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Escape Through the Haunted Forest!

Posted July 1st, 2013 at 01:59 AM by kolakoski
Updated July 2nd, 2013 at 02:29 PM by kolakoski
Well met!

As promised,

Armies at 600 points, all medium or small unique Heroes plus 1 or 2 Uncommon Hero Giants, and Animals compensating the unlucky Initiative roller. That's the game. I'll set it in a forest ruins in Winter. See you next month!

ere is the map/scenario for the Gang of Four's next meeting (probably Wednesday, 7/17/13). It is built with Ice, Water, and Shadow on the surface, where it is more playable (at chas' suggestion), rather than recessed, which is more natural looking.

Escape Through
the Haunted Forest!

The Gladiators had managed to temporarily escape from the Coliseum (see Vengeance of the Gladiators!), but now their only hope is to enter, and safely pass through, the Haunted Forest. Fortunately, they had acquired a guide . . .

The Map.

A haunted forest, containing Trees, Jungle, Ice, Water, Shadow, and Snow.
The Ice and Snow are normal (no extra movement points required). There are two Power Glyphs (Power side down), representing spawning points for Wolves. The Start Zones are the Sand hexes at either end of the map.

Wolves enter through Gates
(Red Glyphs at right and left ends of Map)

[Alternatively, place a Glyph (representing a Gate) adjacent to the Ice hex nearest your Start Zone [or a hex even closer to your opponent], and use the following (adapted from
Vengeance of the Gladiators!):

There are no Start Zones. Gladiators (and the Players' respective Giants) enter the Map from their respective Gates. All Gladiators and Giants that have not entered the Map by the end of Round 5 are considered to have been captured by the pursuing Romans. Units may not end their movement adjacent to a Gate hex.

chas and I liked the tactical challenge of deciding how and when units enter the Map.]

Units enter the Map
through the Gates (Red Glyphs)

Alternate Maps.

A number of existing maps could be adapted for this scenario:

Map: Kampfzone
Date Uploaded:
2 RotV, 2 RttFF, 1 TT (normal snow, normal ice)

Map:A Crossing to Bear
Date Uploaded: 1/18
Requires: 2 RotV, 2 TT, 1 RttFF

- added 12/23/10 - download

Requires 1 BftU, 1 RttFF, and 1 TT.

Requires 1 BftU, 1 RttFF and 1 TT.

These are just from two authors. I'm sure there are many more.

The Armies.

Each Player will create a team of Gladiators, consisting of 600 points (
Delta+ pricing) of small or medium Unique Heroes (no Warlords (as they belong to the Crowd), no Marvel, no customs except for VC (C3V/SoV), no Soulborgs or Undead, plus at least one, but not more than two, Uncommon Large or Huge Unique Heroes (Giants) (from the list below).

Ogre Warhulk
Greater Ice Elemental
Master of the Hunt
Frost Giant of Mohr
Ogre Pulverizer
Feral Troll
Ice Troll Berserker

plus their guide, Darrak Ambersand.

In addition, Players may use the Competitive Unit Congress modifications and prices. For example, Moriko costs 80 points in Delta+. A Player may draft her at that price, or draft the CUC-modified version (for 110 points), with Disappearing Ninja, as follows:

If Moriko is attacked with a normal attack and at least 1 skull is rolled, roll the 20-sided die to disappear. If you roll 1-12, roll defense dice normally. If you roll 13 or higher, Moriko takes no damage and instead may move up to 4 spaces. Moriko can disappear only if she ends her disappearing move not adjacent to any enemy figures.

The Wolves.

There will always be exactly one squad of Wolves of Badru in play, entering at either Gate
(controlling Player's choice) at the end of the first Turn, and controlled by the Player who had the lowest Initiative roll. Dead Wolves are replaced in the Turn immediately following their demise, entering at either Gate (controlling Player's choice). No unit (Wolf, Gladiator, Giant, or Darrak) may end its movement adjacent to a Gate. Note that these Wolves do not bond with Khosumet.

Optional Deadly NightShades.

At the end of every Round, each Player, in Initiative order, moves
onto the map, and attacks with, a Shade of Bleakewoode from any Shadow space. Any unit captured [belongs to that Player][disappears forever]. After its turn, the shade disappears.

Victory Conditions.

The Player that either kills his opponent's Darrak or moves his/her own Darrak into his/her opponent's Start Zone wins.

If neither Victory Condition is achieved after 10 Rounds of play, the Player that killed the most points of enemy units wins.

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chas's Avatar
Nice map. Just a reminder to you and others that as we did change the original board, you can replace a land hex with two water hexes, and they become nicely level with the ground.
Posted July 3rd, 2013 at 04:27 PM by chas chas is offline
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