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Gang of Four - April 2016

Posted April 11th, 2016 at 03:32 PM by HS Codex

NYC Gang of Four Battle Report

Dragon Pass!
Author: kolakoski

The NYC Gang of Four gathered on February 10th to play a scenario of my devising called Dragon Pass! (see link for scenario description).

This scenario featured lifts:

Originally Posted by Lifts
The Lifts actually run alongside their respective Ladders, in that a unit entering any Ladder step may move to any other Ladder step, at no cost in Movement points, and may utilize a Lift at any point (beginning, middle, and/or end) during its movement.

And unique Victory Conditions:

Originally Posted by Victory Conditions
Each Team receives Victory Points for all enemy units killed, at the end of five Rounds (partial points for squads).

Originally Posted by Fortune Favors the Bold
Each Team also receives Victory Points for all friendly units left alive on the enemy side of the Pass (the not quite straight line delineated by the red poker chips, below), at the end of those same five Rounds.

We played the scenario three times. The armies fielded by each player (different for every game) are presented below:

Game 1:
  • 190 Quahon
  • 170 Sgt. Drake (SotM)
  • 220 Protectors of Ullar ×2
  • 110 Sentinels of Jandar
  • 90 Atlaga
Sherman Davies:
  • 300 Granite Guardians ×3
  • 185 Nilfheim
  • 120 Kaemon Awa
  • 80 Raelin
  • 60 Black Wyrmling ×2
  • 210 Charos
  • 200 Venoc Vipers ×5
  • 120 Venoc Warlord
  • 130 Armoc Vipers ×2
  • 90 Atlaga
  • 180 Taelord
  • 160 WoB ×2
  • 140 Racheim
  • 140 Morgoloth
  • 130 Tagawa Samurai Archers ×2

Game 2:
  • 210 Phantom Knights ×3
  • 140 Othkurik
  • 120 Siege
  • 100 Agent Carr
  • 60 Black Wyrmlings ×2
Sherman Davies:
  • 280 Aubrien Archers ×4
  • 260 Dreadgul Raiders ×4
  • 210 Charos
  • 375 Anubian Wolves ×5
  • 160 Shurrak
  • 140 Frost Giant of Morh
  • 75 Khosumet the Darklord
  • 210 Heavy Gruts ×3
  • 150 Cyprien
  • 150 Mimring
  • 140 Othkurik
  • 100 Ornak

Game 3:
  • 160 Sonlen
  • 150 Cyprien Esenwein
  • 120 Fen Hydra
  • 110 Quorick Warwitch
  • 45 Sonia Esenwein
Sherman Davies:
  • 260 Armoc Vipers ×4
  • 210 Braxas
  • 160 Sonlen
  • 120 Zogross Hardscale
  • 150 Ulginesh
  • 100 Haduc
  • 100 Morsbane
  • 100 Jorhdawn
  • 90 Chardris
  • 80 Emirroon
  • 50 Arkmer
  • 50 Warriors of Ashra ×1
  • 20 Kyntela Gwyn
  • 210 Braxas
  • 185 Nilfeim
  • 140 Knights of Weston ×2
  • 110 Alastair
  • 105 Sir Gilbert

Note: I did not collect the scraps of paper with Army lists on game day, electing to ask for them to be sent to me later—my bad—so chas’ Army list is incomplete. [So—extra credit if you can tell what’s missing from the pics (here and in the Gallery).]

As each game would have a duration of only five rounds, I tried to mitigate the likelihood that units would be left in the start zone and/or not participate meaningfully in the battle.

Originally Posted by chas
My most glorious moment, “Death from Below,” came in Game One when Atlaga came from behind some pines and went underneath a castle balcony to fire up at an unsuspecting Taelord, perched high above.

The Death of Taelord

Originally Posted by chas
The fact that the one shot Bolt of Witherwood actually worked and disintegrated him was just icing on the cake! MwaHaHa!

Morgoloth the Nimble!

In that first game, my wolves of Badru, lead by Morgoloth (all backed by the unfortunate Taelord), were particularly effective. [We did not notice ‘til later that, as a Large figure, Morgoloth shouldn’t have been able use the Lift!] My samurai archers and Racheim ended up being superfluous—although ...

In the second game, Ornak was able to send various combinations of Cyprien, Mimring and Othkurik to both sides of the map, to devastating effect.[Bothchas and I had Cyprien in armies, so we arranged not to use them at the same time. Similarly, I believe, for Braxas, betweenSherman and I.]

Dragons pass in the night ...

In a mirror battle between opposing Othkuriks, Cyprien was the decider.

The heavy gruts held the tower.

My Army for the third game was, in my humble opinon, my strongest, so (of course) we went down in ignominious defeat.

With both Nilfeim and Braxas, how did I lose?

Alastair looks threatening, but took wounds and died before he could do any appreciable damage.

Zogross was soooo annoying.

We did manage to kill Quahon ...

Quahon’s last gasp.

In all three games, there were plenty of figures remaining on the map at the end of the prescribed five rounds. When my dragons were lucky, I won. When they weren’t ...

Zogross was soooo annoying.

Whose Braxas is that?

Anubians versus Aubriens—to the death!

Made short work of Shurrak.

As usual, a good time was had by all. Thanks to chas for physically hosting us at his Game Palace.
Originally Posted by chas
kolakoski did an excellent job that day; his map was great and the scenario simple and playable. Congrats to our Game Master for another fine day of NYCG4 Heroscape gaming! I especially enjoyed being teamed up with everyone else once in a different game. We were easily able to fit three five turn games into one afternoon. Afterwards we had dinner and even played our first team game of Yashima.

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