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Posted March 16th, 2019 at 02:24 PM by Sylvano the Wasabus
I wish I could say the world was an older and wiser place. Itís certainly older, but not much wiser. Or maybe itís just me?

Thanks for your greeting, Kowalski. My tribe are doing well. I do read things on this site weekly at least, but I donít seem to have so much to say anymore. At some point one gets tired of oneís own thoughts and musings.

Three of my children are 18+. One is married. They have jobs and are finding their way in the world. They have begun to scatter, like baby spiders riding the wind with their little cobweb parachutes.

I have a 12 year old still at home, who has been brainwashed by fortnite. Heíll play Scape, but he doesnít like to make decisions and lose. He likes shaking dice. Weíve tried playing 2V2 games- both of us on one side versus both of us on the other side, but heís not really into it. He plays fortnite with all his friends and school mates so itís a very social thing for him.

When my middle son went away to school there were no more serious Scape players left in the house. I miss my gone kids a lot- I was grieving -and I couldnít imagine enjoying the game without them. So I didnít even think about playing. I had decided that the game was meaningless; it was the people whoíd played it that had made it wonderful.

I love miniatures and I love our custom game system. I missed playing. So I decided to try again, alone. It was incredible because all the figures, customs, rules- everything- had been made by us together and it was full of rich memories; us laughing, sometimes arguing, making customs, strategizing, talking about our Scape game when the lights were out and we were supposed to be going to sleep. It made me realize that I have been very lucky. I had a golden time with my kids, where we were all focused on the same thing and had an incredible experience playing.

We had liked to play big games- wars that took months to play out, charted by push pins on big maps we hung on the wall. So I made a smaller map, unpacked the push pins and learned to shake dice with both hands -meaning that there is one faction army on my left, and one on my right and my left hand is shaking attack (or defense dice) while my right hand is shaking defence (or attack). Itís just quicker and cleaner and more instantaneous that way.

Iíve begun to clean up the customs and the cards and re-organize the faction drawers. Iíve reopened the boxes of half painted, half done customs and started work on them again.

Somehow I heard about a miniature war gaming conference and have signed up to be a game master. Iím going to bring our custom Scape game there, and other people are going to play it under my guidance. I find that really exciting.

At first I was nervous about it- what if our rules and game suck? But then I thought about it. We worked fifteen years on the rules and customs, constantly fine tuning and fixing. I think itís going to go well.

The conference has got me all excited about our game again, and I have been repairing figures- when my sons were young some of the weapons and wimpy parts broke off. So Iím replacing, regluing, painting.

Weíll use Scape terrain with my custom trees. Iíll bring four factions: Templars, Lizards, Drow and maybe Undead or Jandar. Thereís no order markers but army turns. SylvanoScape has become an army game. Thereís also a reworked magic system and mage class that I may include in the gaming. The rule system is a hybrid of all the rules and ideas we liked from all the games we came in contact with.

So thatís what this old wasabus is up to. Thanks for asking!
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I’m happy to hear that everyone is doing well, at least!
Posted March 16th, 2019 at 07:32 PM by flameslayer93 flameslayer93 is offline
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