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This is a neater way of storing my playtests for my customs that I want other people to be able to see. I mostly intend on posting about units that I'd like to submit to the SoV.
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Kinchо̄ + Monks vs. Zettian Infantry and a Living Legend

Posted January 23rd, 2021 at 05:38 PM by Astroking112
This is an older playtest that I had posted to the AotV boards a while ago. Most of my notes/playtests on the Yokai were kept private, but I had some free time today and am going through the process of storing what I can still find in case it proves useful in future discussions.

I probably should've posted this before the test that I ran today (or the more recent one of the full Yokai army against Tetsuo), but who really needs chronological consistency?

This playtest wasn't very informative on the man, the myth, the legend Tetsuo Tyrell himself, because I focused him down and my girlfriend didn't want to risk turns on him, but that in and of itself is useful. I think that his underperformance here is the result of these factors, but she didn't want to go all in on his risk.

No glyphs. Played with special healing waters scenario rules from the map instructions, but they never came into play.
Astro: Kinchо̄, Master Lao Xin, Master Win Chiu Woo, Yi Feng, Chen Tang (510 Points)
Dawn: Tetsuo Tyrell, Deathwalker 9000, Deathwalker 8000, Zettian Infantry x2 (510 Points)

Note: Kinchо̄ was a personal custom that can be found in this post. The only differences in this game were that he was 10 points cheaper and had no range limit on his Tanuki Trickery power. He was pretty powerful with the monks as it was, so I nerfed him after this game.

  • Kinchо̄ teleported adjacent to Tetsuo at the end of Round 1. He was right next to lava, but Dawn only activated Tetsuo one more time before Kinchо̄ eventually finished his slow assassination. While Kinchо̄ was slowly finishing off Tetsuo, he was blocking attacks and moving about the map, dancing in and out of range, to height, off of lava field, or next to bushes. This position was very strong for him, as Lao Xin could see him clearly from the starting zone. I never felt like it was necessary to trigger Tanuki Trickery again until after Tetsuo was dead, and by then it was too risky to place a lone OM on Kinchо̄.
  • While this was going on, my monks skirmished with Deathwalker 9000 and the Zettian Infantry on the other side of the map. They managed to get lucky and kill 9000 early on.
  • Once Kinchо̄ finally fell to Deathwalker 8000 and the Zettian Infantry, Dawn began focusing on the rest of my army. They were struggling to kill enough Zettians to keep up, but things were still looking positive as I had only lost Chen Tang and Kinchо̄. Then Deathwalker 8000 engaged Master Woo and killed him in one turn with his Rapid Fire Special Attack.
  • After Woo fell, I fell back on Lao Xin and Yi Feng only. Deathwalker 8000 unfortunately Rapid Fired Lao Xin into submission in one turn just like he did to Master Woo. That paralyzed me for a round and let her finish off Yi Feng for the win.

Deathwalker 8000, 1x Zettian Infantry
~150 Points Left

Kincho killed Tetsuo and 1 Zettian Infantry for a total of roughly 130 points of damage.
He used Tanuki Trickery once on the last OM of Round 1, teleporting 10 spaces to engage Tetsuo. He was lucky and rolled an 11 against the lava field’s 1 in a dice-off to determine which power triggered first.
He used Athletic Defense and Phantom Walk extensively, dodging in and out of range, stepping off of lava field so I could develop two other figures on my OM3, or moving next to trees to gain extra defense dice. This was definitely bolstered by the map and some good rolls—I got many (3/4) defense rolls, was almost always adjacent to a tree, and mostly had height against Dawn’s 2A ZI.

So teleporting 10 spaces away to Tetsuo was a very powerful move, albeit it is necessary to define his playstyle. This was kind of a unique case for Kincho where I knew how deadly Tetsuo could be and prioritized killing him above all else. Having Master Lao Xin in my army made this possible by taking turns with him on the side and still moving another Monk (though I do think that this hindered my ability to develop my army significantly in hindsight), and Dawn’s reluctance to move Tetsuo onto lava field or to Overclock gave Kincho a lot more time to get in attacks of 4.

I do feel like something needs to give here. His power is super good with a ton of uses (this wasn’t even one of the maps that has a chokepoint at the starting zone, where I feared he would be the most useful). I think that it needs to either be limited to 8 spaces or to friendly figures to stop him from teleporting into Starting Zones—he still brings some valuable utility to a Monk build just by virtue of being a tough and mobile hero.

I also felt like he’s a little too durable for his points, but I’m not sure if going down to 3L/4D would be taking things too far, and the alternative 3L/5D might make him even more mobile. Dawn noted that she had a poor offense in her army, so she doesn’t think that his life/defense ratio should change just yet, but it’s something to keep an eye on for sure.

For the immediate changes, I think that limiting Tanuki Trickery to 8 spaces and bumping up the points to 100 makes sense.

Tetsuo didn’t really get much use in this game, but that was kind of because Astro just focused on killing him above all else.

Kincho seemed very strong and annoying. It might just be because the Zettian Infantry have 2 attack and this was a very jungle-heavy map, but I felt like all of your figures had way too much defense and were difficult to take down until Deathwalker 8000 soloed them all at the end. I think that a limit of 8 spaces on Kincho’s Tanuki Trickery would probably be a fair restriction on the power—I know that you mentioned that you were also considering limiting it to friendly figures only, but I feel like this loses out on some of the theme of Kincho appearing next to targets unexpectedly.
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