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This is a neater way of storing my playtests for my customs that I want other people to be able to see. I mostly intend on posting about units that I'd like to submit to the SoV.
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1. Arboris vs Nottinghams

Posted March 6th, 2019 at 06:41 PM by Astroking112
As a part of my recent playtesting event, two players who had never played the game before showed up, ready to learn and to fill out playtesting forms. One of them took a pre-built Millerson army that I brought, and the other constructed his own army out of the remains of figures from people who hadn't been able to make it.

Ruined Pier by Dad_Scaper
400 Points
Glyphs: Wannok, Gerda
Player 1: Millerson, 4x Nottingham Brigand, Locksley, Drow Chainfighter (400)
Player 2: Deltacron, 2x Banshees of Durgeth Swamp, Arboris, Sentinels of Grax (395)

Game Summary
The Sentinels of Grax both suffered early whiffs, taking them out of commission early on. Since both players were new, they also made their fair share of mistakes (near the end of the first round of games as I was walking around, I realized that they had been playing Millerson as if he got an extra attack die instead of an extra attack itself nearly the entire game).

Arboris and Deltacron were both very tanky against this hero-heavy and (somewhat erroneously) attack-light army, and the Banshees were able to swoop in and scream at stray Brigands without a moment's notice. They duked it out on the far side of the wall and across the main hill, but ultimately the Brigands were held back by their initial misunderstanding on the rules.

Notably, Player 2 rushed out Arboris rather early on, beginning to send him out at the end of Round 2 and letting him "charge" up his Overgrowth on the way to the action. This resulted in an angry tree-man much closer to the action than saving him for clean-up would've left him.

Surviving Units
3x Banshees of Durgeth Swamp, Deltacron
~190 Points

Thoughts on Unit
Arboris quickly became Player 2's favorite unit in his army, as he affectionately called him Groot and completely ignored his proper name. He called me over multiple times to tell me that he was a ton of fun to play, which was refreshing to hear given how simple the design is.

He did state that Arboris felt too powerful for his points, estimating him to be worth 90-100 instead of 70, but after talking it through he decided that it was because of Player 1's hero-heavy army that let Arboris regenerate much more quickly. They also played Millerson wrong, giving him an extra attack die for every 2 wounds rather than an extra attack, which undoubtedly contributed to this feeling of him being overwhelming.

After realizing their mistakes, Player 1 and 2 immediately wanted to do a rematch on a new map, to see how Millerson proper influenced the game.
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