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D4 - Vydar's Treachery Round 3

Posted February 6th, 2011 at 03:24 PM by Super Bogue
One of the biggest holes that I see in D1-3 is the lack of a lizardfolk hero, so here are my two.

First the warlord of the lizardfolk, Regortar.

Regortar is a heavy hitter that get stronger with each wound he takes. Also he is resistant to magic and such. He leads his loyal followers from the front and delivers crushing blows to anyone foolish enough to get in front of him.

In contrast to Regortar's brutish style is Zissren.

Zissren prefers to lurch behind a shield of the Greenscale Warriors add pick off enemies with his poison arrows. But when opportunity presents itself he will rush up and land a sneak attack to finish tough opponent.

Here is a group shot of the Lizardfolk figures.

Maybe some day I will give Regortar and Zissren a paint job to match the other TMNT-styled lizardfolk.
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