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Only Smoke Remains

Posted March 3rd, 2018 at 03:27 PM by Sylvano the Wasabus
So, in the last blog I detailed my masterful win (white knuckle!) over my two sons in our 1200 point challenge. Unsurprisingly they wanted to play again the very next day. Those guys canít stand to see me on top.

Weíre youíre the champ you have to accept the challenge. It was a long day for me, a ten hour work day. When I got home theyíd already chosen their armies and were waiting.

Should I take the Jandar army that had won the last game for me? It was definitely a strong option. But I know my sons learn from the games and I likely wouldnít be able to do the same thing twice. I was thinking Vydar, because we have squads of Krav, but we havenít gotten around to making any custom mages for that drawer. Iíd won the last game because of the mages so I wasnít willing to go without.

In the end I chose Samurai. The Samurai drawer is well filled out, thanks to the availability of lots of metal Samurai miniatures. I took three squads of Izumi, some Sam cavalry, ashi garu to work two ballistae and a bunch of melee heroes. And a few Shigatogi archers too. I took two decent mages and gave them lots of spell points in the fire and abyssal schools.

I was shocked when my sons presented their armies. Middle son had taken only Arcken cavalry; two squads of four plus the venomous Suri of Arc, their evil leader. These heavy cataphracts also have battle rush possibility, giving them enormous reach across a board.

My eldest son took only Skaven rat ogres, with their masters. The six rat ogres were huge beasts with feral rage. The only reason they didnít berserk is because of the two puny packmasters who kept them in check. If the rat ogres start their turn further than two hexes from a packmaster, the ogres berserk and attack any non-rat ogre in movement range. Although this was a terrifying army it had possibility for me- if I could wipe out the two pack masters the ogres might attack the Arcken cavalry if the conditions were right.

Again, my sons were confident at the start. I was much more nervous. Iím afraid I fell back on my strategy from the last game and the mages created a lava line to protect my forces. My sonís armies had too much movement this time and they were coming around the sides of the lava trench after just three turns.

The izumi tried to protect my flanks, and the mages joined in. My two ballistae did badly. My attacking dice shakes were mostly shields. Both ballistae broke down and injured their crew.

On my left flank I managed to kill all of the Arcken cavalry, but I couldnít topple Suri.

On the other side the rat ogres cut through everything. Some of them even crossed the lava, taking wounds and not carrying. I killed one and wounded most but it was not enough. My mages both fell. I made one last ditch attempt to kill the pack masters, hoping to berserk the entire groups of rat ogres, but I killed only one. The next turn I was cut down to five figures and surrendered.

The map looked much the same as the night before; lava and corpses. Smoke and ruin. But this time my sons were celebrating. My reign as champion had lasted only one game.
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