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This is a neater way of storing my playtests for my customs that I want other people to be able to see. I mostly intend on posting about units that I'd like to submit to the SoV.
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2. M.A.R.S. vs Varkaanans

Posted October 16th, 2018 at 03:50 AM by Astroking112
Updated October 27th, 2018 at 03:01 PM by Astroking112
Note: This playtest was done with an earlier version of M.A.R.S. at 4 attack instead of 2.

Unposted Battle for the Underdark Map (no glyphs)
530 Points
Astro: M.A.R.S., Concan the Kyrie Warrior, Phantom Knights x4, Sonya Esenwein
Leo: Manauvi, Bahadur, Varkaanan Darkclaws, Varkaanan Quickblades, Varkaanan Swiftfangs

Which units survived?
Manauvi (3 wounds)
~44 Points

Game Summary:
Concan flew out and grabbed height in the central hill. Phantom Knights reinforced him as Swiftfangs and Darkclaws moved out. Both sides battled for the height, resulting in the death of 3 PKs, 3 Swiftfangs, and 2 Darkclaw. Concan also sustained 3 wounds due to a poor initial placement.

Bahadur began moving up and killed a knight, but they swarmed him from height at the start of the next round and killed him in a turn. M.A.R.S. mobilized and put 1 wound on Manauvi from height as he approached, using his full range of 8 spaces. The battle continued over the hill with him staying back and PKs and wolves slaughtering each other.

Near an important initiative switch, he managed to use Missile Barrage SA to take out 1 Quickblade, 1 Swiftfang, and one of his own Phantom Knights (used as a targeting point). He had rolled 1 skull and also targeted Concan and another Quickblade, but both of those were safe thanks to the height from the hill. He also attempted another Missile Barrage on two more Quickblades, but rolled no skulls.

A Quickblade vaulted over to the perch of M.A.R.S. and subtracted 1 from his defense using its Lightning SA, but its attack was blocked. PKs started to swarm the attacker in an attempt to save their mass-murdering ally, but failed to deal any wounds. Manauvi came in afterwards and managed to kill him off after a couple of poor rolls.

Manauvi then proceeded to slaughter everything else except for Sonya Esenwein in short order as they decided to stop defending. Sonya then proceeded to challenge Otonashi for the role of most useless unit in the game, rolling absolutely no skulls for the remaining round.

Usefulness of Powers
Missile Barrage Special Attack was used to great effect one of the two times that it was used (the other time was a complete whiff), killing 58 points of the enemy’s army (and 23 points of his own). His normal attack pulled much more weight, killing 38 points and wounding Manauvi once. He was very fun to use, and came out almost exactly to his points total.

Additional Comments
Leo felt that he was fair. He poses a large risk, but falls extremely easily once engaged. There wasn’t anything that he would change about the unit.

Now that his normal attack has been nerfed, he will be forced to rely on his Special Attack more, which may cause more collateral damage. It's also considerably less reliable for wounding heroes, and he likely wouldn't have managed to wound Manauvi without it.
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