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Scape Lessons for Life

Posted August 29th, 2014 at 10:43 AM by Sylvano the Wasabus
Scape Lessons for Life

If youíre like me, maybe you find more and more things in life remind me of Scape. Here are a few ideas about some of the similarities:

1. Map building can be a pain and it takes up space and dining room tables and it takes too long and there are all the storage issues and if youíre free building it can take a couple of tries and youíre always missing just the right piece but if you do a good job you can make something really nice and keep it around for a while.
The same is true of life. Your must build your own map, your own life structure and it takes too long and you donít always know what youíre doing but if you keep at it you end up with a pretty nice life that you can enjoy and add on to. It wonít happen if you donít build it. And if things change you may have to rebuild again- but youíll know how.

2. Like the Knights of Weston we all have our stats- Scape figures have move, range, attack and defence and likewise we have things that we are capable of and things weíre not so good at. Know your limits and try to use what you can do to advantage, just as you would play figures in a Scape game. Remember too that while you and Scape figures have set limits you also have a special power of some kind that transcends your limits.

3. In a game and in life sometimes you will have good luck and sometimes bad. The dice are random. Enjoy the good luck and try to see it for what it is- just random good luck. Try not to suffer the bad luck too much- itís just bad luck. Youíll get another shake.

4. Everything in life is playtesting. When developing new figures we playtest them sometimes for a very long time to make sure they work in every situation. Life is a constant playtest. You are constantly developing yourself, finding out your strengths and weakness and trying to change your stats by being open-minded and working on your abilities. Accept that you are a work in progress. You might thing youíre finished but then a new scenario comes up and you have to work on things again.

5. Sometimes itís great to be a hero. But heroes take more wounds- they get hurt more. They are targets. They fight alone. Sometimes itís great to be in a squad. Team work is great, good friends, shared goals, partners, someoneís got your back. Some people are one or the other- some of us can happily be either (a bit of a special power!)

6. Know your general. Are you fighting for Jandar or Utgar? If youíre Ullar, will you fight with troops from Valkril? Have a personal code of honour and be true to it. Select your allies carefully. Some of them will stab you in the back depending on how the dice roll.

7. I like to think of life not as one game but as many games as you can cram it before you die. The more Scape games- the better. You win some, and you lose some. Strive to enjoy playing whatever the outcome. A battle well fought and lost can be mighty satisfying. Play again.

8. You are a custom figure. You can try and fit into the world or you can accept yourself for who you are. There is room in the game for everyone. Not satisfied with yourself? Keep working! Glue a sword onto that empty figureís hand. Work on a new skill. Keep playtesting.

9. One of the amazing things about Scape is that all sorts of different figures and universes and characters can all play together in the same game. Find people who play by the same rules you do, even if they donít use the same figures. These are the people you can play with for your whole life. They understand the game rules and wonít let you down and wonít cheat.

10. Ideas are golden. For many of us Scape is an evolving game. You will change in your life too, but you will still be based on your original stats, your allegiance and luck. Donít be afraid of change. Playtest it. If it doesn't work, change it. New ideas can take you to places youíve never been.

The more time I spend with Scape, the more commonalities I find with life. Important Scape ideas become important life ideas. Perhaps eventually everything moves towards ultimate truths.
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Sometimes you lose a number of games in a row. But as with life when you keep trying, sooner or later you win one.
Posted August 29th, 2014 at 10:38 PM by AMIS AMIS is online now
Updated August 29th, 2014 at 10:39 PM by AMIS (Nicely written Sylvano)
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