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C3G Interview - September 2018

Posted September 23rd, 2018 at 07:18 PM by HS Codex

C3G Interview
Author: Scapemage & Tornado

Fellow Heroscapers, please join me in a journey back to the earlier days of C3G when no one had any idea that this group was built to last. Originally posted on 8Ė25Ė2011.

How long have you followed C3G? What was the first set you remember?

Iíve followed C3G since right around the release of Worldís Finest, which is still an awesome set. I still havenít played a few scenarios from that though. Someday soon ....

I started playtesting for the X-Men set, which was a lot of fun. My first playtests were on Ravaged Road, which was the first map I made for the C3G mapmaking group, which Griffin invited me to because I expressed some strong opinions (like I usually do) and I guess some of my Valhalla maps looked okay.

DC or Marvel?

I hadnít been much into comic books before C3G. Iíd dabbled a few times and reading the early Swamp Thing comics when I was a kid had an effect on me, but the few times I read comics I just thought the writing wasnít very good. Frankly, I still feel that way about a lot of comics.

However, there are quite a few that I really like. Alan Mooreís Supreme is really good and I like Astro City. As for Marvel/DC though, I think the DC titles Iíve read are just so much better written. Identity Crisis is my favorite. I love the Marvel characters and I liked most of Ultimate Avengers by Millar, but, to me, itís about the story, not the characters, and DC tells more stories that I enjoy.

Without revealing anything, which unreleased unit is your favorite (from playtesting info you may have recieved)?

Oh man, there are so many amazing ones out there! The next SSE (ďSuper Secret ExclusiveĒ) is going to be totally mind-bending even though Iíve never even heard of the character before. I have to draft an army to try to defeat him because my daughter has already claimed him. Heís gone beyond anything C3G has done before! (Note from Tornado: He is talking about Beyonder, who is still the highest costed unit in C3G.)

Do you have any sayings or expressions you use when playing certain units at home? If so, what?

Itís like the old Batman TV show at our house with a bunch of ďbiff!Ē ďbam!Ē ďkapow!Ēs being thrown about. Sometimes I even narrate the characters as they move and attack. I also like to say ďNooooooo!!!!Ē as a hero gets eliminated.

Which upcoming movie do you look forward to most?
  • Spiderman 4 (well, I heard itís a reboot, or individual movie)
  • Superman 5 (or is it 4?)
  • X-Men Origins: Deadpool
  • The Dark Knight Returns
  • The Avengers
Iíll see them all, as I love superhero movies, and I hope all of them are good but Iím a little scared that none of them will turn out that great. The Tobey Maguire Spider-Man was awesome and Spider-Man 2 is probably my favorite superhero movie ever. Iíll probably be constantly comparing this new Spider-Man.

As for Superman, I have higher hopes because I think there hasnít been a really great Superman movie yet. The first one was good and I really like Superman: The Animated Series (I have DVD sets 1 & 2).

Deadpool could be good as I really like Ryan Reynolds (although I havenít seen Green Lantern yet) and his character had an interesting 5 minutes in Wolverine. Hopefully, theyíll do something compelling with Deadpool in the movie.

Dude, itís The Dark Knight Rises! Iím one of the weirdos that thinks Batman Begins was better than The Dark Knight. Yeah, Heath Ledgerís Joker was awesome, but the rest of the movie kind of sagged when Joker wasnít on screen. Iím hoping Dark Knight Rises doesnít sag.

I just watched Thor and Captain America and an Avengers movie could be so much fun if they do it right. Iím hoping it has the same feel as the first X-Men movie or the first Fantastic 4 movie which is just a lot of fun seeing these characters come together, bicker, and then unite against a powerful foe.

Do you laminate or print backs for your C3G cards?

I print my cards out on plain paper with a cheap color printer, then laminate them. I donít bother with the backs. They curve a little bit sometimes but theyíve held up really well. I have everything released printed out and laminated and the next SSE printed out and laminated too.

Additional questions, as submitted by the user indicated in parentheses.

(davidlhsl) If you could have any superpower in real life, what would it be? Iím really interested in the creative process, and Iím wondering if you could give me a brief description of the process you usually go through when you design a map. Do you start in VirtualScape or the physical build? Are there specific things you check during the design?

Superpower: telekinesis. I could move stuff around for fun and profit!

My creative process? Ha! I treat mapbuilding like playing with Lego. I got all these pieces in front of me (which I try to limitóI wonder what Iíd do if I let myself play with all my terrain at once) and I just start building until I figure out what Iím trying to make. Then I usually take everything apart so I can do that. Then I take it apart again and again until I have something pretty good. Then I examine it with an eye for gameplay and make all sorts of adjustments. Then I VirtualScape it. Then I let you all playtest it and figure out even more adjustments because I didnít see some things you all saw. Iím really disorganized though. Itís like some kind of organic thing going on.

(tcglkn) Do you have any words of advice to the other Allies and Sidekicks?

Be like Tickle. Seriously. I canít think of a better person to model for C3G allies and sidekicks.

(Griffin) If you could fly, would you wear a cape for dramatic effect and fashion, or would you avoid it and all the terrible mishaps with it getting caught on things?

I hate to say this but Iím afraid of heights. Like I get 10 feet off the ground and I freeze. If I could fly, Iíd be telling everyone to duck! No cape for me.

(Margloth) How old are you? What do you do for a living? If you had to make a superhero movie, which hero would it be and who would the principal cast be?

39. Next year Iím all grown up!

I work in IT. Currently in systems administration but working on getting a CCNA this year.

Iíd make a Plastic Man movie starring Jim Carrey. It would be hilarious!

(Scapemage) quozl, who did you playtest first? Or havenít you ever playtested?

I havenít playtested in a long while, Scape, but Iíve playtested! Iím hoping I get some more time as summer ends to do more playtesting.

My first playtest was an army playtest for the X-Men release:
  • 640 Sentinel x4
  • 225 Hawkgirl
  • 135 Civillians x3
  • 380 Darkseid
  • 240 Iron Man [Hasbro]
  • 220 Captain America [Hasbro]
  • 160 Spider-Man [Hasbro]
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