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Posted April 23rd, 2014 at 11:21 AM by Sylvano the Wasabus
As time has passed we have tried really hard to eliminate a lot of the automatic wounds from our version of the game. It can be fun for the person doing the wounds, but not so much for the receiver. Itís not a chess like game to us, I admit. Weíre more like crazed football or soccer fans, rallying behind our teams.

We have destructible trees and other large things that can fall onto figures. For a long time if a tree fell on you, you were dead. If a tree fell on a hero, they took a wound. But what if the tree fell on you and you were in the water? Or what if a tree fell on Sigurd the huge frost giant who is as tall as the tree?

The problem with having unlimited figures in the game is that the rules have to be able to deal with all of them. Past experience has taught us to try and keep the rules as simple as possible. Now when a tree falls, a figure beneath it shakes one die for each time its height would fit in the tree- like falling damage. The trees are 15 to 18 tall, so a medium 5 or 6 would shake three dice and take a wound for each skull that appears. Itís unlikely for a common squadie to survive- but every once in a while one does and itís delightful.

Last night the omnicron snipers were attacking my dragons and orcs in thick forest fighting. The LOS was crazy and there were little hills and dips all covered with tress. Our trees are climbable and give height and the stinking snipers had mostly climbed up and were preventing my forces from passing.

Thank goodness for the Krav,- they drove the snipers crazy. My orcs hacked at the trees and one particular sniper fell - the trees were destroyed- four times and he survived falling every time. My sons were celebrating him as a miracle man/machine so I felt compelled to fly my gold dragon over and roast him. Enough already.

When our elephants fall figures beside them shake for crushing damage. We still regard the elephants as carriers, even though they have trample and an attack- but they require a driver or theyíre either idle or berserk. .

We also have a number of giants and titans in the game. The titans are rarely used because they are works in progress Ė meaning that their current rules just arenít fun. What happens if a giant or a titan falls and there are figures in the way? Logically they would take crushing damage but we have not taken that step, yet. The reason is simple- we want them to stick around a bit and if their death can cause damage the enemy will target them exclusively. Itís not a bad strategy, but itís not that much fun when you spend most of your points on a giant who falls on the rest of your army and kills them.

And what of rocks pushed off of cliffs? Or bricks tossed down from castle walls? Throwing chunks of stuff at each other is as old as the human race itself. We donít have those rules in our game though.

The beauty of Scape- itís customizability- can also be a curse. Too much of a good thing, as it were, and I speak from experience for we at one time did whatever we pleased until we were crushed by conflicting complicated rules. Now we seek simplicity and logic, while allowing individuality and uniqueness in the figures and their abilities. Itís a tall order, but we seem to have a pretty good handle on it right now.

And then there is the very worst and best form of crushing- falling in love. But this is about scape and my particular crushing is always focused on new miniatures. I just love them. Frog cavalry riding toads, teddy bear Romans, little bunnies with pikes- not to mention the normal bunch of horrible humans and monsters. I know I have enough. I am a long time away from preparing and carding everyone I have. But still I fall, still I crush, dreaming, drooling and obviously digressing. But what is life without digression?
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flameslayer93's Avatar
Hmm... The added luck factor is probably going to make things much more interesting.
Posted April 23rd, 2014 at 05:24 PM by flameslayer93 flameslayer93 is offline
chas's Avatar
Do you use the C3V Mok? If he falls, would he crush the Dwarves riding on him?
Posted May 5th, 2014 at 01:40 AM by chas chas is offline
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