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Fan Art Spotlight - January 2016

Posted January 21st, 2016 at 01:22 PM by HS Codex

From the Desk of a Frostrager
A fan art spotlight
Author: Evar Scarcarver

Ironically, I played more HeroScape while the Codex was inactive, while we got everything set in stone as to how the new format will work. ĎWeí mainly being the editors, which doesnít include me, but I use a royal Ďweí as though the Codex is an entity that is created by merging all those who work on it, which in some ways is true, but is mostly an overly metaphorical artistic vision of how I see the text on the forums in which all the contributors communicate.

Itís been a while (over six months, I believe) since Iíve written this columnóthis column which has an identity crisis over whether itís me talking about a piece of art related to the game we all unite through, or me just writing whatever strange overly analytical and strangely metaphorical thing that comes into my head as a way to artistically vent. At its best, I think itís both. And, as I write this, I realize how much Iíve missed writing it.

Speaking of which (not really, Iím just bad at transitions), this monthís piece of art is titled Ebon Armor, and it was created by HeroScaper Soundwarp SG-1.

Soundwarp SG-1 is known on the site for his figure modifications (we actually spotlighted them in the Codex magazine reboot, way back in our first issue), and more recently, his involvement with the SoV project as one of the judges.

My favorite thing about this piece of artwork is the colors, which doesnít come as a huge surprise to me. Color relationships are basically the same on miniature painting and digital painting, so itís knowledge Soundwarp SG-1 could bring from his other practiced medium. He accurately represents the Ebon Armorsí color scheme from the miniatures, but adds slight modifications to the tint of the colors to enhance the tone of the artwork. The head has a slightly different temperature from the rest of the armor, so the eyes are naturally drawn to it.

The background consists of a spectral noise and two ghostly reproductions of Ebon Armors. It adds to the painting without being too distracting. Another detail I enjoy is the shield the phantom armor holds, specifically the glowing ghostly face contorted into a silent yell, left up to the imagination of the artís interpreter as to whether it is a yell of one charging into battle, or a scream of agony from a trapped spirit.

Composition-wise, it flows very well: the main subject is the Ebon Armor in front, with enough added details on this subject and the background to keep the overall painting interesting to look at, but with an elegant simplicity in the style that really lets the colors shine. The pose with the sword and shield gives an asymmetric look that gives hint to the battle the animata is preparing for, but the symmetry in his shoulders and head gives the idea of the calm calculation an emotionless construct might have, the only true facial expression pictured being on the aforementioned shield.

The subject of the artwork is C3Vís Ebon Armor (hence the name of the piece), which is another thing I want to touch on. Iím a huge fan of the work the general community has put into the VC project. Iíve been along for the ride as the C3V and SoV projects were accepted by the HeroScape community, and the fact that even the fan art is reflecting their place in the worlds of Valhalla ... honestly, it just makes me really happy.

Iím excited about this new format the Codex has taken on. It certainly makes it easier on me as a writer, and not having to deal with page designs is something that really frees up a lot of time to focus on the quality of writing in my article. And reading through my old columns, I must admit, I really should have read over them a few more times. I was not very good at pacing. At all. Whatsoever. Iím positive my pacing is still bad, but not as bad as it was then.

Iíve been drawing more often, and Iíve been thinking of starting up one of those ďdrawing per dayĒ challenges. Iíve realized at least a third of my drawings in the past couple months are HeroScape related, which is kind of a cool realization. So hopefully some of that will make it into this column, or maybe some other future Codex articles. Future is a nice word Ö the fact that I can use the word ďfutureĒ in relation to ĎScape is pretty awe inspiring. Future, a later time, guaranteed to exist, but nothing else is guaranteed to continue to exist up to that later time.

Until then.

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