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Family Reunion!

Posted October 26th, 2023 at 07:27 PM by kolakoski

Well met!

Nadi has just recently posted some cute maps. Created the scenario below for one of them.

Family Reunion!
It's all about the gold, of course!

"Gentlemen, and ladies, you'd best watch your backs. No one can be trusted with so much at stake!"

The Map. ItalianMomma's Doorstep. Note: One, the trees will all function like jungle trees. Two, figures moving up or down ladders move two rungs for each movement space.

The Patriarchs. Heracles and Sgt. Drake SotM are on the Rock spaces on the top tower. They may not be (nor Sgt. Drake RotV) chosen as Capos. They may not move or attack. If a player's figure ends its turn unengaged and adjacent to one of the Patriarchs, that player may roll a 20-sided die. On a roll of 11 or higher, that figure receives a Brandar's Chest.

The Families. 750 points/player. Human heroes only - Classic, C3V, SoV, AoA, no Marvel. This will be a free for all. Each player must have, and will designate, one hero to be his/her Capo.

Consiglieres. Each player may draft, using a portion of that player's 750 points, one non-Human, non-flying, non-Soulborg, non-construct, single-spaced hero into that player's Family as its Consigliere.

The Betrayals. Every non-Capo Hero has the Stab in the Back Special Power. Every time you roll for Stab in the Back, except for your Consigliere, add 4 to your die roll. (Thus, a roll of 1-5 results in a Betrayal.) If any enemy player has no Heroes left (is “out of the game”), you must give the betraying Hero to that player. Note: When revealing a numbered Order Marker on a non-Capo Hero's card, you must take a turn with that Hero. You may not pass to avoid Stab in the Back.

Brandar's Chests. A hero may have only 1 Brandar's Chest on its card.

Free For All. At the beginning of the game, the players will place their heroes, one at a time in random initiative order, on any Grass space.. For the first 3 Rounds, all players will be considered friendly to one another. Normal play will commence at the beginning of Round 4. Betrayals, however, will begin in Round 1.

Victory Conditions. After 13 Rounds, the player with the most Brandar's Chests wins. In the event of a tie, continue play as though it was the 13th Round until someone wins.

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