700 points at the end of the game. To have control of an Enchanted Ground, you must have at least one figure on the Enchanted Ground and your opponents can have no figures on the Enchanted Ground. If both teams have figures on an Enchanted Ground, then no one has control and no points are given.

Control of Artifacts - Artifacts will have varying points values between 50 and 400. Artifacts work like glyphs in that figures must end their movement when they step on them. A figure may drop an artifact at any time during it's movement phase. A figure decides if it brings any artifacts with it if it is summoned. A figure drops any artifacts it has control over when it loses it's last wound or is destroyed. Artifacts may not be passed between figures--they must be dropped by the first figure and then picked up by the second. Artifacts have strange and wondrous effects on the game.
Shooting Across Borders Into Other Games:
A player may target a figure in another section of the map with a ranged attack if they choose. In that circumstance the Host will probably need to stop the neighboring game and address the issue, asking the defending figure to roll defense and resolving any triggered abilities in as expedient an order as possible.
Moving Across Borders Into Other Games:

A player MAY move their figures into or through the nearby areas of the adjoining maps. Once there, the player's figure(s) may attack/shoot/use special abilities as normal, BUT if the target is a figure from another game, the host must be alerted. The host will, in the most expedient way possible, insure that the target rolls defense and triggers any abilities needed.
If the figure ends it's movement in an adjoining map section they MUST relinquish control of said figure to one of their teammates on the neighboring map. Announce who gets control of the figure, and give them the appropriate army card. In the case of squads, you may need multiple cards available in the event that it takes several turns to get the whole squad over there, or if the player should choose to donate only a partial squad to the other map. Cards may be exchanged back and forth in this way multiple times. Order markers can be placed at the beginning of the next round as normal by the new controller of the card.

Assigning Generals:We will select the Generals.

General's Duties:

The general will be responsible for:
1. Choosing his Captains.
2. Drafting Legions for his army.
3. Before the day of the game, the General will turn in a deployment plan that assigns Legions and Captains to each section of the map.
4. Deciding any game decisions that affect the entire army.
5. Final arbiter in all disagreements between his Captains.
Assigning Players to a Team:
School yard pick on the forum (or via PM) by the Generals.

Drafting And Army Building Rules:

We will design the Legions.
Generals will draft their armies by picking the Legions on the forum until all the Legions are gone. Generals will use Official Heroscape Drafting Rules:

1. Roll d20.
2. High picks 1 legion.
3. Low picks 2 legions.
4. Selection alternates until points value has been reached

On game day, all legions will be set up according to the General's deployment plan turned in before the match.
We did all this work on a shared Google Document that CheddarLimbo came up with--it worked so sweetly.

We all picked different fon colors and had free reign to edit, insult, compliment, and generally talk **** with each other.

I really don't know how we would have got it done with out the shared doc.

And of course we weren't reinventing thee wheel here.

We liberally stole from Funrun's event found here:
And from Craing's Article here:

Next up: The Legions
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