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Elgin’s Army Card Challenge – Round 1 results & Round 2

Posted March 14th, 2011 at 12:30 PM by Elginb
Elgin’s Army Card Challenge – Round 1 results and Round 2 bracket

Round 2 Bracket:
Spoiler Alert!

Round 1 Recap:
Well, Round 1 had a lot of surprises (see pool-by-pool details below). I got only 13 of 36 predictions correct, and it’s interesting to see how some units play in this kind of setting.

The Map
Like all of the maps I’ve been playing on lately, there was a mixed variety of all terrain types. There was sort of tournament arena made of dungeon spaces in the center of the map, outlined on the bottom of the map by a castle arch and walls, and on the top by some evergreen trees. In the arena was a Wound glyph, and just beyond the evergreen trees was some high ground with a Summoning glyph on it. To the left and right of the wooded area were ice and snow, the Disengage and Move+4 Treasures waiting out there for anyone willing to risk its heavy, slippery quality. Outside the castle walls and in front of the arch was a jungle swamp, with an Intercept Orders glyph on the left and a Teleportation treasure on the right. Far outside the castle walls, on the edges of the start zones, were hot spots with molten lava and lava fields holding modified Healer and Revive glyphs for last minute, desperate attempts at survival (the Healer and Revive glyphs both had a 50% chance of healing/reviving one wound/figure and a 25% chance of healing/reviving all wounds/figures).

How the Glyphs played
The Summoning and Wound glyphs really made the map workable for non-flying melee units—you simply couldn’t ignore the summoning glyph, and had to either control it, or use it yourself. The wound glyph was important, but if you went too quickly for it, you could be summoned off of it, but after the summoning glyph was used up, then it all was about that wound glyph. The Intercept Order glyph proved most useful for Heroes trying to get a small advantage over squads. The Disengage glyph was a useful part of a one-two punch using the Summoning glyph to pull in an opponent, then disengaging to grab the nearby wound glyph. The Move+4 glyph was useful for units trying to make a first strike, or to grab the summoning glyph or wound glyph, but also to make a last ditch effort to get healed. The Teleportation glyph was good for units who didn’t think they could reach the Summoning glyph before their opponent did; it was also excellent for escaping from near death to try and get healed. The healing and revive glyphs were far enough away from the action that they were rarely used by either heroes or squads; since they were on lava field tiles, you really had to time their usage just right to avoid taking damage at the end of the turn—unfortunately, that usually put you in a precarious position relative to your opponent in the center of the map. Whatever the case, the map encouraged a lot of movement, which is important in these one-on-one games, which can get awfully boring otherwise. The only type of unit that I think was at an undue disadvantage in this format were those poor single life units (common heroes or Deathwalkers)—the wound glyph was simply too much for them, most of the time.

Miscellaneous Results
I thought there were some interesting results. I usually think that all the choice units are in the 70 point range, or maybe the 120 point range, but in the first round, the 50 point units really held up— seven 50 point units advanced to the second round; four units each that were 80 points and 70 point; then three units each that were 185 points and 120 points. Valkrill wasn’t represented, but every other General had units advance: Vydar – 8, Utgar – 8, Jandar – 7, Marvel – 5, Ullar – 3, Aquilla – 3, Einar – 2. 21 Heroes advanced, compared to 15 squads. No common or uncommon heroes advanced; and of the squads advancing, 3 of them were unique.

Round 1 Results:
My predictions are denoted by a * and the winners are in bolded italics.

Utgar’s Toothbrush Region
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Jandar’s Banjo Region
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Ullar’s IRS Refund Region
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Vydar’s Scoliosis Region
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Einar’s Jock-Strap Region
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Aquilla’s Stromboli Region
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dok's Avatar
So, my Einar E and Aquilla A and C picks were right, but aside from that none of my picks that were different than yours came true. Of course, plenty of results surprised us both. I should have seen the Rechets coming, now that I think about it.

I'm trying to figure out the results in Aquilla E. I'm guessing the Marro Warriors beat the Zettians, the Warden, and Alistair, Alistair beat the Zettians, the Warden, and Othkurik, and Silver Surfer beat everyone but Othkurik. That means Othkurik lost to either the Zettians or the Warden, though.
Posted March 14th, 2011 at 02:21 PM by dok dok is offline
I don't have my notes with me, but I think the Warden summoned Othkurik from his perch and Evisceraxed his a$$ in nearly one shot. Othkurik took down the Surfer with a couple similarly lucky shots.

I'll admit, I didn't play out every single pool to completion, once it was clear who the winner was-- so some of my numbers may be incomplete by a point or two.
Posted March 14th, 2011 at 04:40 PM by Elginb Elginb is offline
dok's Avatar
Oh, that's reasonable. If I had been playing that pool out, I would have started with the Marro Warrior matches. If the MW put up 6 points, I'd just play enough games to confirm that nobody else can put up 6 (or 7, for the ones the MW beat). I'd start with Othkurik/SS, and if Othkurik won I'd have Othkurik play down the line. Once Othkurik lost to Alistair, I'd play SS/Warden and SS/Zettians. Assuming the Surfer wins both, nobody could top the Marro Warriors, so I'd stop there, leaving six matches unplayed.
Posted March 14th, 2011 at 05:28 PM by dok dok is offline
I typically started high and went down. If the top seed went undefeated, then I knew that the 2nd and 3rd seeds were out of the running, so I would skip to the 4th seed. If the 2nd seed went undefeated, I'd skip to the 5th seed, and so on. There might have been a lot more close pools that I just didn't play out.

Since Othkurik beat the Silver Surfer, I'm sure I played him against the entire pool, however...
Posted March 14th, 2011 at 05:54 PM by Elginb Elginb is offline
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Posted March 16th, 2011 at 01:36 PM by abacaagertss abacaagertss is offline
Updated March 16th, 2011 at 04:29 PM by Malechi (Removed Spam Post)
I'm very distressed. None of my predictions for round 2 were correct, though most of the ones that made it to the final round made some sense. However, the one that made exactly no sense went on to win the entire thing. So, what unit in round 2 would you have least expected to win the whole thing? That may have been the one to do it. I'll post the results tomorrow...
Posted March 28th, 2011 at 10:20 AM by Elginb Elginb is offline
I've been meaning to do a full on blog post on this, but the results were just depressing and pretty much invalidated the experiment, as far as I'm concerned. The Marro Drones won the whole thing. There's just no way they're the best unit for their price...
Posted April 21st, 2011 at 10:32 AM by Elginb Elginb is offline
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