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Week @ Heroscapers, January 13th 2011

Posted January 13th, 2011 at 04:26 PM by truth
Image of the Week.

Image by Grishnakh.

There's so much featured in this week's image of the week that I don't even know where to begin. I'll start with the
Poor (and Lazy) man's way to base HeroClix figures, after that we notice the incredible custom terrain in the background, and finally we notice the epic C3G units on the terrain.

Blog of the Week.

Emerald Forest Evening Gown.

Don't miss out on your opportunity to own your own custom, one of a kind piece from the Wasabus Winter Collection.

Map of the Week.

Some maps are large, some maps are complex, and some maps are just plain fun. BiggaBullfrog's Moltenclaws Gulch falls into that last bunch, and so it is our map of the week. Check out the rest of BiggaBullfrog's maps here.
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Kaemon Awasome's Avatar
Man I wish I had a lava set. That looks cool.
Posted January 13th, 2011 at 04:54 PM by Kaemon Awasome Kaemon Awasome is offline
Mossman's Avatar
I definitely want to try out that battlefield!
Posted January 13th, 2011 at 05:06 PM by Mossman Mossman is offline
TheAverageFan's Avatar
Posted January 13th, 2011 at 05:27 PM by TheAverageFan TheAverageFan is online now
Grishnakh's Avatar
Cool, front page baby! Just for the fun of it those light grey, mechanical pieces in the background are legs from a Transformer like, rip-off toy I found at a yard sale! The darker grey parts are electrical components glued together and painted. The container came out of a HeroClix figure set. You can barely see this but the hex tiles are covered with a metal plate pattern that was created in Adobe Illustrator, printed out onto peel and stick paper, trimmed out with an exacto knife and placed onto the tile. The figures you guys probably know about!
Posted January 13th, 2011 at 06:09 PM by Grishnakh Grishnakh is offline
Taeblewalker's Avatar
Glad to see some love for Grish!
Posted January 13th, 2011 at 07:28 PM by Taeblewalker Taeblewalker is online now
krysto2002's Avatar
Hmm, if you can make front page with last month's board Grish, imagine what will happen when this month's maps hit the site...
Posted January 13th, 2011 at 07:49 PM by krysto2002 krysto2002 is offline
The Deadliest Warrior's Avatar
Cool stuff this week! Keep up the awesome work guys!
Posted January 14th, 2011 at 05:39 PM by The Deadliest Warrior The Deadliest Warrior is offline
lafleurhero's Avatar
I miss reading about the scaper of the week. That has been my favorite part of these news items
Posted January 15th, 2011 at 05:26 AM by lafleurhero lafleurhero is offline
MegaSilver's Avatar
Perhaps when the new SotW takes over, they will be frequent enough so that they will appear?

rym announced that the new interviewer had been selected, but only hinted at who that was...
Posted January 15th, 2011 at 08:08 AM by MegaSilver MegaSilver is offline
The B.I.V.'s Avatar
Nice one, BB! Way to represent for the west side!

Posted January 17th, 2011 at 07:57 AM by The B.I.V. The B.I.V. is offline
WarBanner's Avatar
Congrats, Grish! I looked at the front page and thought... "man, that looks just like the awesome stuff Grishnakh just used!".
Posted January 17th, 2011 at 09:55 PM by WarBanner WarBanner is offline
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