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Warning: The following blog post contains material suitable for people who breathe air. Zombies and the otherwise deceased need not apply.
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My Heroscape Thoughts of the Day

Posted June 30th, 2014 at 08:35 PM by flameslayer93
Recently, I've had the joys of teaching the game to small smattering of people. Those who have chosen to play have all said they've liked the game. So, as the group ever expands, I have to consider lots of new army avenues and ideas. HS represents all kinds of concepts, so I'd like my collection to show that. So, as it stands, I've done well there.

At our last gathering (Saturday), I noticed all 3 players (myself included) fielded custom units. Laurie chose to try out my two newest ones, Aorlened the Griffon Rider and Winnistre the Young Purple Dragon. Nick, after facing catastrophic defeat at the meet prior, chose to use 3 squads worth of Elchim Gatekeepers as well as Lortremm the cheerleader for these demons. I may need to invest in Morgloth sometime, because of Demon Leadership. He's a cool dude anyways. I felt like being a bit crazy on our super hilly board and fielded my Dwarvern Tank (backed by dwarves of course ). I also grabbed a handful of Floating Grenades and Gehenna too. Kill-to-your-Left is a pretty neat format too. Especially with the board burning figures on Sand (and summoning glyphs to cause extra chaos). I took the vic, but the best part is watching Laurie and Nick get slightly better. Laurie seems to enjoy making armies (and loves hounds a bit too much too lol), though she isn't good at it just yet. Getting better at it though. Nick is a bit better at it, though he seems to take things that seem overpowered as heck. One of his issues (that he's getting better with) is actually figuring out how yo take advantage of the units. Having a Werewolf lord with no lycanthropy markers (and 1 wolf of badru left) and very little HP leaving engagement was a mistake. Living to fight another day is only effective if dwarves aren't chasin' ya down.

Nick's sister visited for a few and her fiance complemented us on our apparent party...? Lol I wasn't about to disagree.

Fast forward to today, and I begin to analyze the game's events a bit more. I think I did a good move by letting the bombs out early... The board wasn't particularly large and Gehenna has some epic range so I got them into nasty positions. The first one was only to bring over Lorstremm, by summoning him. While in the greater scheme of things, this had absolutely no great effect (aside from having Nick waste valuable early game turns trying to have his Demon fall back) as he got the curse of mitonsoul anyways. And here I only claimed it in hopes of killing one of his fierce Gatekeepers! However, the issue I ran into was that darned tank. I'm not sure if it was a good move to spend time turning my tank around in the starting zone, but with Laurie's units approaching it may have been the best play. It stinks that Tough doesn't work for special attacks however. But this "balance" thing is important I guess. :P I'd like to think that I played the best I could this time around. Second guesses aside, I still won dramatically. I had a 3 life Shurrak and a full life Gehenna. I think I may have had a dwarf alive too. The fact that I destroyed both other players at the same time though... They need to get better. I want some competition ^_~
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