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This is a neater way of storing my playtests for my customs that I want other people to be able to see. I mostly intend on posting about units that I'd like to submit to the SoV.
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Mass of Seishin vs. Redcoats

Posted October 25th, 2019 at 11:04 PM by Astroking112
Updated November 23rd, 2019 at 02:43 AM by Astroking112
Spurred by the concern over higher-point games in the Pre-SoV Thread, I wanted to test out my observation that the Seishin Samurai experience significant diminishing returns.

Glyphs: Kelda (Healer), Dagmar (Initiative +8 )
Astro: Seishin Samurai x6, Tagawa Samurai Archers x6, Raelin (620)
Angi: Sonlen, Me-Burq-Sa, 10th Regiment of Foot x5 (625)

Surviving Units:
6x Tagawa Samurai Archers, 2x Seishin Samurai
~180 Points Left

Game Summary:
Glyphs were never really used. Sonlen could've used Kelda at one point, but was caught on the other side of my forces.

I overextended after a couple of rounds and got her killed. She was still able to help the TSA reach 6 or 7 defense with the jungle and height, though, letting them reinforce the middle really well. This was enough to turn the tides in their favor, especially with some smart Seishin placements that denied 10th Regiment attacks on the archers in the middle of their turn.

After that, the archers focused on Sonlen as he made quick work of much of their forces. Angi was hesitant to attack against CS with him, though, which bought enough time for him to fall. Then it was just a matter of the archers winning out against the 10th thanks to height and numbers.

Notably, a maximum of 2 Seishin were ever on the field. 100 points of the army couldíve been much better spent either on another Samurai unit, or on something else to diversify the army.

Power Usage:
They got two OMs, the first of which activated a single unit and the second activated none (since all were dead). Putting OM3 on them is risky at times on account of how unpredictable the quantity of them on the field will be.

CS killed 1 Redcoat, which was their only kill.
A total of 7 Seishin were spawned over the course of the game, though only two were ever on the field at a time. Solid defense rolls let them distract the 10th from the aggressive archers, evening the tide a bit.

This was a pretty strong showing. Iím not very comfortable with the TSA beating Redcoats like this, albeit I had Raelin and Angi spent a good amount of points on units like Siiv and Me-Burq-Sa that killed a single figure each. Iím concerned about the strength of this build against melee if it was able to beat the Redcoats here, albeit the jungle-heavy map full of chokepoints certainly helped. The utility of the Seishin for 150 points was definitely underwhelming, but if I had spent only 50, then I feel like it mightíve been a little bit much.

Angiís Thoughts:
Theyíre cool. I donít hate them more than I hate any of the other Samurai. They do feel a little cheap, since you can keep reviving them.
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