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Scaper of the Month - September 2016

Posted September 7th, 2016 at 10:55 AM by HS Codex
Updated December 1st, 2016 at 01:13 PM by HS Codex

íScaper of the Month
Author: Fi Skirata


Who are you really?
Todd C. Inscho, local person.

How old are you?
Uh ... 22 I think.

What is your occupation?
Unemployed. Between jobs. Full-time student ... yes, that one sounds the best.

What other interests do you have?
Video games, sleeping, watching YouTube videos ...

Whatís another board game/RPG you enjoy and why?
Iíve always been a fan of Stratego. Itís challenging but consistently fun.


When and how did you get into Heroscape?
Gee, I canít even remember the year. It was a long time ago, early in Heroscapeís lifetime. My brother wanted it for Christmas one year. I didnít know why since the advertising for the game hadnít exactly sold me on it, but I gave it a chance nonetheless. Needless to say, 800 dollars later Iím still stuck to it.

You have created an extensive amount of customs, including several unique generals. Which of your units is your favorite, if you had to choose?
Ah, I canít take credit for those generalsóthat honor goes to Soundwarp SG-1. As for my units, itís hard to say, but the Clockwork Titan is pretty wicked. Iím rather fond of that one.

What is your favorite large or huge hero (Classic or C3V)?
Zelrig for that wonderful special attack. My fatherís favorite squad is the Minutemenóhe deserves it.

You have also been involved in the fanfic scene, participating in many of the fanfic competitions. Do you have any plans to write another full-length in the future?
Yes, eventually. Full-lengths take quite the creative spark just to get started, but Iíll get around to it one day. Our fanfic community is very good. The writing Iíve seen there is so legit I often have a hard time calling it ďfan fictionĒ for all the negative connotations that usually carries.


What do you enjoy most about Heroscapers.com?
The community. This place is great.

Describe your favorite Heroscape moment.
I once was on the verge of losing a game, only having a single Ashigaru Harquebus left. Still my luck turned around and that Harquebus killed scores of enemy squads all by himself. My opponent flubbed attack after attack and that little Harquebus held out for quite some time. I still lost the game but marked that Ashigaru sculpt to honor all the untold points worth of figures he killed.

Is there any member of Heroscapers.com youíd really like to play against?
Any or all would do the trick for me. At the end of the day, any chance to play Heroscape with new or interesting people is good enough for me.

Lie Detector:
Three Truths & a Lie
  • I make my own posters and artwork.
  • I still donít own Cyprien Esenwein.
  • I once rolled 9 blanks with combat dice on a DW9000 defense roll.
  • I won a contest and appeared on TV as a child.

Last Weekís Truth:

Iíve caught a fish (rainbow trout) with my bare hands.

Three Fun Favorites:

Favorite Sport:
Well, Iíll watch football.

Favorite Movie:

Favorite Book:
Hard to beat The Hobbit.


What message do you have for the íScaper community?
Never stop. Even though Heroscape has long since passed, seeing this place active is great. Also, join the fanfic community if youíd like, regardless of your talents. The competition is really fun, and the more the merrier.

Whom do you pick for the next íScaper of the Month?
The Grim Reaperís Friend does a lot of hard work on this site and doesnít get enough credit for it, in my opinion. Also, if he hadnít helped me set up my full-length Heroscape novel on here I mightíve never come back to Heroscapers at all.

This will be our last for a while, until the hiatus is over. We'll be back soon!
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