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C3G Interview - November 2017

Posted November 28th, 2017 at 03:00 AM by HS Codex

C3G Interview
Author: LordEsenwienIV

Time to step into the Wayback Machine once again with a classic interview from Bats, a.k.a. IamBatman, Father of C3G (a title I just decided to bestow, although I have no power to do so). This interview originally aired February 14, 2011.

What made you decide to create C3G, and who else was there at the beginning with you?

I believe in the beginning it was GreyOwl, Whitestuff, Griffin, and Markb hopping right over from NM24 as our discussion about the project really evolved out of conversations in that thread. Garada popped over too. Then Balantai and Matt Helm, who both insisted on taking less involved roles. Then Necroblade jumped in at the last moment and gave us some sad puppy dog eyes, so we let him come aboard too. Later Garada was abducted by his libido and Markb ran afoul of some automobiles. They are missed.

What new responsibilities do you have as an admin?

Mostly just giving out too much rep, too many titles, and carrying around an inflated ego. Iíve also created quite a few invisible forums at this point ...

Do you have a favorite unit? Why?

I have lots of favorites, so Iíll do my best to give my favorites in a few categories ...

Favorite DC Hero: Green Lantern Hal Jordan (I really enjoyed LDíing this guy and I love how he established the GL faction in a way thatís been so widely accepted).

Favorite DC Villain: Anti-Monitor (just because Iím psyched that we were able to put together such a ground breaking design that made 1000+ units work in a way thatís truly playable in the game).

Favorite DC Squad: The Beat Cops (I really enjoy how they make mid-level heroes playable and bring the vigilante faction to life).

Favorite Marvel Hero: Professor X (I really dig how this guy makes hero-heavy armies competitive with the baddest of squadscape).

Favorite Marvel Villain: Right now a tie between Loki and Annihilus (but I wouldnít be surprised if Red Skull and Baron von Strucker challenge for this title in the long run ...).

Favorite Marvel Squad: HYDRA Agents (but more for their faction than their squad on its own).

How do you choose heroes?

Two things are really needed to become a hero:
  1. A person whoís really passionate and committed to the project and has shown a willingness and ability to help out the project in a way it really needs help, whether thatís brilliant ideas, ambassadorship to the community, great designs, thorough playtesting, art help, picture taking, or these days, likely all of the above!
  2. An opening! Seriously, there are so many Sidekicks and Allies currently that I think would make great Heroes, but thereís just ďno room in the BatcaveĒ with 9 Heroes currently. Heck, we had reservations about even adding our ninth (but Sir Gís awesomeness has outweighed any such concerns). Our Sidekicks are definitely ďgrowingĒ up, though. Reminds me of the Teen Titans really. Look for some possible changes in the future as some of our non-hero membership has really grown into its own.

Marvel or DC?

Do you really have to ask? Iím Batman!

As both a C3V member and C3G, which do you prefer?

C3V has been a lot of fun and feels like a very valuable contribution to the community at this point in the life of Heroscape, but Iím a comic book guy through and through, and C3G is my first love. So C3G without a doubt.

Do you have a message for the C3G community?

You guys rock and make me wish I could do this for a living!

From time to time I see a new person lurking around just reading our stuff and itís both exciting and humbling to know so many people Iíve never met are following this project. Never be afraid to chime in and let us know what you think!
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