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HoSS Strategy - January 2017

Posted January 26th, 2017 at 02:57 PM by HS Codex

HoSS Strategy Guide
By: Fi Skirata

Analyzed Statistics:
Height – Medium (Average for most figures; leaves them vulnerable to many special attacks and other powers.)
Life – 1 (Standard for squad units.)
Move – 4 (Below average; makes them a little hard to maneuver around the battlefield, but does not limit them too much.)
Range – 6 (Average; common for ranged units.)
Attack – 1 (Low; hard to use against any unit, but especially hero units.)
Defense – 3 (Average for squads; this level of survivability will keep them in the fight long enough to do some damage.)
Points – 70 (Expensive for HoSS squads, being the 2nd most expensive common squad and the 4th most expensive squad period.)

IMPERIAL MARKSMANSHIP: When a Snowtrooper attacks a Squad figure, all skulls rolled count for one additional hit.

SNOWTROOPER ARMOR: When a Snowtrooper is on a snow space, add 1 die to their defense against non-adjacent attacks.

SNOW AND ICE ENHANCED MOVEMENT: Slippery Ice and Heavy Snow only count as 1 space when moving.

Overall Analysis

The Snowtroopers are a unit that functions well as a part of a predominantly Imperial build. Their strongest synergies come from the Imperial Officers, who have the ability to resurrect snowtrooper squads at the start of any round (after at least one squad has been killed) and can boost their range to 7 if they are within four clear sight spaces. Grand Moff Tarkin also provides a nice bonding opportunity in larger armies as he can allow all friendly snowtroopers (and other Imperial units) to move three spaces upon winning initiative. General Veers and Admiral Ozzel also provide activation possibilities for snowtrooper units, though Veers can only activate two and Ozzel’s activation has a 50% of giving all attacked units +2 defense. The Snowtroopers can also benefit E-Web Troopers, giving them a potential extra attack and increasing their attack by one when adjacent.

On the classic ’Scape side, Marcus Decimus Gallus is a nice addition to a Snowtrooper army due to his soldier synergies. Not only can he raise their movement up to 5, which is average, but he can also raise adjacent snowtroopers’ attacks by 1.

As a squad, their survivability is fairly average with a defense of three, aided by a range of six which allows them to keep their distance from melee attackers. Their range can also be increased by one via the Imperial Officer’s Imperial Command special power. Combining them with the Imperial Officer also allows for them to be “brought back to life” at the start of a round if an entire squad has already been destroyed, greatly increasing their survivability. On snow-heavy maps, their Snowtrooper Armor power offers an additional defense die that can provide a distinct advantage.

With a base attack of just one, Snowtroopers are very weak when it comes to offense against heroes. Where they shine, however, is against squads via their Imperial Marksmanship power. This allows them to count any skulls rolled as an additional hit, essentially providing two for the price of one. This can be especially effective if the snowtroopers have the high ground, with a potential for four skulls to be “rolled” against an unlucky squadling.

The best way to use these units is to capitalize on their squad killing capabilities and avoid encounters with heroes regardless of the army’s build. One of best combinations I find is Snowtroopers x4 + Imperial Officer + Probe Droid + Wampa x2 = 610 points. The Wampas are perfect for attacking heroes, while the Probe Droid can provide a nice strategic advantage against units that gain extra defense from specials. Meanwhile, utilize the snowtroopers by getting them to high ground and place the Imperial Officer nearby so they can benefit from Imperial Command’s range bonus. You can then proceed to pick off the opponent’s squad figures while replacing your dead soldiers with fresh reinforcements.

Another good combination consists of Snowtroopers x4 + Marcus Decimus Gallus + Darth Vader = 600 points. While you lose the figure replacement that comes with the Imperial Officer, MDG’s boost to movement and attack can be invaluable. With the right positioning, an entire squad’s worth of units can be on height and adjacent to MDG to gain his attack bonus. With this attack of three, they not only have the potential for six skulls on squad units but can actually stand up to some heroes. Meanwhile, Darth Vader serves as a great counter to heroes and squads alike and should work like a juggernaut if used correctly while his Intimidating Presence drops the defense of nearby enemy squad units by one, making it even easier for the snowtroopers to make a kill.

Units to Avoid:
Any hero units pose a significant danger to the snowtroopers due to their lack in offensive capabilities against them. However, strong melee units such as Darth Vader and Obi-Wan Kenobi can be the worst by locking the slower moving snowtroopers into engagements which they can’t fight back from. Their decent defense (and added boost on snow) will help keep them alive versus most squad units and, with their bonus against them, the only ones that they truly have to worry about, like all ranged squads, is a high attack/defense melee squad such as the Gamorrean Guards. Additionally, units like Dengar that can snipe from far away and negate defense dice pose a substantial threat to any squad unit, including the snowtroopers.
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Tornado's Avatar
Nice review Fi.
Really cool design.
Posted February 9th, 2017 at 04:42 PM by Tornado Tornado is online now
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