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GenCon 2016

Posted July 28th, 2016 at 10:54 PM by Hendal
Hey All,

Holy Crap that year went fast, and I have played way way less heroscape, oops. I have been playing HS 2.0 but lets face it Magic HS is just heroscape with extra bells and whistles really , extra hoops to jump through that are hard to remember for the Beer & Pretzel gamer ( i never remember to activate the face down cards ).

So now I need to set up a board or 2 tomorrow and then pull out all the figures, I do have carrying cases for my figures this year, so that is a first. I think I can get in 1 or 2 nights of HS before GC< but I need to think of army builds as well, oh so much HS homework, he he.

Since last year was my worst showing ever, I sure hope to do better this year, I felt so hollow not bringing home the dice, he he. I am excited for the bigger army builds, but of course the time thing will haunt us on that one we all know. A guy with lots of roborats, or the the blastor/gladitron combos, or even the 4th mass - but you know it will happen in the general wars, games going to time.

I have brought lots of dried mangos back with me this year, stuff I make myself, just pure mango, so I will be giving that out between games this year, no worries will still have candy and granola bars and such.

I can not wait I tel yal, it will be a blast to get in the Mix with all the scapers - I am really looking forward to battling it out for 4 days straight, ok till then

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Tornado's Avatar
How was the mango?
Posted August 11th, 2016 at 12:53 PM by Tornado Tornado is online now
Hendal's Avatar
it was good mango, not that popular with most people, but that just meant more for me.
Posted August 25th, 2016 at 07:42 AM by Hendal Hendal is offline
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