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FFC #48 - Going down....

Posted March 4th, 2020 at 07:52 PM by The Grim Reaper's Friend
TGRF's Fan Fiction Chronicles - Entry #48

There hasn't been much going on in terms of writing over the past few days. Aside from Utgar, there hasn't really been much appreciable progress at all since HiS finished up. I've hinted at this before, but I think it's time I address the problem head on:

Something is keeping me from writing Eternity, and I don't really know what it is.

I have plenty of ideas about things to write, about ways to start Eternity. These are all good ideas, but they never work out. There is always some problem which keeps them from being written. Sometimes I get as far as the outline and maybe even start writing it, but as I do, I just don't feel like I'm doing it right. Interest fades, and I turn to other ideas. Nothing is sticking, and I don't know why.

I've more or less mentioned this issue in the most recent updates, and I've presented theories on what's happening. But, like my writing, those theories never seem to really stick. The truth is that I simply don't know what the problem is.

And it isn't like there's a common denominator with all of the failed attempts, either. The problems are different. Like with the story I've been working on for the past week or two, the structure checks out, but there are some logic-based holes in the plot which just don't have answers. Like why can't the main character just do X, or what is forcing them to do Y, etc. Stuff like that.

But then other ideas fizzle out for other reasons: There's no story. Or there is a story, but it got too dark for what I wanted. Or the story works, but I'm not actually getting anywhere in terms of Eternity as a whole. Some ideas don't really have any problems, but I just lose interest because it isn't turning out exactly how I want.

I have theories as to what's going on, of course. The one that I keep coming back to is that I just didn't start with a plan like I have in the past. But... now I have a plan, and it still isn't working, so...

So yeah. Writing is going nowhere right now. The interest is there; it will flare up every now and then when I get a new idea, but it never lasts, and soon I get bogged down in problems. It's almost like I've somehow written myself into a corner without writing anything at all.

So that's where things are at. It's actually kind of worrisome for me, because writing is 'the thing' which I do. If I don't have writing... yeah, I don't really know what I'm doing.

Anyway, that's the update: Interest flagging. If you have any thoughts on what might be going on, I'd love to hear them.

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