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HoSS Strategy - January 2016

Posted January 25th, 2016 at 07:43 PM by HS Codex

UnitStrategy Review
Unit: Tusken Raiders
Author: Fi Skirata

The Tusken Raiders are quarrelsome warriors of the sand who are highly suspicious of outsiders. Their mastery of the sand and ability to attack in overwhelming numbers help to make this melee squad a force to be reckoned with.

To understand how to best use the Tusken Raiders, you must first take a look at their stats:

Analyzed Statistics
Size – Medium (Average: they can use this to take advantage of bushes and low outcrops, but can be more vulnerable to some powers)
Life – 1 (Typical for a squad unit)
Move – 5 (Average: they will be able to keep up with the bulk of the army, but won’t be useful for grabbing strategic positions or glyphs)
Range – 1 (Close range: this means that they will have to get into the thick of things to do the most damage)
Attack – 3 (A good solid attack for a melee squad)
Defense – 3 (A good solid defense for a melee squad)
Points – 50 (Currently, the second cheapest squad in HoSS at 16.7 points per figure)
Desert Ambush – After revealing an Order Marker on this card, and before taking a turn with Tusken Raiders, you may roll the 20-sided die. If you roll a 15 or higher, you may place one of your previously destroyed Tusken Raider figures on any empty sand space. You must place this Tusken Raider adjacent to at least one opponent's figure. After placing this Tusken Raider, choose an adjacent opponent's figure and roll 1 attack die. If you roll a skull, the chosen figure receives one wound.
Clan Attack – Before moving the Tusken Raiders, you must roll the 20-sided die.
• If you roll a 1-4, your turn immediately ends.
• If you roll a 5 -10, you may move and attack with up to 3 Tusken Raiders that you control.
• If you roll a 11-16, you may move and attack with up to 6 Tusken Raiders that you control.
• If you roll a 17-20, you may move and attack with up to 9 Tusken Raiders that you control.

Overall Analysis
While they can technically gain an attack die from Khosumet the Darklord, where they really shine is in their bonding with A-Zulmun. He can give the Raiders a free turn and an extra defense die when he reveals the X order marker, while also boosting their d20 rolls by one. They are also able to receive turn bonding from Jabba the Hutt whenever he reveals an OM, making him a useful OM dump for them. While not a direct synergy, they can benefit from R2-D2's Resourceful boost to the d20, and, being only 30 points, he can be a nice, cheap way of increasing their effectiveness.

With three defense and one life, they have decent survivability for a squad unit. They can hold their own against most squad units and low-level heroes, while surviving long enough to put a dent in the opposing army.

A three-dice melee attack makes them above average for squad offensive ability, but it is their Clan Attack that lets them shine. While there is a small risk of losing an entire turn, there is a 50% chance of being able to take a turn with at least six Raiders, and a 20% chance of taking a turn with nine Raiders.

While they can be used individually with decent success, the Raiders really work best in numbers. Four to five squads give a nice number for Clan Attack to work its fullest while giving you choices and plenty of points left over. Optimally, it is best to play the whole Tusken pseudo-faction together, as the Snipers provide nice cover fire and long-range support for the Raiders, who can slog the battlefield with the help of A-Zulmun.

To get the most out of them, you want to play them on maps that have moderate-to-high levels of sand coverage. Maps such as Judland Wastes and Beggar’s Canyon are prime examples of this. However, the Tusken Raiders’ ability to mob attack can make them useful regardless of the map. They are best used to swarm the opponents in large numbers and for clearing out opposing squads and weak heroes. In smaller numbers, however, they can still prove quite useful in cleanup, and generally work well against any squad members. A good build for this type of army would be: Raiders x4 (200) + Snipers (130) + A-Zulmun (170) for a round 500-point army of Tuskens.

Regardless of whether you are running the Raiders in a massive Tusken army or not, they should be combined with a couple of strong, ranged squads. A couple of squads of Stormtroopers or their terrain dependent variants are perfect for filling this void, even if already paired with Snipers. They can also fit quite easily into an Independent crime army featuring turn bonding with Jabba the Hutt where they can be paired with a couple squads of thugs, Bib Fortuna and a Bounty Hunter or two for a strong and regenerative force.

Units to Avoid:
Being a melee squad, the Tusken Raiders suffer from the common weakness of being vulnerable to ranged squads and heroes. Being squad units, they are especially vulnerable to the Imperial squads, who all currently get additional skulls when attacking any squad unit. As they work best in large mobs, they are also vulnerable to Han Solo’s Never Tell Me the Odds attack which can quickly tear through their ranks while he skips his way in and out of engagement with the melee squad. Finally, engagement with the Gamorrean Guards must be done carefully. Their four defense means they will not go down easily and, unless they are killed quickly, they will be able to counter-attack with a whopping five attack which can easily take down a Tusken Raider.
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