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I can quit any time I want...

Posted April 17th, 2008 at 01:31 PM by Jexik
Updated April 17th, 2008 at 01:59 PM by Jexik (grammar)
But I don't want to; Heroscape is a great game. It's been said a million times, but most recently by HSisforcoolkids here.

This is a game that many of us have been waiting decades to play. For me, it's been just a little over two of them.

I started as a console gamer way back when I was in diapers. My older brother had a Colecovision, and later a Nintendo Entertainment System. I continued to play more electronic games as time went on. Sid Meier's Civilization was definitely my favorite game when I was 7. After that, I got really into Lufia, Final Fantasy II, Chrono Trigger, and many other SNES rpgs made by our nerdy friends across the Pacific. I continued to play similar games on the original Playstation, with Xenogears and Oddworld probably sitting at the top of my pile of fun diversions.

When Halo came out for the Xbox though, all of that changed. I usually played it with a minimum of 3 other guys, and during my first year of college, weekly 7-12 player, 3-hour games of Capture the Flag on Blood Gulch, or a series of intense games of Team Slayer on a variety of maps were extremely common. We had a blast, in every sense of the word.

But perhaps the best part of it all was the (trash)talk during and after the games. It sure beat watching a baseball game on TV. Gaming was a fun social gathering now, and I could never go back to playing a Sony console, or indulging in those long leveling fests known as RPGs...

Or so I thought. Enter World of Warcraft, devourer of souls. I won't discuss it in any great detail. I played it too much. I quit. My life is better now.

In addition to all of the electronic gaming that I've done, I've played lots of other games too. Like every kid in the suburbs, I played soccer for about 9 years. I played M:TG and even the Pokémon tcg as a preteen, and Warhammer 40K back when I didn't have the money, time, or painting ability to really bother with it. I played a mean Pinochle and Monopoly game too. In high school I was also part of a group that played pen and paper games and ate pizza once a week.

From the ages of 2-12, I played with Legos a lot too. Who didn't? I especially liked the Castle sets. I'd arrange dozens of little plastic men in battles. I generally wouldn't smash them around, but I liked setting up action-packed snapshots ripe for my mental camera.

Heroscape is a culmination of all these things. It's an excuse to get together with friends and make new ones. It's an excuse to look back fondly on every single game that I've played and many movies that I've watched. It's an excuse to build new and interesting creations. It's an excuse to have fun.

For someone who certainly has a habit of getting really into a game, I like to think that this one is different, and here to stay. It really is special.
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bad_calvin's Avatar
You couldn't quit even if you wanted. Your an addict.. just like the rest of us!

I think this community has had a big help in keeping me interested as well.

Thanks for sharing man.
Posted April 17th, 2008 at 01:56 PM by bad_calvin bad_calvin is offline
hextr1p's Avatar
Good blog, Jexik. This game is also very much a culmination of my own childhood delights. Among other things, the many hours spent playing with my GI Joe and Star Wars action figures, the imaginative worlds and characters created by the countless role playing game sessions with me and my friends, and my visual fascination with comic book art and style. A game that embodies so much for me personally, that I honestly will never tire of playing. Even my worst defeats are some of the best times I've had playing the game. Heroscape is just amazing.
Posted April 17th, 2008 at 02:34 PM by hextr1p hextr1p is offline
Updated April 17th, 2008 at 02:42 PM by hextr1p
GaryLASQ's Avatar
Three decades for me. This game makes me wish I was 11 years old again. Fortunately my eldest son is, and we have played many games of Heroscape since it first arrived under the Christmas tree in 2004. My wife saw it on display at a TRU in one of their bubble showcases and figured it was something the kids would enjoy. If she only knew which "kid" would end up getting the most enjoyment from it...

Heroscape is more than a great game, it's brilliant. Thanks for sharing, Jexik.
Posted April 17th, 2008 at 08:34 PM by GaryLASQ GaryLASQ is offline
hextr1p's Avatar
I also want to chime in and agree with BC's mention about the importance of this community to the game. Personally, I very well would have lost interest long ago had it not been for the Heroscape fan sites (.NET, HQ, and now 'Scapers). I remeber waiting around for the release of Wave 2. If not for the great folk in the community, as well as threads of W2 speculation and continued discussion about the game, I would have moved on to something else. That's not even mentioning the people I've had the opportunity to meet and game with because of the sites!

But, yeah, don't want to get off track about what this blog post is really about... sorry, Jexik!
Posted April 18th, 2008 at 01:33 AM by hextr1p hextr1p is offline
HSisforcoolkids's Avatar
Nice blog, Jexik. I've gone through my share of game interests as well, and I've never been into one game for this long. It really is just an excuse for having fun with other people, and for an introvert like me who still loves relationships, this game is really helpful. I've strengthened many friendships and made a few more through this game.

The community is also what has kept me going. I was growing weary of Heroscape when I stumbled upon this site. The previews and the insights (like Jexik's) on this site are just great, and Hasbro/WOTC really owe a lot of Heroscape's success to this site.
Posted June 11th, 2008 at 07:19 AM by HSisforcoolkids HSisforcoolkids is offline
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