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3 games of Scape yesterday

Posted August 25th, 2016 at 08:29 AM by Hendal
And the Snakes come rolling in.

I got in some 500 pt games yesterday with my buddy Bubba. I had Mittens, 2 armoc vipers, and 5 vipers verses his 4 x 4th Mass, raelin, eldgrim, & Sgt. Drake ( 1st ). I should have lost both matches I felt, unless the Frenzy was hitting well. We had 2 unknown glyps and I headed to the left side and came up with +2 move, which gave me 11 move, just what I wanted, he he. I was rolling good frenzies, but what really helped me was Bubba was rolling no defense and was wiffing against my 0 defense. I crushed him, I just used vipers to overrun him. I killed off raelin first, so that was the downfall of the first game.
2nd game we used the same armies, I did not frenzy as much, and he got his Raelin up on height and had guys surrounding her so I could not get any of my range 1 guys beside her. I headed to the other side away from his raelin and started to pick off anyone out of raelins range. both glyphs turned out. to be +4 range, which is just crazy. Bubba is not a great player so he misses some things, but he was playing well today. I got some needed frenzies when I really needed them, but had to pull out mittens and the armocs. My last 2 vipers where engaged and he whiffed on one, but it kept some of his last guys at bay. I made a charge for the hill raelin was on and killed off his MM. I killed raelin but then Mittens fell. I won with my last 2 armoc vipers and we picked new armies. His mezzodemons would die if they disengaged and I rolled a skull or I think he would have won if he could have disengaged freely a few times. He tried to say they would just take a marker off there card, but that is not how they work, he he.

Next game I had 5 romans, marcus,M-B-S, raelin, Marcu, & Isumi verses his 6 mezzodemons and raelin, and eldgrim. All those mezzo markers are tough to get through. I headed my raelin to the left he to my right. My glyph was defense so I was very lucky. He got summons and brought over my MBS, I think he should have taken out raelin, but what do I know. So he kills MBS early and I only have marcus to bound, I bring him into the thick of it and start attacking mezzos in his starting ground. I had marcus positioned on height to give one roman the bonus +1 attack, his guys where trapped behind a wall. I could not get many attacks with 3 guys attacking while avoiding his raelin aura. A lot of my attacks where just one guy ( no bonding attack ). I had trouble getting all the romans bunched up since it wsa a good size board and most of my attacking was in his starting zone or on his side. I finally moved raelin to the center of the board on a 1 hex height spot that really saved the game for me. He followed suit and our raelins where very close. He killed off 2 mezzos that where not in his raelein range, but I had to get through those 12 tokens first. I then charged the last of my romans in the starting zone up the right side since he had mezzos not in Raelins range since she moved. I killed them all then made a rush on raelin, she had height so it took me 3 or 4 turns but I killed her. I had to start using raelin to attack, and I think she killed 3 of them. At one pint Bubba mozed a mezzo up to attack raelin when he should have stayed put since he has 4 range, Raelin would have had to sit and do nothing or give up height and attack someone who had height, I kinda feel this cost him the game. He finally gets my guy on the defense glyph killed so that was a big move for him. I then bring out Isumi & he kills a few and runs away a few times. My raeling goes down and Isumi next. I am left with just Marcu against 2 mezzodemons both on height. I fly in with Int. and kill the first one. He wounds me for 2 I miss him, he misses me, then I get 3 skulls and I won. It was a blast, so glad I spent the day cleaning the back porch off, setting up the board, and arranging the armies and my stuff. Everything is set up, so hopefully I will get more scapein this week.

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