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The second bit of tarot

Posted July 1st, 2008 at 09:46 PM by bad_calvin
I am doing my best to make time to commit to this as often as possible. My work decided to implement "web sense" this craptacular web blocker that makes it impossible for me to get into heroscapers during the work day. *shrug* I guess I will be a night timer now.

Anyway, to continue my introduction of Tarot to you all I will go through a few more of the cards. Since there are no questions so far (not that I expect that there would be) I will just keep on posting until I have went through all the card descriptions with you.

All of these cards are from Timothy Lantz's Archeon Tarot. I am using these images WITH his permission. If you would like to see more of his outstanding artwork please visit his website.

Card 2
The High Priestess

The High Priestess is one of my the cards I like most in this deck. The artwork is just top of the line in my opinion.

The High Priestess is the teacher! She possesses divine knowledge wisdom of all the ages. She is aware of all things in the conscious and subconscious. This card represents spiritual enlightenment to attain information that may have at one time been hidden from you.

Card 3
The Empress

The Empress represents beauty and creativity. She is also very caring. She is often referred to as the mother. She inspires music, poetry and fine arts. She lives well in luxury but her heart is were she draws her wealth.

Card 4
The Emperor

The Emperor is the father he is concerned about "being remembered". He is about legacy, courage, conquest and rational thought. He has overcome many obstacles but is still standing. I consider him the grizzled veteran. He has earned everything that he has and no one will take it from him.

I don't know why really, but the artwork on this card freaks me out (there is another one that really creeps me out but the Emperor is one of them as well). I am not sure if it is the golden face, or the blank stare, or the meaning of the card. Maybe I have serious deep-rooted dad issues I should be getting help for? I think it is just the idea of "authority" that the card throws out in meaning and artwork.

I have never been one to quietly accept authority. That does not mean I am disrespectful, disobedient and unruly it just means that I have always questioned "why" is this the way things are supposed to be. The Emperor really gives no choice.. it is what it is. Which is something I just don't click with very well or expect others to around me. If there is a rule.. then there has to be a reason. If the reason is acceptable then I move along, even if the rule is "it's my house" which is completely acceptable.

Card 5
The Hierophant

The Hierophant is like a teacher, but a teacher for the spirit. The Hierophant is concerned about convention and ritualistic traditions. This card represents seeking spirituality or divine wisdom. Be cautious though as the Hierophant is also can represent blind devotion and humbling servitude.

Card 6
The Lovers

Card six... the Lovers. This card represents.. come on guess... Seriously guess? ... Ok fine I will tell you then. The Lovers represents romantic love or unconditional friendship. The card shows a man and an angel embracing each other in passion while fire burns around them. The fire does not phase them because of the conviction and choice they have made to each other.

This card does not always have to mean that there are two people that love each other.
That is where the symbology of tarot takes it s course. This card could represent my "love and devotion" to Heroscape for example. Now if there was a fire happening around me, I would leave my Heroscape but I would try and see if there was a way to get it out! The card in most senses means something close to you, or important to you.

So with the "Lovers" I am going to call it a night and I will chat with you my dear Heroscape friends soon. Take care ! Time for me to hit the sack.

If there are any questions just post and I will get with you when I am able to come back in.

Thank you for letting me share another hobby of mine with you.
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jbbnbsmith's Avatar
I find the various graphical interpretations of the different cards to be very interesting. For example, having the Emperor be a native american indian chief is an interesting choice. The empress reminds me a bit of Princess Buttercup when she dreams that she has already married Humperdink (in the Princess Bride). She has that sad yet beautiful expression on her.
Posted July 9th, 2008 at 01:05 AM by jbbnbsmith jbbnbsmith is offline
bad_calvin's Avatar
Yep, I thought the same thing. She does make me think of her. Timothy Lantz made a great interpretation of the tarot. His is based off of the RW tarot. So all of the cards have the same meanings,... just a different interpretation with the artwork.
Posted July 9th, 2008 at 06:23 PM by bad_calvin bad_calvin is offline
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