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Scaper of the Month - January 2017

Posted January 13th, 2017 at 01:00 AM by HS Codex

’Scaper of the Month
Author: Fi Skirata


Who are you really?
Jason C.

How old are you?

What is your occupation?
I work for a property management company. I do exterior maintenance of condos, where my primary function is repairing lawn sprinkler systems.

I am a bit of a jack-of-all-trades, as I really never know what I may be doing. I really enjoy being outside.

What other interests do you have?
Movies, music and gaming. Mostly RPG and Heroscape. I created my own RPG system with a couple friends that we run at Gen Con every year. It is called Heroes or Dead. Last year we evolved it into more of a miniature combat system with some heavy influence from Heroscape. In fact, this year we will be playing on a Heroscape map in a “King of the Hill” scenario.

What’s another board game/RPG you enjoy and why?
Mine. It is awesome.

I used to play BattleTech when I was younger, and we played a lot of Palladium RPGs. Mostly fantasy, but we also played TMNT and Rifts. My friend is an incredible GM.

I still consider the original Palladium Fantasy RPG the best RPG system ever and it heavily influenced my system along with Warhammer Fantasy RPG and the I.C.E. system (mostly for their critical charts).


When and how did you get into Heroscape?
I remember seeing it at GC when it first came out and thought the minis were cool but was more interested in the terrain which I thought would be perfect for BattleTech. A couple years later I found two copies of RotV at a local grocery store discounted to $10 each.

They sat in a closet for maybe another year. At the time, I was trying to convert my RPG into a miniature version called King of the Hill (funny how that has come full circle). After reading the Heroscape rules and checking out the cards I realized it was way better than what I was working on. I introduced my friends to it and we have been playing ever since.

As a member of C3G, what has been your favorite experience as part of the group?
Being able to work with great people. Seeing Conan get designed is right up there and is a story itself.

What is your favorite C3G villain and why?
Great question. I contend Baron Zemo is the best public design ever. Black Adam is wicked powerful and very fun to run. I must say Judge Fire though, as he really ties the Dark Judges together and makes them a joy to play.

What direction would you like to see C3G go in next?
Up! I am talking skyscrapers. CityScape.

As The Grim Reaper’s Friend mentioned when he nominated you, you have been present on the fanfiction scene over the years. What got you started in it and do you have any project plans for the future?
I like to think I will always write and have gotten better over the years but I pale in comparison to the many excellent writers on this forum. I started by submitting non-Heroscape stories just because I wanted feedback. TGRF was one that really helped me with those and gave me great advice. I also should give a hearty thanks to ollie who gave me incredible feedback and is simply my favorite person on this site.

I joined the Fan-Fic contest mostly for the experience as I hoped it would improve my writing skills. I am proud to have the most submissions ever for a prompt where I asked folks to write about VC characters.


What do you enjoy most about Heroscapers.com?
The people.

I wonder if another site likes this exists. You can talk about anything here from sports to religion to politics and global warming, anything and mostly in a civil way. I cannot express how lucky we are to have this community.

I remember one time someone asking why we were talking football on Heroscapers instead of on an NFL site. My answer was because you can actually have a conversation here.

Describe your favorite Heroscape moment.
Joining C3G. Gameplay wise, probably winning General Wars for Vydar with Braxas and ’trons. Incredible, really, as I do not consider myself to be a great player.

Is there any member of Heroscapers.com you’d really like to play against?
Matthias Maccabeus.

My favorite matches so far were with MegaSilver (first match ever at Gen Con, Vipers vs. Zombies) and lonewolf who is so cool and taught me a lot while smashing my face in.

Lie Detector:
Three Lies & a Truth
  • I never fake the funk on a nasty dunk.
  • I have a total of 22 screws and a plate holding my forearm and ankle together.
  • I am an arm wrestling champ.
  • I played Magic: The Gathering when it was released the first time at Gen Con.

Last Week’s Truth:
  • I have hypothetically detected the second sub-dimension of the second dimension, and as a result am beginning to theorize what time travel would be like (bonus points if you understood that).
  • I like rap, and frequently feel the urge to drop a few lines at random times about the house.
  • I agree with much of what Stephen Hawking says.
  • I can mathematically postulate that one could warp across the universe by detecting and manipulating twenty-one dimensions.

Three Fun Favorites:

Favorite Movies:
Brotherhood of the Wolf (2001). A French film loosely based on the true story of the Beast of Gévaudan.

Next would be Blood of Heroes a.k.a Salute of the Jugger (1989). Cool Rutger Hauer post-apocalyptic film where they play The Game, which involves two armored teams of five attempting to score by placing a dog skull on the opposing team’s goalpost. One unarmed player—the “quick”—runs with the skull while being protected by his/her teammates from attack by the opposing team. It inspired the sport of Jugger, which is still being played today.

The Red Balloon (1956). Check it out on YouTube!

Favorite Songs:
“Georgia on my Mind”: Ray Charles.

“B-Boy Bouillabaisse”: Beastie Boys. RIP MCA.

“Throwing Stones”: Grateful Dead. My first concert was the Dead.

Favorite Comic Book Characters:
Ghost Rider, Judge Dredd & the A.B.C. Warriors (specifically Deadlock).


What message do you have for the ’Scaper community?
Appreciate what we have here. Join one of the custom projects if you have not. They need your help.

Try playing a CoN. I have been having a lot of fun with that and regret not joining sooner.

Whom do you pick for the next ’Scaper of the Month?
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ollie's Avatar
Great interview Tornado! (And not /only/ because you say nice things about me. )

I've added the three songs to my current Spotify mix, which is how I listen to music mostly now. I enjoy the Grateful Dead and Ray Charles without having really gotten into either so I'm looking forward to listening to those. The Beastie Boys... well, I'll give them another try on your say-so. I haven't seen any of the films either---Blood of Heroes sounds like exactly the sort of film I enjoy so I'll definitely hunt that one out.

Thanks for the nomination. I've actually done it before back in the very early days of 'Scaper of the Month. I suspect most of my answers have changed in the meantime (as have most of the questions, for that matter). I definitely can't answer "31" to How Old Are You? any more, alas.
Posted January 15th, 2017 at 07:35 PM by ollie ollie is offline
Tornado's Avatar
Thanks Ollie. The Beasties are an acquired taste.
The song I posted is actually a dozen or so short songs(some just a few seconds) all mashed together.

That album, Paul's Boutique, is notable due to the incredible level of sampling. It was done before sampling laws were put in place and it would be simply impossible to make that album today, due to the cost to use the samples.
A radio station in New York spent days playing only music sampled on Paul's Boutique.
The album is laden with swears and drug references so that may not appeal to some. I would suggest Shadrach.
The Beasties started as a punk band, then did a really strange unclassifiable EP called Cookie Puss, then went hip hop with Licensed to Ill, they completely changed their style and released Paul's Boutique then went back to playing their own instruments and mixing genres with Check your Head and subsequent albums.

Certainly not for everyone and not as easy listening as my other suggestions.

I will touch on songs and movies more later but I wanted to note that Tai-Pan is a Jugger(the game played in Blood of Heroes).
Posted January 16th, 2017 at 12:07 PM by Tornado Tornado is online now
quozl's Avatar
I just now found this. It's great learning more about you, Tornado!
Posted January 18th, 2017 at 11:23 PM by quozl quozl is offline
TREX's Avatar
Very cool seeing the scaper of the month hitting the fan again. Congrats Tornado. Its always fun getting to know someone you enjoy conversing with on scapers a little bit better.
Posted January 19th, 2017 at 04:52 PM by TREX TREX is offline
Tornado's Avatar
Feel free to grill me with follow up questions.

Some other movie suggestions are:
The Hobbit(animated)
Riki-Tiki-Tavi(also animated)
The Iron Giant (yep animated)

I've got a Rock n' Roll heart. Eric Clapton (check out the you-tube version that shows a bunch of '57 Chevys!)

Eyes without a Face. Billy Idol. Has to be the VH-1 Storytellers version!

Scenes from an Italian Restaurant. Billy Joel.

Red Right Hand. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.

King of the Road. Roger Miller.

Blue Bayou. Roy Orbison.
Posted January 19th, 2017 at 06:56 PM by Tornado Tornado is online now
ollie's Avatar
The Beastie Boys' big hits (Sabotage, Right to Party,...) are familiar and I've never gotten along with them. Still planning to listen to the ones you recommend, but should I be expecting something drastically different?

Funny you mention Nick Cave. That's someone I think of as similarly jarring, but love. Faith No More I'd put somewhere between the two. Do you like them?

Continued grilling...

Three favourite novels? Three favourite foods? Three favourite words? Three favourite questions about favourites?
Posted January 20th, 2017 at 08:09 PM by ollie ollie is offline
Tornado's Avatar
I am not surprised the Beasties are not your style.
My best suggestion would be their instrumental album The In Sound from Way Out.

Faith No More is currently playing at my local watering hole. I dig what I have heard from them.

Favorite Novels: A Spell for Chameleon, The Prisoner of the Horned Helmet, Upon a Pale Horse. My favorite writer is Robert E. Howard but he wrote mostly short stories.

Favorite Foods: Bacon. BBQ Ribs. Perfectly cooked steak.

Favorite words: shenanigans. oracle. sky.

Favourite English spelling: armour

Another movie suggestion: Odd Thomas
Posted January 25th, 2017 at 06:31 PM by Tornado Tornado is online now
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