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C3G Unit Strategy - June 2016

Posted June 28th, 2016 at 11:14 AM by HS Codex

Unit Strategy Article
Red Skull (C3G)
Author: marrowick

Analyzed Statistics

Life – 5 (3/5)
5 life is pretty average.

Move – 5 (3/5)
5 move is standard.

Range – 1 (3/5)
Standard melee range.

Attack – 5 (3/5)
5 life is fairly average.

Defense – 5 (3/5)
5 defense is fairly average.

Overall stat consensus: 3/5
His stats are pretty average; however, these are but a simple piece of the playstyle.

Species – Clone
  • As a unique clone hero, Red Skull may be chosen for Arnim Zola's Cloning 16 special power.
  • As a unique clone hero, Red Skull may be activated by Scientist Supreme’s Leader of A.I.M. special power.
  • As a unique clone hero, Red Skull may be chosen for Jackal's Experimental Cloning special power.

Class/Personality – Mastermind/Ruthless
  • As a ruthless mastermind, Red Skull can be activated by the HYDRA Agents’ Ruthless Mastermind Bonding special power.
  • As a ruthless mastermind, Red Skull cannot be affected by aspects of the Glyph of Cosmic Cube.
  • As a mastermind, Red Skull can activate up to 3 Bodyguards with their Security Detail special power.
  • As a mastermind, Red Skull can activate the Hired Guns with their Trigger Happy special power.
  • As a mastermind, Red Skull can add 1 to Talia al Ghul's attack number via her Divided Loyalty special power.

Cosmic Cube
Description: Start the game with the Glyph of Cosmic Cube on this card.

Usefulness: This is a nice power to have, especially if you play him with a HYDRA army that’s full of ruthless masterminds, although he can still lose it by getting wounded—so it’s not nearly as good as some other glyph powers—and it means that this power can easily be used against you.

Overall Usefulness Rating: 4/10 (Useful)

Dual Lugers Special Attack
Description: Range 5. Attack 4.
When Red Skull attacks with his Dual Lugers Special Attack, he may attack one additional time.

Usefulness: This power is also quite useful. It essentially gives him a ranged double attack, although he has to give up Master Motivator and any attack buffs, which kind of balances it out.

Overall Usefulness Rating: 6/10 (Pretty useful)

Master Motivator
Description: After taking a turn with Red Skull, if he inflicted one or more wounds with his normal attack this turn, you may take an immediate turn with any other Unique Hero you control within clear sight of Red Skull, and you may not take any additional turns with other figures you control.

Usefulness: This is an excellent ability to have that allows progressive and productive turns and turn flexibility. And although Master Motivator requires a wound from a normal attack to activate, in most cases that’s not too hard to do. You simply need to be careful about not overextending Red Skull’s safety for an extra turn you didn’t really need.

Overall Usefulness Rating: 7/10 (Really useful)

Points: 240
Red Skull is an excellent unit and he’s relatively cheap as well. He’s a lower-mid-cost unit that’s easy to fit into any tournament or casual army, and his power set makes him a good unit by himself, and a great unit with synergetic helpers.

In-Depth Analysis

Class: Knight
While Red Skull is a unit you want on the board and active, with his average statline and the fact that he’s going to be a target, protecting him is unrealistic given most attempts and, in most cases, simply a waste of your resources. You should certainly be careful with Red Skull and keep him close to other figures so that you can punish anyone who tries to kill him, but in the end he’s most likely going to die and you should just let it happen and get on with the game. In most every army you want him in he’s not the main unit anyways and is therefore mildly unimportant in the end.

Below is an explanation of Agatagary's cost classification:
  • Pawn Class (expendable: units that can be useful, but are not worth enormous trouble to protect)
  • Bishop Class (more useful than a pawn, but still somewhat expendable)
  • Knight Class (units that are interestingly powerful and can have a significant impact on the game in and of themselves; it is advisable that they be kept alive, but if absolutely necessary they may be sacrificed)
  • Rook Class (units that almost inevitably have a significant impact on the game, and whose death should be avoided as much as possible)
  • Queen Class (devastatingly powerful or important units that should be protected at all costs)

Offensive Capability
Due to Red Skull’s average stats and melee range, his normal attacks are merely okay, but if you use his Dual Luger Special Attack then his offensive capabilities are actually much higher. Using Red Skull offensively is a balance between good damage and Master Motivator. Often you’ll want to get into melee with him so you can strike off an easy wound on someone with lower defense. You can use Master Motivator, but Dual Lugers Special Attack is great for clearing out weak heroes and most squad members. Typically, if you want to use Master Motivator then you’ll want to try to attack someone who has 4, maybe 5, defense. Too much higher than that, and it becomes somewhat unlikely that you’ll score a wound.

With the average 5 life and the higher average 5 defense his survivability is okay, but he can be taken out in a few turns by most people with an average attack statistic. If you want to keep him alive longer, it’s best to use Master Motivator to keep any hero you take a turn with kind of close. This ensures that your opponent has more than one high value target, and in most cases allows you to keep one of them relatively safe. You could also move squad figures up and that would serve the same purpose, but the chances of him firing on the squad instead of Red Skull are quite low, as most squads simply aren’t as valuable.

General Strategy
For Red Skull, there are a couple different synergies you can use with him, so this will be split into a few parts. For the purpose of this article, I will be strategizing based on the tournament standard “one turn after Master Motivator” rule, which makes it so you can’t exploit the Master Motivator rule by “turn hopping.” Turn hopping is where you have multiple figures that can allow other figures to take turns without needing to reveal an order marker. An example of this is an army with Joker (II) and Red Skull. Say Red Skull takes a turn and gets off Master Motivator, then Joker (II) takes a turn. Joker (II) uses Joker Toxin on Red Skull successfully, which allows Red Skull to take another turn. Red Skull then gets off Master Motivator again, and Joker (II) takes a turn, and this keeps going until either Joker Toxin or Master Motivator fails to activate. I hope that wasn’t too confusing. If you still don’t understand, you can simply take a look at the two powers and you should understand how it works. Now that that’s out of the way, I shall begin with the strategy.

The basic HYDRA army has a base build of:
  • Red Skull
  • Baron Von Strucker
  • Madame HYDRA
  • (At least) x2 HYDRA Agents
This base only costs 730 points, with the general tournament points limit being about 1200. That leaves 470 points. You’ll probably want at least one more squad of HYDRA Agents. Arnim Zola is also a nice addition to a HYDRA army as Cloning 16 can be used to bring back one of your destroyed heroes. Arnim Zola also serves as a nice anti-android and anti-cyborg unit due to his Consciousness Transmission 16 special power, and Reverse Engineering is always nice if you’re dealing with someone with a glyph permanently attached to their card. This leaves 190 points and I suggest just taking 2 more squads of HYDRA Agents. This puts you at the max 24 spaces and it helps out with this army’s strategy as well, which you’ll see in just a moment.

So you want to start with your ruthless masterminds in front, but keep Arnim Zola in the back where he’s relatively safe. You want to put pretty much all your numbered OM’s on HYDRA Agents, but always keep your “X” on Baron Von Strucker so you can take advantage of his Intelligence Network special power. The only time you’re going to want to change this OM setup is if you want to use Arnim Zola, as he’s the only figure that can’t be used to their full extent by the HYDRA Agents’ Ruthless Mastermind Bonding. For the first turn, I suggest moving out Red Skull in most cases, then if Red Skull can’t use Master Motivator on turn 2, move out Baron Von Strucker or Madame HYDRA. A HYDRA army focuses around lots of figures all taking turns, and eventually just beating the enemy by pure numbers. While this usually works, it is incredibly vulnerable to crowd control units such as Captain America, units with Machine Gun Special Attack, or something of that sort. In most cases you’ll want to bond with Red Skull so he can use Cosmic Cube and get off Master Motivator. From there you’ll probably want to use Madame HYDRA so she can activate Lead by Example. Once you’ve activated that for the round though, you’ll probably want to use your heroes to target the opponent’s slightly stronger ones. Baron Von Strucker can do some nice damage to most average heroes, but for the bigger ones you may want to try to wound them with Madame HYDRA’s Venomous Strikes Special Attack. This gives you about a 25% chance to deal two automatic wounds, and you’ll also want to use Cosmic Cube to deal wounds to any tougher heroes as well. If Madame HYDRA dies early, I suggest using Cloning 16 on her, but who you should use it on varies from game to game, situation to situation. The strategy for this army is a rather simple one in summary: get a lot of HYDRA Agents, buff them, and maximize your round-turn ratio whenever advisable.

Clone Army
Now we’re on to the second synergetic army. This army focuses around powerhouse clones that can be remotely controlled by Scientist Supreme. For the base of this army you’ll probably want:
  • Scientist Supreme
  • Red Skull
  • Arnim Zola
This base composition would cost you 580, leaving 620 points. Now, there are many routes you could go with this army from here. If you decide to take all clones, I suggest taking M.O.D.O.K., as he is a strong offensive figure that lets you maximize turn/round ratio by using normal attacks, although he is a bit pricey. After that, I suggest you finish your roster by taking Scarlet Spider (Kaine Parker). He can easily sneak up behind enemy lines and attack from the rear, and his Spider Stingers 9 allows him go right through defense, bypassing any defense powers like Man of Steel or Vibranium Alloy Shield. Or you can just use it if you’re up against someone with really high defense. The second route you could take with this army is taking another low-mid-cost clone, or maybe not even that, and then filling the rest of your army out with Madame HYDRA and A.I.M. Agents. Since they’re still terrorists, she can still have them take her wounds and can still buff their attack to four, a little better than HYDRA Agents, although you get more attacks from HYDRA Agents.

Clone Route
This section is going to go through the strategy for the full clone army I suggested earlier. As a reminder it would consist of:
  • Scientist Supreme
  • Red Skull
  • Arnim Zola
  • M.O.D.O.K.
  • Scarlet Spider (Kaine Parker)
First off, the OM placement: “X” always goes on M.O.D.O.K., and unless there is an android or cyborg that’s a little too close, you’ll want to keep all the numbered OM’s on Scientist Supreme. If there is an android or cyborg close by, then place the first/second OM on Arnim Zola and try to take it out with Consciousness Transmission. For placement, you’ll want your front line troops to be M.O.D.O.K., Scarlet Spider (Kaine Parker), and Red Skull. In the very back, you’ll want Scientist Supreme with Arnim Zola close by to guard her. For your first turn, you’ll want to place the Scarlet Spider’s stealth marker on his card and move him forward. On turn two, I suggest moving out one of your other front liners, M.O.D.O.K. or Red Skull, unless Scarlet Spider is in a position to be attacked. I would hope that you would look forward enough to anticipate a safe position for him, but if not then it’s up to you whether you move him or move a different front-liner. On turn 3 you should probably attack with the second front-liner you moved, going for a normal attack to get the extra turn, unless you judge the chance of wounding to be unlikely. In that case, use Scarlet Spider’s Spider Stingers 9. I suggest moving Red Skull out on turn 2 if you think you can engage on turn 3. Then you can activate Master Motivator, get M.O.D.O.K. out, and maybe get another turn from his Psionic Command as well. The protection contingency for Scientist Supreme, in case something gets through, is to have Arnim Zola take out any androids or cyborgs with Consciousness Transmission 16. And if they’re anything else, use Scientist Supreme. Equip a glyph using her High-Tech Research, and (hopefully) use the glyph and her basic attack to deal some damage. You could always have a front-liner come back to take down the intruder, but you won’t always judge that to be the best option. If Scientist Supreme dies, you can use Arnim Zola to try to revive her. That’s the main reason he’s in this army.

Terrorist Route
This section will be detailing the suggested strategy for a terrorist/clone hybrid army. This army works surprisingly well together—there aren’t too many hybrid armies to choose from. The army I will be using as strategy reference is the following:
  • Red Skull
  • Scientist Supreme
  • Madame HYDRA
  • Scarlet Spider (Ben Reilly)
  • Arnim Zola
  • x2 A.I.M. Agents
  • x2 HYDRA Agents
Just as a note, this army is 1210 not 1200. If you plan on using clones or A.I.M. Agents place the OMs for that on Scientist Supreme. If you want to use any HYDRA personnel then place your OMs on HYDRA Agents. Try to activate Red Skull with HYDRA Agents whenever possible, as it will give you an extra turn as opposed to Scientist Supreme. But don’t be afraid to use him with Scientist Supreme when you need to. For placement, you’ll want Scarlet Spider (Ben Reilly) in the very front and Red Skull in the front as well. Then behind them you’ll want your squad figures. Try to keep your A.I.M. Agents close to each other. This is to maximize the effect of Weaponized Virus Special Attack. Madame HYDRA should be placed somewhere in the middle of your squads. In the very back you’ll want Scientist Supreme, guarded by Arnim Zola.

So to explain why this hybrid army works together, we first need to look at what the two conjoining armies are. Right now you have a cheap HYDRA base army consisting of Red Skull, Madame HYDRA, Arnim Zola, and HYDRA Agents totaling to 720. But you also have a cheap Scientist Supreme army consisting of Scientist Supreme, Red Skull, Scarlet Spider (Ben Reilly), Arnim Zola, and A.I.M. Agents totaling to 910. The reason this hybrid army works so well is because of its shared nature and its two overlapping units, which just so happen to be the two most expensive units. Now I said they had a shared nature: that nature is controllative. The controllative army nature is the most common type of army nature but one of the most powerful, although its strength does vary from army to army. Here are a few different types of army natures (I would have to really study potential armies to truly know if these are all the natures, but this covers the most common):
  • Controllative: As stated above, this is the most common army nature. It focuses around one or two units controlling the entire army. Examples are Mister Fantastic, Wasp (II), or HYDRA Agents. This nature is the most versatile, but also the most vulnerable. It allows you to change your strategy whenever needed and keeps you from losing OMs due to figures being destroyed, but only as long as you protect the central controller. Typically, controllative armies are strong enough on their own that even when the central controller dies they can stand up for themselves. But it still eliminates the greatest strength of their army.
  • Singulative: Singulative armies focus around heroes instead of squads. Singulative armies often have a lot of mid-to-high-cost heroes that may or may not work together. Examples are The Wrecking Crew, and an Asgardian army without Odin. These armies are more about being able to put your OMs on a person without needing to worry about losing them, and then being able to juggernaut their way through your opponent’s army, for the most part.
  • Solotive: Solotive is different from singulative because, while singulative focuses around multiple tough heroes taking out your army, solotive focuses around extremely high cost units—usually only one such main unit, sometimes with additional cheap supporting units. Examples are Surtur, Anti-Monitor, or Braniac 13. This army type relies on a single unit being strong enough to take out your opponent.
  • Hordative: This army type focuses around squad-based armies and swarming your opponents with loads of attacks. Examples are most criminal armies and HYDRA armies. These armies mainly focus on taking weak cheap squads and a few low-to-mid-cost heroes, then shooting your opponent with massive numbers from a fair range.

So as we can see, this hybrid army has a main type of controllative and a secondary type of hordative. Knowing that, we can examine the battle strategy for this army. The first turn should be on Scientist Supreme, which you’ll use to move Scarlet Spider (Ben Reilly) out. Turn 2 should be on HYDRA Agents and you should probably bond with Red Skull and move him out. After that, the strategy for this army is mostly the strategy for the last two put together. Use HYDRA mostly but be sure to use Scientist Supreme for Scarlet Spider (Ben Reilly) so you can tie people down with Impact Webbing Special Attack if possible. Also, keep the A.I.M. Agents close to your start zone and then use them as a front line of defense for Scientist supreme. Keeping them close will allow good results from Weaponized Virus Special Attack. And if you lose someone vital then try to bring them back with Arnim Zola.

Units to Avoid
If you’re playing either the Hydra or terrorist army then you’ll want to avoid high crowd control units like Captain America, Bucky, or units with an explosion power that damages units in a radius. They’ll mow right through your squads, taking out an integral part of your army. You’ll also want to stay away from units that can’t be attacked from a range like Shadowcat or Invisible Woman.

Maps to Note
You’ll want to stick to wide open maps that don’t hinder your field of view too much, as most figures in your army will be attacking from a range. So avoid Sewer Labyrinth and Underground Catacombs. Also for the same reasons, try to stay away from Ivy’s Greenhouse. The combination of the foliage and the road will be bad for your squad armies, as it gives them cover and allows them to be right up in your face rather quickly. Also be careful on Martian Warzone. Taking the high ground might not pay off for your squads.
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