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Kyrie Heavy Battle Report

Posted December 21st, 2008 at 12:32 AM by NamibianScaper
Updated December 22nd, 2008 at 07:50 AM by NamibianScaper
Me :
Einar Imperium x 3 420
Raelin rotv 80
Empress Kiova 90
Microcorp Agents x 2 200
Isamu 10

Son :
Nilfheim 185
Templar Cavalry x 2 240
Sentinels of Jandar x 2 220
Thorgrim Viking Champion 80
Finn Viking Champion 80

This could have been Jandar Kyrie vs. Einar Kyrie but I took Raelin and messed that up. I'm so glad Son wasn't rolling 6 defense for the Sentinels.

Army Construction.:
I like the Einar Imperium... especially with their two cheerleaders Raelin and Empress Kiova. Rolling 5 defense dice TWICE is nice.

Wellspring Waterfall again with no glyphs. We have this map built on a duneboard (a piece of pressed wood that can be used to sled down sand dunes) so it is easy to keep assembled and just store in the garage when we're not playing.

He started on the left. I started on the right. It was a little cheap of me to start on the side with the cliff access but in all our games on the map no one had used it yet and I thought it was time.

Son's pride is his biggest downfall. I always offer for him to go first but he has been refusing. I start by immediately mobilizing my Microcorp Agents toward the cliff. Son took his first turn to move his Sentinels of Jandar also toward the cliff but then switched to Finn. Finn used the road to rush down to my side of the map and engage one of my Agents before he could scale the first rise.

The other two Agents kept moving and I brought another one in from the back.

The first Sentinels were sleepy. As I kept moving up to high ground they all get picked off. Son responded by trying to rush a Squad of Templar Cavalry past me and into my cluster of Kyrie. That would have been ugly! Especially if this was real and they could lance through a whole row of figures.

Instead my heavily armed Microcorps tore through the armor of the Templars, picking off all 3 in the same turn. That was demoralizing. But there are no morale checks in Heroscape so it didn't matter.

Son switched back to Sentinels and started coming at the Cliff again. This time I couldn't shoot any of them. They all clobbered Agents over the course of a couple of turns. Once they got on equal ground and took away the Agents +2 sighting attack bonus, they were done for. One Agent rolled a 19 to delay things with his Stealth Armor but couldn't do it twice in a row.

In the meantime Isamu snuck up behind Finn and put a dagger in his back with 6 attack dice. Son put his attack + 1 onto Nilfheim. I was down to Isamu, 3 Microcorp Agents, and all my Kyrie. Son had lost 3 Sentinels, 3 Cavalry, and Finn.

I started maneuvering my Kyrie, anticipating that Son would eventually want to use the bridge as a vantage point for Nilfheim's Ice breath attack.

Isamu was patiently waiting to find a situation where he could gain height on a Sentinel. Before he could do that, Son surrounded him with 3 Sentinels intending to pound him. All I had to do was roll to Vanish once and I'd leave them all behind, plus if that didn't work I had height on two of them. The first one attacked on equal ground and rolled 1 skull. I rolled an 8 to vanish, so close! I had 1 defense to roll and got a vydar symbol. All my assassination plans, wasted.

I kept maneuvering Kyrie, while the Sentinels got closer and Son pounded another Microcorp Agent, bringing me down to 2.

He moved Thorgrim up once, and put the last Templar Cavalry a little closer to me. Then he switched back to Sentinels. They attacked a couple of Einar Imperium at the foot of the bridge on my side. A couple of times I whiffed with 5 or 6 defense dice but Empress Kiova always let me roll 'em again. It only took two turns to take out the Sentinels, rolling 6 attacks of 3 or 4 against each one.

Thorgrim came charging in next. His life points made him a little tougher but he likewise could not get through the Imperium's double defense. His defense +1 went on Nilfheim, pumping him up to 7 attack and 5 defense. In the seething melee surrounding Thorgrim, one of my Imperium turned his back to the Templar Cavalry charge. All 3 Cavalry charged right in. It might have been better for Son to use the Cavalry one at a time because of the map. I had used the Cavalry successfully on this map once before but kept them on my side of the bridge. Crossing the bridge poses a bit of a problem and they make better flankers on this map. My Soldier luckily defended with his 5 defense times two. I retaliated by using the last two Microcorp Agents instead of the Kyrie so they wouldn't leave their cheerleaders' auras.

Both Agents struck gold again and two Cavalry went down. The last Cavalry unit diverted off the bridge and charged into the water where an Agent toward the bottom of the map was swimming. The Agent's 5 defense met 6 attack dice to splattering results. I used my next turn to move up Empress Kiova, preparing for the imminent arrival of Nilfheim. I didn't realize that Raelin was vulnerable to a charge from the last Cavalry member. She was only 7 spaces away actually. Thankfully her defense is stellar. Even with the sneak attack, she blocked it without a problem. Less than six attacks later, the Cavalry unit was dead.

Okay, Nilfheim, come on big guy. Son was able to get the first strike, of course, and target two of my Imperium. They rolled 5 and 6 defense dice times two and lived. Nilfheim took the bridge and had range on both of my cheerleaders and about 5 of my 9 Imperium. No damage whatsoever. The Empress was rolling 6 defense. Raelin was lucky. Even the Imperium he rolled 4 skulls against survived it, rolling 2 shields with the first 5 dice, and 2 shields with the 3 re-rolled.

I surrounded Nilfheim and there was no other way it could go. The first round of six attacks put 4 damage on him. I only had to move one Imperium out of the cheerleaders' auras. Because Nilfheim was on the bridge, I also had to put one down in the water. On Nilfheim's 3rd and final attack, he killed the Imperium standing in the water but failed against the other two. The one in the back should have been an easy target but he also lived.

Einar Imperium x 3 (420) (415)
Microcorp Agents x 2 (200) (310)
Isamu (10) (80)

Final Analysis.:
The Einar Kyrie reign supreme but only because of the Jandar Kyrie on their side. Losses would have been much heavier and the scores more even if they didn't have Raelin. The Microcorp Agents were sweet until their height advantage was nullified. Bad map for the Templar Cavalry. The Vikings would have worked much better with 3 x Knights of Weston but we don't have them. Nilfheim was so outnumbered his bonuses didn't matter.
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Nooblar's Avatar
My enthusiasm for the Einar kyrie was dampened after the release after all the strategy talk, but now I'll have to give this setup a try! Now to find another pack of these guys...
Posted December 23rd, 2008 at 02:52 PM by Nooblar Nooblar is offline
gmartin's Avatar
love it thank you
Posted February 10th, 2009 at 06:30 PM by gmartin gmartin is offline
NamibianScaper's Avatar
You're welcome!
Posted February 11th, 2009 at 07:30 AM by NamibianScaper NamibianScaper is offline
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