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C3G Interview - October 2017

Posted October 28th, 2017 at 12:00 PM by HS Codex

C3G Interview
Author: LordEsenwienIV & Tornado

Taeblewalker was interviewed back in 2011. It went as follows.

What is your favorite aspect of C3G?

C3G takes the official Marvel game and brings it up to the level of a really fun, professionally produced product with a lot of options and excellent replay value.

What do you like most about being in the map department?

I like bringing my experience, both as an avid comic fan and as a New Yorker, to help shape the geography of the Marvelscape experience.

Do you have a favorite map?

It’s an extremely tough choice, but I like the Well of Souls. It started as more of a simple cemetery map, and turned into something truly phenomenal and eerie.

Marvel or DC?


Do you have a favourite C3G unit?

Again, it was close, but Solomon Grundy is so much fun to play.

What would you change about C3G?

I would make it all official.

And now we catch up with Taeblewalker in 2017.

It has been a while since the last interview; do you still play C3G? Still Marvel?

Yes to both. Firestar is my favorite unit.

What about Firestar makes her your favorite and why was Solomon Grundy your previous favorite?

I liked Solomon Grundy because he’s a bruiser who comes back from the dead in a swamp. Very thematic. I like Firestar because she gets to refill skulls on her special attack.

The mapmaking department has not had a lot of activity in recent years. Is there anything you would like to see as far as new maps, destructible objects, etc?

As far as maps go, I’d like to see the Blue Area of the Moon.

Are there any characters you would like to see C3G design?

There’s an old Marvel fighting game book called One Thing After Another, I believe. It had alternate universe versions of the Thing. There was Thing Kong, Thingpin and Doctor Grimm.

The alternate Things sound super fun, especially Thingpin. What is the “Blue Area” of the Moon? Does that involve the Inhumans?

Yes, the Blue Area of the Moon is the Inhumans’ home. While they’re at it they can design Uatu the Watcher!

I am quite a fan of your work and that of your colleagues in Heroes of Fiction. (Seriously, check out Heroes of Fiction!) What are a few of your favorite experiences and characters with HoF?

My favorite HoF design is Thundarr the Barbarian. He gets a nice bonus against Soulborgs with his Sunsword and has nice bonding with heroes following Aquilla! I also really enjoyed Eric the Cavalier and the Blob.

What are your top choices for new HoF characters to see designed?

I would love to see Ariel from Thundarr the Barbarian designed.

What would you tell people thinking about joining a design group like HoF, C3G, HoSS, C3V, etc?

Be prepared for a lot of playtesting. Also, where possible and appropriate, reuse some of the powers on the official cards.
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