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C3G Interview - February 2017

Posted February 19th, 2017 at 08:16 PM by HS Codex

C3G Interview
Author: Tornado & Yodaking

How did you get into Heroscape, Heroscapers and C3G?

I first got into Heroscape back in 2011 when a friend and I were looking for a superhero board game to play. I had seen games kind of like Heroscape before, so I searched Amazon and Marvel Heroscape and Heroclix came up. I bought the Marvel set and a Heroclix starter set. After playing Heroscape, we had no interest in trying Heroclix, as we immediately fell in love with íScape.

Just a few days after that, I had searched online for Marvel Heroscape expansions. I believe it led me to a Heroscapers thread discussing them, and that they were cancelled. I browsed a bit further and came across the customs section. I browsed the giant customs alphabetical thread, and really dug what I saw from GreyOwl in terms of quality and fun. Then, going further, I found the C3G within that forum, and appreciated the same bit of quality and fun being offered, but in a bigger, more defined scope. At first, I used a mix of C3G and GreyOwl designs, picking and choosing whose design I thought was more fun, but then after a few months we decided to strictly go with C3G as mixing and matching wasnít working competitive-and-or-balance-wise.

We quickly expanded, buying more figures, printing off cards, and even making draft sheets. I believe now we sit at around 550+ figures in our collection, and a ton of terrain. Way too much money, but we played almost every Sunday for 4 hours for about a year or two straight before we finally started to slow down.

Marvel or DC or Indy?

I have interest in all 3, really, but I lean towards DC, with Marvel as a close second, and Indy as a distant third. I grew up watching Batman: The Animated Series, Batman movies, having Batman action figures and Halloween costumes, etc. So thatís the foundation of my DC preference. Iíve come to really enjoy the other characters in the DC Universe as well. Reading ďBlackest Night,Ē Red Son, and Kingdom Come, as well as Heroscape itself, has expanded my interest in the characters.

As for Marvel, X-Men is my parallel to Batman on the Marvel side. I grew up watching the X-Men animated series as well, so that played a huge factor in my interest in superheroes and comics. Over the years, itís remained my favorite Marvel franchise, and I very much compare it to the Batman franchise in terms of how many of my favorites come from them. So when it comes to Marvel comics, Iíve stayed pretty centered on the main X-Men ones, such as House of M, ďSchism,Ē and Uncanny X-Men. Though I have read around 40 or so Avengers ones, and some Guardians.

Lastly, with Indy, itís pretty limited. Iíve read all 100+ Walking Dead comics except the past 3 Ė 4, the entire Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash series, and a volume of Invincible (have a few more on the shelf, but havenít gotten around to them). I also have the first few volumes of Hellboy sitting around, but have yet to get around to them either.

I know you do a Mortal Kombat podcast. Tell us a bit more about that. Also, you did a C3G podcast once as a test. I really enjoyed that and want to know when you will be doing more?

Iíve done podcasts since 2009. I did one with some friends that a fellow friend hosted initially, then later started my own. I started the Mortal Kombat one in October of 2014 during the lead up to the latest game. Iíve been going to Mortal Kombat forums since 2001, and have been a fan of the series since the way-too-young age of 3. I wanted to start a podcast on something Iím a big fan of, so I asked 3 other guys that were on the forums over the years, and the rest is history. We cover a bit more than just MK though; it just has an MK focus when applicable. We review movies and comics, and some other games, as well as just have fun discussing things. Currently, weíre following all of the news leading up to the newest DC fighting game made by the same developers, Injustice.

As for the C3G podcast ideaóit was indeed a test. Itís a bit tougher to do a show solely by yourself. Thereís no conversation, so it can be a bit harder to pull off. In the case with the C3G one, I wasnít sure how to tackle that by myself, unless I did an episode reviewing each design, giving tips and strategies, or something of the like. Itís not impossible to do; it would have benefited from having another person to converse with for a more natural show. I also donít know what the demand is for a show like thatóhow many would tune inóto warrant the effort. Iím not against doing it though, if the stars aligned, so to speak.

What is on your C3G bucket list?

Not much any more, quite honestly. I did just about everything I set out to do. It looks something like this:
  • Design a DC character.
  • Design a Marvel character.
  • Design an Indy character.
  • Design a Batman-related character.
  • Design an X-Men character.
  • Design a Lantern.
  • Bring Jason into C3G (was voted nay originally).
  • Bring Justice League synergy to C3G.
  • Explore Batmanís rogues that have the potential for a version II.
The only thing left is maybe some ďAge of ApocalypseĒ synergy, but Iím not too attached to that, so I wouldnít say it meets bucket list criteria. Iíve accomplished quite a lot in a short amount of time, but thatís much more my style anyways. I give it all Iíve gotó150%ówhen Iím in it, but Iíll eventually move on to something else. Not sure when that time will be ... I was ready to call it good after my 10th design: after Nightcrawler, it felt fitting. Iíve still got about 5 Ė 6 that still interest me, and of course any unforeseen desired designs that come to mind along the way, so maybe Iíll make it to 20 Ė 23 (my favorite number).

Those who are not in the Danger Room may not know this, but we Heroes have discovered that you are actually a machine. The way you crank out playtest reports, the pace you set with your designs, the stay-on-task single-minded focus. Seriously, people: I think Iíve seen Arkham cracking the whip, calling for votes or turning in playtests on a Saturday night, and even on Christmas morning. Itís all really impressive. So the question we all really want answered is: are you a cyborg or an android?

Speaking of usernames, my username on Mortal Kombat forums since 2001 was ďBlackCyborgĒ (because my favorite character was Cyrax, and my favorite color was black). So yes, in a way, I am a cyborg. Speaking of Cyborg, allow me to shamelessly plug my Injustice comic series review, where a fellow co-host and I are reviewing every Injustice comic book issue, one a day, leading into the Injustice 2 comic in April.

As for how and why I crank things out so fast and try to keep things consistently moving forward, itís simply because when I start something, Iím always a little uncomfortable until I finish it. Be it art, projects, games, comics, books, whatever. Once I start, I have a hard time focusing on other things if I leave it unfinished. With designs, itís in the same vein. I also have an addictive personality. I donít eat just one pickle from the jar, or just drink one pop ... Iíve got to have it all (within reason of becoming sick of course). Itís the part of the reason I donít drink, smoke, or do drugs, nor have I ever. Iím energetic enough, and with the many family issues Iíve seen in my time, itís best I donít open that door, for my own good.

Recognizing your weaknesses and avoiding bad situations is a good move on your part. With that in mind, what is the craziest thing you have done or experienced that might have landed you in Arkham Asylum?

I attempted to destroy the Earthís ozone layer, one aerosol can at a time.

Nice. That response reminds me of an Eminem verse, so letís talk a little music. Who is the musical artist, act, or group you would say you have listened to the most in the last 3 months? The most over the the last 3 years? The most 10 years ago?

Iím not really super into music (more of a movie/TV/videogame guy), but I like some things here and there. Itíd probably be easier to just name some artists and bands I like, because answering specifically who Iíve listened to in the past 3 months etc. isnít going to result in much. I like a variety of stuff. Iíd say my top 5 in terms of how many of their songs I enjoy (I typically only like one or two from an artist, but these 5 have several I like):
  1. Eminem
  2. Red Hot Chili Peppers
  3. Weezer
  4. Of Monsters and Men
  5. Linkin Park
Honorable mention to Hans Zimmer for his amazing scores in movies.

Iím also into a lot of 80ís music, but no bands really stick out, just individual songs.

The 80ís produced a lot of interesting pop music. If music isnít your thing, then letís change gears and talk food. What is your favorite meal, snack, and dessert?

Meal: Homemade chili
Snack: Pickles and jalapeŮos
Dessert: Chocolate X-treme Blizzard ice cream cake from Dairy Queen

Didnít expect to find my mouth watering over two out of your three responses. Just made some chili last night, and you can never go wrong with chocolate ice cream cake. Iíll pass on the jalapeŮos though. With that, letís get 3 truths and a lie from you and see if anyone can correctly guess which is which.
  1. My wife and I named our new dog ďZatanna.Ē
  2. My favorite comic is The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller.
  3. I can do back flips.
  4. I saw Batman Begins twice in theatres, The Dark Knight 4 times in theatres, and The Dark Knight Rises 3 times in theatres; one of each was back-to-back-to-back.
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Tornado's Avatar
Looks like I forgot a couple questions. Doh.

You were married recently. Congratulations. How has this affected your experience with Heroscape and what is the best aspect of marriage for you?

Thanks! It really didn't affect my experience with Heroscape at all. If she was the type of person that tried to limit/kill my hobbies, as some relationships can go, I wouldn't have been with her all this time. She likes comics, she loves the comic book movies and reads a bit of Wonder Woman, Swamp Thing, Saga, Spider-Man, and Godzilla herself. As for Heroscape, she's tried it but she didn't quite grasp onto it. She's great at Scrabble and Chess though! The Best aspect of marriage for me is the teamwork and camaraderie. Sometimes you just want someone there, or to share something with someone, and we have that. Marriage itself hasn't really changed much for us though, just a set of rings and hopefully some nicer tax returns!

You changed your username awhile back. Would you care to comment on that?

The fun and interesting answer would be to say having "Aggressive" in my username led me to be more stubborn, pushy, unrelenting, and forceful with my opinions, but unfortunately it was just a simple name change. Aggressive Sock was an Xbox Live gamertag I created when I was ~15, and after more than a decade later, it just never really appealed to me. It was just a random silly name I threw together, and I rolled with it for my identity online. However, about a year and a half ago I finally took the plunge to change my username online to something that at least represents more of what I like, so I had changed my Xbox Live gamertag from "Aggressive Sock" to "I am Arkham" (since plain 'ol just "Arkham" was taken).

With that being the case, I wanted to use that going forward. On here, I requested to change it to Arkham. It fell at a time when I was trying to change some perceptions of myself on here, for people to see me as easier to design with and less of a loose cannon/"hot head", so it lends itself to a bit of coincidence in the behavioral shift.
Posted February 20th, 2017 at 12:12 PM by Tornado Tornado is offline
Ronin's Avatar
Cool interview, Arkham!

I think my favorite new (to me) factoid in here is that your favorite number is 23. I've always held 23 as my lucky number myself.
Posted February 22nd, 2017 at 11:42 AM by Ronin Ronin is offline
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