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HoSS Strategy - March 2016

Posted March 27th, 2016 at 12:44 AM by HS Codex

HoSS Strategy Guide
Princess Leia Organa (Boushh Disguise)
By: Fi Skirata

In a disguise designed to fool the “King of Crime,” Leia Organa can easily sneak undetected behind enemy lines to carry out her mission. And when her cover is blown, she can use her force-guided intuition and explosive armament to aid in her successful escape.

However, to truly understand how best to use Princess Leia Organa (Boushh Disguise), one must first take a look at her stats.

Analyzed Statistics:
Height – Medium (Average: she can use this to take advantage of bushes and low outcrops, but can be more vulnerable to some powers)
Life – 4 (Low-average health level: sitting slightly below average for classic unique heroes and average for HoSS unique heroes)
Move – 5 (Average: she will be able to keep up with the army and traverse the map in relatively short order, but should not be used for glyph grabbing)
Range – 6 (Average for ranged units: she can keep most melee units back, but could quickly find herself in a shooting match with other ranged units)
Attack – 3 (An average attack for heroes, though more on the common hero side than the unique)
Defense – 4 (Average for unique heroes; it will keep her in the fight for a while, but she certainly isn’t a tank)
Points – 85 (On the low end of the point range for unique heroes, though this broadens the range of armies she can fit into)

BOUSHH DISGUISE: You may not draft Princess Leia and Boushh into the same army. At the start of the game, place a Disguise Marker on this card. If the Disguise Marker is on this card, all figures controlled by an opponent, except Boushh, are considered friendly to Leia and may not attack her. Once per turn, when an opponent takes a turn with a figure that is within 3 clear sight spaces of Leia, roll the 20-sided die. Subtract 1 from your roll for each of the chosen opponent's figures within 3 clear sight spaces of Leia. If you roll a 12 or lower, remove the Disguise Marker from this card. Remove the Disguise Marker if Leia is the only figure you control, or after she makes an attack against an opponent's figure.

THERMAL DETONATOR: Start the game with the Thermal Detonator Item Glyph on this card.

FORCE INTUITION: Princess Leia Organa may re-roll any dice that show blanks when defending or attacking. Force Intuition may only be used to re-roll dice once per attack or defense.

UNDERCOVER MISSION: If the Disguise Marker is on this card at the end of the round and Princess Leia did not take a turn that round, you may take an immediate turn with Princess Leia.

Overall Analysis

Leia’s most obvious synergy, and arguably her most beneficial, comes from the venerable Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi. Being force sensitive, she can be Obi-Wan’s apprentice for the purposes of his Jedi Mentor and Obi-Wan’s Spirit powers. Which means she can gain a free activation, a +1 to defense when adjacent to Obi-Wan, and avoid one or more wounds from an attack if Obi-Wan is already dead. However, if you use the movement bonding with Obi-Wan to move, then you give up her ability to move using Undercover Mission at the end of the round.

Being a unique hero who fights for the Rebel Alliance, she can also be healed by 2-1B, who has the possibility of removing two wound markers. On the classic ‘Scape side, she also has the ability to aid Otonashi’s Tricky Speed 4, due to having a Tricky personality herself.

Another pseudo-synergy she has is with R2-D2. His Resourceful special power enables her to add one to her d20 roll result when rolling for Boushh Disguise, which can help keep her safe from enemy units when moving forward to use her Thermal Detonator. Also, his Secret Mission special power enables R2-D2 to move forward at the end of the round to keep up with Leia as she moves across the map, and at 30 points he doesn’t cost much to add to any army.

Having four defense and four life, she has a relatively average level of survivability. She should survive long enough to infiltrate enemy lines and cause some havoc, but likely will not survive a prolonged firefight or becoming surrounded. Her Force Intuition also allows her to reroll any blanks when defending, giving her a higher chance of surviving attacks.

Having three attack and a range of six helps make her a danger to both melee squads and low-life/defense melee heroes. Just like with survivability, her Force Intuition allows her to reroll any blanks when attacking, thus giving her a higher chance of causing damage. She also has the ability to use the thermal detonator item glyph, which has a large area-of-effect attack.

Leia works best as a saboteur, sneaking behind enemy lines to cause the most damage. Optimally, you should avoid attacking with her until you get in position to use Thermal Detonator where it can damage or kill at least three of an opponent’s figures. It is best at this point to use her Undercover Mission power to move her at the end of the round, so as not to waste an OM on a non-attacking unit. After using the detonator, however, one should place a couple of OMs on her each round until either she punches her way out of enemy lines or dies, having taken down as many of the opponent’s squad and common hero figures as possible.

Combining Leia with Obi-Wan can improve order marker management and help Leia move into position faster. As Obi-Wan can attack without giving up Leia’s disguise, he works well as a way to carve a path through a group of enemies so as to reduce Leia’s chances of being discovered and consequently losing her disguise. He can also help protect her after using her Thermal Detonator and will then enable you to attack with two figures per OM instead of one. However, this combination costs a whopping 235 points and is therefore a large chunk of your army, so it should be used carefully. As these two are likely to perish before the conclusion of the match, it is best to have them focus on high level squads and unique heroes, so as to eliminate the biggest threats before the rest of your (presumably squad-heavy) army has to take over.

Finally, she can be used as a fairly effective clean-up unit. Due to her disguise ability, she does not really have to worry about being attacked, and her Undercover Mission power can help her stay near the action. Then towards the end of the game you can bring in a full-health hero to wipe out whatever is left. However, while this method can work well, it is not using Leia to the best of her abilities, as it is likely that you will not be able to get a good line-up for the Thermal Detonator at this point in a match. Likewise, there are plenty of other heroes (such as Greedo) that can do an equally good job at clean-up for a cheaper price.

Units to Avoid:
Being a ranged hero with average survivability, it is best to avoid powerful melee heroes such as Darth Vader and Obi-Wan Kenobi. Likewise, one should try to avoid getting surrounded by strong melee squads, as they will easily wear her down. This rings especially true for the Gladiatrons and Major X-17, who can prevent her from attempting an escape. However, the danger of all of these can be mitigated if paired with, and kept in close proximity to, Obi-Wan Kenobi.
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