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Posted October 15th, 2016 at 08:46 AM by Sylvano the Wasabus
One of the squires from my medieval program sat vigil last night. Itís one of the steps to becoming a knight. Usually the squire receives a vision, and then they know the vigil is complete.

We take our knighting seriously. Most pages will take years to become squires, and then they work for years as squires before they consider attempting knighthood. The vigil is ancient- in medieval times squires knelt in churches considering the world and their part in it.

Our medieval program isnít nearly as strenuous as the ancient reality. Kids learn by experience but then they go home and eat pizza and play on their ipads. But there is something that draws some of them and keeps them coming back to the medieval program over and over again.

Last night the squire was nervous, which is reasonable. Kneeling all night in a darkened and supposedly haunted room to face your fears and your future could be considering daunting. Fear is powerful force in all of us. Fear and laziness control the world.

Though the squire was shut in the room alone I of course was still in the building. I suppose I should have been standing guard, but I just thought a while and then tried to sleep.

I considered my own vigil, long ago, and the vision I received. I donít mind telling it to you.

In the vision I was riding on the wing of a great eagle and we were flying at great speed. Suddenly the eagle dove down into a long dark tunnel that went straight down. This tunnel continued for a bit and then we came out at the top of the sky- there were clouds and water below. Then the eagle vanished and I was left standing before a great giant scroll which recorded all things that happen, past, present future. The things were happening on the scroll, I could see people moving and things happening and I understood that here before me was all of history, past present and future.

But what does that really mean? Most times I have thought about it I have focused on the giant scroll and my relationship to it. The eagle I just took for granted as a form of transportation. But suddenly I think maybe I have been wrong about it all these years.

I will trust the vision. Iíd imagined that the eagle was just the transportation- but why would the vision show me transportation? Seeing the scroll is important. Itís the most important thing. But in the beginning I canít see the scroll, because I am on the eagle.

Iíd always thought the eagle was taking me there- but what if it wasnít? What if the eagle is my arrogance, my fierce closed mind? It kept me high in the sky, away from the scroll. And then for some reason I fall.

I have certainly fallen many times in my life, in one way or another. Iím in a freefall now, identifying what is important to me and abandoning the rest. It certainly gives me clarity of vision, an objective view of life and other people- like standing back and watching things happen on the scroll.

So letís say the vision predicted this, or foretold it in a way that I was not capable of understanding at the time. What next?

The scroll continues whether I am there or not. We are not important enough as individuals to alter the flow of time. Perhaps that is the point- to realize my very small place in the universe, and to be allowed a glimpse of the amazing passing everything.

Our society, our culture and civilization is a construct composed of the contributions of many small unimportant people. But that is not correct- they are not unimportant. Like the Force in Star Wars, each contributes uniquely to an overall greater power.

My vision predicted that I would achieve this state of being. But what next? What next?
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