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HSers Codex: Rebirth - Relaunch

Posted December 26th, 2015 at 09:44 PM by HS Codex
Updated November 12th, 2018 at 02:53 PM by HS Codex
Codex: Relaunch

In May of 2015, the Heroscapers Codex released Issue Nine of its second volume: Rebirth. In the editor’s note, we explained that this was the last print issue. We mentioned vague details about a site upgrade, rumored to be coming in June of 2015, which would allow us to continue online.

We are here to tell you that the long wait is finally over. The Heroscapers Codex is back!

When we shut down in May, our plan was to restart in June when the site would be upgraded. In the meantime, we decided to sort out some organizational issues and get ready for the relaunch.

Unfortunately the site upgrade has been delayed for quite a while now. After a few months, we realized we needed to stop waiting and develop a new plan. So, with the help of Xotli, we set up this account for the Codex.

At the same time, we reorganized our contributors and smoothed out the submission process, allowing us to release material faster than ever before. There were some large changes though:

The Format:
The Codex will no longer be posted in PDF issues. Instead, this account will keep up a constant stream of online articles on the Codex blog. Once in awhile, an article or two will be featured on the front page. We know a lot of people like to print out the Codex, so we intend to compile the articles into volumes afterwards, though at the moment those plans are not yet fully formed.

The reason we’ve switched over to this format is because meeting a single deadline for the issue, proofreading, and compiling, all on time, was not working. We believe our new format will work better, and allow us to keep things running smoothly and with minimal interruption.

The main plus of this change is the rate of articles. With this new format, you can expect to see a new article on average every week, if not more often. We should be able to keep up this rate consistently.

Other Changes:
Unfortunately, this change has come with a price. Our former compiler and editor, El T, has stepped down, due to a lack of time. The Grim Reaper’s Friend and Xotli have joined the administrative staff with Ninja Status, but his place can never be truly filled. El T was one of the founders of the Rebirth, and he will always have a place in the Codex.

Other contributors have had to temporarily step down as well. 1Mmirg, Ixe, Heroscaper Guy, and Wanderer999 all have other time commitments, and are not currently able to contribute.

Despite these losses, we will be able to bring you articles more efficiently than ever before. Our remaining contributors—Dysole, Evar-Scarcarver, Fi Skirata, kolakoski, marrowick, Son of Arathorn, and Taeblewalker—are ready to put pen to paper and give you the highest quality Codex articles.

Watch our blog—releases begin on January 2, 2016!
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Joseph Sweeney's Avatar
:cheers: Can't wait, folks!

Posted December 27th, 2015 at 11:36 AM by Joseph Sweeney Joseph Sweeney is offline
chas's Avatar
the NYCG4 will continue to work with Kolakoski on his contributions when he asks us!
Posted December 29th, 2015 at 06:59 AM by chas chas is offline
Tornado's Avatar
Sounds like a change for the better. Sad to hear you are losing El T. Looking forward to the future of HS Codex.
Posted December 30th, 2015 at 10:56 AM by Tornado Tornado is offline
IshMEL's Avatar
Keep up the great work! Looking forward to more articles.
Posted December 31st, 2015 at 09:11 AM by IshMEL IshMEL is offline
HS Codex's Avatar
We are having slight posting/formatting difficulties. The article should still appear today, if a little late.

Please bear with us as we get underway.
Posted January 1st, 2016 at 08:44 PM by HS Codex HS Codex is offline
Updated January 1st, 2016 at 09:16 PM by HS Codex
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