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Posted December 13th, 2016 at 04:07 PM by Sylvano the Wasabus
I know I am wrong to use the term witch. I like witches. I think there are a lot of good things about witches. But in this case Iím using it to describe my new neighbour.

Sheís not actually new. Sheís been there two years now. Obviously she has money, for sheís fixed the little house up, erected a deck and added lots of cute outdoor decor. I donít know her name. Sheís never spoken to me.

My one interaction with her was by proxy on the day she moved in. In the afternoon there was a terrific pounding on my front door. It was a young woman I did not know. She was angry, impatient, rude, blonde. She said her mother had just moved in next door and could I right now take the shower doors out of the shed?

I had no idea what she was talking about.

Apparently the people whoíd lived there before had shower doors in the shed and had lied and said I wanted them and would take them. That way they didnít have to move them. Coincidentally I have a pair of shower doors in my own shed that I donít want. We have something in common!

I told witchís daughter that the neighbour was mistaken. Miss Angry became Miss Furious and stormed away. This is the only reason I can think that they donít speak to me. Iím not that ugly or scary. Iíve always thought it was good to have some sort of friendly relations with the neighbours.

There is no friendly now. The witch- I donít know her name- is late middle aged. Hard to tell just how late. She dyes her hair black. Sheís got a post menopausal body, short and thick. She tends to walk around slack jawed, mouth hanging open. She looks away quickly whenever I am outside.

None of this bothers me. I find it laughable. It takes more effort to hate than it does to be friendly. I was ambivalent- if she chose to talk to me Iíd be friendly. If she wants to be icy, Iíll keep on my gloves.

Then I heard her talking when she didnít know I was outside. She has a motley crew of visitors. Iíve never seen the daughter again. A son comes, and sits in her driveway in his car holding his head for twenty minutes before he braves going in. He only comes on Motherís day and certain holidays. I believe she has a lover, a creepy man who looks like an old barfly. He doesnít drive. He visits rather irregularly. Perhaps itís her brother instead?

I am an avid gardener. I had my first garden when I was seven, and never really stopped. Like everything else I do, the garden follows my rules, not societyís.

I use raised beds planted heavily rather than the rows that are traditional in this area. I use companion planting- vegetables in tiny plots beside flowers beside different vegetables beside more flowers. It helps to keep the bugs away and encourages soil fertility. It looks neat and orderly to me but I am used to it.

Over the fence I heard her complaining and mocking my garden. ďNo kind of garden like Iíve ever seen before.Ē She said. ďLooks like puke. Heís a moron. He moves around like a yeti.Ē

She was calling me a yeti! I actually like yetis, so I didnít care. I was just disappointed because I was just ignoring her while she was busy judging me, criticizing me, hating me. What a waste of time. Doesnít she value her time and energy?

To her, my behaviour has not changed. But I am no longer ambivalent. I still ignore her. I donít hate her. There are better things in the world, so very many, than wasting my time on her.

I donít know her name and will likely never learn it. Doesnít matter. I need something to call her. Itís ended up being ďwitchĒ. Perhaps thatís too negative? I keep trying to think of some random word I could call her instead of witch Ė hairdo, sponge, donkey, barrel- but they all seem negative when I think about them. So Iíll just leave it as witch, with apologies to other witches.
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IshMEL's Avatar
You should post a "Beware of the Yeti" sign . You know, to scare away the tigers.
Posted December 14th, 2016 at 07:29 AM by IshMEL IshMEL is offline
Tornado's Avatar
The line about the son with his head in his hands is both incredible and telling. I think that was all I needed to know to draw my conclusions.

Some people are just that way. I deal with a lot of older folks and most are pleasant but there are some that insist on making everyone they come in contact with as miserable as they are.

Nothing you can be do. Being nice does not work.
I remember telling one lady that I would do whatever she wanted to help her out and that sent her into a rage. ???

She was determined to have it out with someone and I was that lucky person. I refuse to return to her residence without another person as a witness.
Posted December 14th, 2016 at 09:03 PM by Tornado Tornado is offline
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