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'Scaper of the Month - April 2018

Posted April 8th, 2018 at 07:23 AM by HS Codex

íScaper of the Month
Soundwarp SG-1
Author: The Grim Reaperís Friend

Soundwarp SG-1 was interviewed for íScaper of the Month in our final print issue, Codex Volume 2 Issue 9. While we canít top the great design job done in that interview (all credit goes to Fi Skirata for content, Evar-Scarcarver for art, and El T for layout), we can catch up with Soundwarp SG-1 again, and see what has changed. The questions in this interview will be a bit different than normal, as we bypass some of the generic questions answered in Soundwarp SG-1ís last interview, and ask new ones in their place. We do recommend you read his interview in the above linked Issue 9 first, as we build on some of the questions asked there.


In your last interview, you gave every indication of not wanting to divulge your name. Any change there?
Well last time I was just doing a Princess Bride quote. My real name is Andrew Gilbert; I go by Andy.

Have there been any changes in your occupation?
At the moment my primary ďoccupationĒ is being a caregiver for my grandparents, though I still try to sell my jewelry at farmersí markets when I can.

Do you have any new interests, or have any of your projects taken off since your last interview?
I have a prototype of a card/board game Iím working on up to a playable state, so thatís something. Still a while before it would be something Iíd try to actually put out to the public in any way though. The gameplay is sort of like Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes and other turn based mobile games of that sort, but without the whole pay-to-win thing thatís just consumed all video games now. Thematically itís sort of like Heroscape, where itís an anything goes, summon people from other worlds deal. Iím actually trying to build out my own little universe of game settings, and this game is supposed to be the one that connects all the other ones together.

Beyond that, Iím hoping to get back into my custom Heroscape figure work as soon as I can actually get to all my paints and such again. Iím thinking of starting up a YouTube ... channel or whatever you call it ... for my stuff as well, but Iím not much of a tech guy so Iíll have to see how that goes.


I noticed youíre fairly involved in C3G. What got you started there?
I think I joined a few online super tournaments because they needed an extra body to play, whined that Kingpin (I) was terrible at some point afterwards and ... somehow I got a position there out of that. But really, Iím just lucky the Heroes were receptive to changing some cards to help with competitive balance and thought Iíd be useful in that regard. Watching for competitive concerns and wonky combos as a Competitive Review Board member is still my primary job there, though recently Iíve started helping out a little in the playtesting and art departments.

What is your favorite C3G unit?
Well I could say Kingpin (II), but I did design that one so I might be a bit biased. Not really a huge fan of a lot of ďclassicalĒ C3G units to be honest, but there are a lot of recently completed/done but not released/in design units I really dig. I can never remember which things are where in the process though, so Iím not going to mention any one in particular as I donít want to spoil anything. Out of cards I definitely know are released, itís probably Gentleman Ghost, as heís a character I dig with a really cool mechanic and lots of uses. Jason and Judge Fire are two other cards I quite like, though I donít especially care for the characters they represent. For all her brokenness, I really liked Enchantressís original design too. The fixed version doesnít do much for me, but her second card is a lot of fun in a very different way.

No interview with you would be complete without mentioning your incredible figure modifications. Can you tell us where you get the ideas for the figures you create?
A lot of my classic íScape figures are based off of characters from cartoons, comics, etc. to some degree, sort of like how Agent Carr is, but probably an equal amount just come from me fiddling around with bits and pieces until something strikes my fancy. Most of my Marro in particular start as me just slicing things up at random. Iíve been doing a lot of direct ports of other characters in my superhero custom thread recently as well; itís a very different set of challenges there, since Iím taking a known character and trying to either replicate a specific look as exactly as I can or come up with my own unique take on them.

Fi seems to have done a pretty good job covering your custom figures in your last interview, so weíll move on to Online íScape. I noticed you are quite involved there, so what got you started with Online íScape?
I donít really remember, to be honest; I think it just seemed like something fun to do. Itís pretty much the only way I get to play Heroscape at all nowadays, not counting SoV testing and such, so Iím glad I did get into it however it happened.

Is there anything you would change about the game (unit, rule, mechanic, etc.)?
Probably just to have a lot tighter language and a better defined ruleset; there are a lot of powers that are just worded in super weird, inefficient ways that make things difficult for custom making. Other than that, Iíd say just getting rid of multiple commons, as Iíd much rather have Heroscape than Squadscape. Weíve never allowed multiple commons in my gaming group actually.

What is your favorite aspect of HeroScape?
I like that each unit feels different because there is only the bare minimum of basic actions/rules and the focus is on the special powers. I feel a lot of other miniatures games lose any uniqueness in the individual units by pilling on too many generic actions and such that everyone can do.


Can you tell us how youíve gotten to where you are now in the community?
Iíve just been around a while, I guess? Honestly, Iíve never really considered myself particularly important to the community; I donít really have that major of a role anywhere. Iím just the customizing guy who is also decent at tournament play.

Whatís your favorite experience involving Online íScape?
There was a time I managed to end up in a draw game because I screwed up and overextended my important stuff and then neither of us really had anything that could kill anyone on the other team afterward. Think itís like one of only two or three draws in Online íScape history or something, so Iím a part of history there I guess.

Can you tell us how you won season four of Online íScape?
The final game came down to pretty much pure luck as I recall, I just barley managed to beat my own Dzu-Teh in the end with Isamu. Before that, I think a lot of it was down to me being able to use my Dzu-Teh army every time due to people underestimating it. The Dzu-Teh are normally rubbish, but not in an all winter map event backed by Rae-Rae and the Krav. The other army I brought was some terrible joke army, so I think that helped sell the ice monkey armyís cover.

Do you have any advice for someone looking to get into Online íScape?
You should test out the interface in a practice game before you jump into your first tournamentóit can be a little finicky. I still canít get it to work too well with my current computer, as it doesnít seem to like touchscreens. Other than that, the online scene is pretty chill, so just try to have some fun with it.

Lie Detector

Three truths and a lie
In your last interview, we asked for three lies and a truth. Since then, weíve changed the format to three truths and a lie. While I like to think this was the result of us leaning away from lying, it was actually the result of confusion. Regardless, can you give us a new set of three truths and a lie?
  • Iíve never been out of the USA.
  • I have over a thousand figures waiting around to be used as custom fodder.
  • I have enough different Star Wars themed shirts that I could wear a different one each day for two weeks straight.
  • I have every Transformer action figure released in the USA in 1998.

Last Monthís Lie (japes)
  • I have been paid to play baseball.
  • I have been paid to coach baseball.
  • I have two full months of my adult life that I donít remember.
  • I remember every Christmas gift Iíve ever received.

Three Fun Favorites

Your last interview already asked about your favorite song, book, and TV series, which is fairly close to what we do now, so Iíll go in a different direction here.

Favorite videogame genre and videogame?
Fighting games, I guess? Iím terrible at them but I like the emphasis on unique characters and such. MOBAs sort of have the same feel in that way, so I like those to some degree, but I hate having to do online gaming. Favorite game (that Iíve actually played) is probably either Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 or Mortal Kombat 9, though I also like the first two Arkham Batman games, original Stars Wars Battlefront 1 and 2, and the old Transformers: Armada game for the PS2.

Favorite geographical location?
I really enjoy going to the Luray Caverns, though it has been a while since my last visit. I think caves are really pleasant places, at least nice and open ones like that. Youíd never catch me spelunking though.

Favorite Quote?
ďClarity of thought before rashness of action.Ē Itís a surprisingly useful mantra to live by considering it comes from a giant purple cyclops robot that sometimes tries to destroy all of time before getting sad about a park bench.


What message do you have for the íScaper community?
Put enough mirrors between any two objects and one of them will inevitability shoot a laser at the other. Everyone can find their own weird anime philosophy meaning behind that.

Whom do you pick for the next íScaper of the Month?
Iíll pick Ronin.
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Ronin's Avatar
I'm gonna guess... never been out of the USA is the lie? It's the only one that isn't nerd collection themed, so it's at least the odd man out here.

I'd definitely be curious about seeing that YouTube channel - as someone who's pretty inept at anything even vaguely arts and craftsy, the stuff you do with your customs is pretty wild to me.
Posted April 17th, 2018 at 12:50 AM by Ronin Ronin is offline
Tornado's Avatar
Great interview.
You and the CRB have been incredibly important to C3G and we are lucky to have you in our group.
Thank you for the Judge Fire comment. I consider that the highest praise I have received on Heroscapers. I have to give a lot of credit to Viegon and the rest of C3G, that was a group effort to elevate Fire to something special.
Posted April 17th, 2018 at 08:02 AM by Tornado Tornado is online now
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