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Mortality and Mystery

Posted January 10th, 2011 at 01:30 PM by chas
"We are stardust
We are golden
We are million year old carbon
And we've got to get ourselves
Back to The Garden"
Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young

"Life could be elevated through a guided series of meaningful Self-Observations. Ahem. But we're really here to talk about hats."
--Conference Room Scene;
The Meaning of Life, Monty Python

Like, basically, man--you're a giant M&M. Mortality & Mystery. Groovy! Dig it. See, the God Stuff inside you is covered with a thick candy shell, called The Ego. Your inside is immortal, but the Ego is afraid of...well, friggin' everything. But especially death. The Big Change. But don't take my word for it--go read the Tibetan Book of the Dead, or any other major classic of spiritual literature. But you have to use have this basic teaching, and keep iit in mind to interpret it. Otherwise, its just mythology.

Now Grok your Guru on this, baby. Once a cat or a chick becomes Enlightened, that Perfect Master squirts right out of the cycle of reincarnation and chills out in Nirvana, becoming One with it All. Far out! The Ego drops away, and the Thick Creamy Center bonds with all the other who have made it. But sometimes, just before the process is complete, compassion kicks in, and the PM feels required to go back and try to teach the deluded baby souls still entangled in karma down on Earth.


"Like wow--I finally figured it all out after ten thousand years of mortal existance, liberated myself, and now, with Heaven right in front of me, I know I gotta go back! Some of my best friends are still Down There. Like all those publicans and tax collectors. Poor bastards! Catch you later, Mamas and Pappas on the Higher Rungs of Jacob's Ladder Consciousness."

"Okay, Most Recently Ascended Being. Good luck. But remember, when the heat gets turned up on you down there, that you volunteered for that mess!"

"Whew. Not groovy! But its gotta be done."

"Here--have a hit of the Good Stuff before you go back down, little godling buddy. You'll need it."

Stage Directions: The recently ascended Perfect Master experiences an eternal second of Pure Love, an unconscious memory of which will always remain, even in the bad times. Then, somewhere down on Earth, s/he is born once again, for the benefit of the deluded brothers and sisters who still don't get it.


This is the mission that a PM occasionally decides to accept. Buddha. Jesus. Ghandi. Probably not that smelly guy on the subway. But you never know. Cool.

"The whole world is completely insane!"
--Mr. Natural

I'm giving you Gold here, O Best Beloved. I love you, man. Your Ego buffers you from the Truth, which is being broadcast on Radio GOD all the time. Feel your internal resistance. Feel the pain. Let it guide you to your main individual weak point. Are you afraid of elephants? Dirt? Radicals? You can dissolve your fear. Then they will have no real power over you, whatever worldly influence they have. Find the combination to the lock, and a new door will open for you without effort. You can do it. But I don't have your combination, Seeker. If anyone else says they have your answer, no matter how sweet it seems, look out--you're in a cult. You have to discover your secret yourself. Remember, this idea doesn't belong to me. I belong to it. Bizarre. Yet totally out of sight!

"We blew it, Billy."
--Peter Fonda's Wyatt, Easy Rider

They say that when you die, you see the movie of your life. I've even heard that you'll feel all the emotions of those who shared moments with you. Did you hurt someone? Zap! Feel the pain. Bummer. Did you help someone? Ahhh... Feel the love. Very groovy! How's your score so far? Want to work on your handicap? You may still have some time left...but the Senor with the Sickle definitely has your address.

"Our toothpaste places GARDOL, an invisible shield, around your mouth, so Mr. Tooth Decay can't get in."
--1950s TV Commercial

At certain times of the year, the wall between the dimensions thins. And sometimes during your dreaming. Definitely during a severe personal life crisis. Boom--your Third Eye opens up, and you can suddenly see through the illusion of daily life to something much more important. But beware!!! Your Ego will immediately deny it, and try to put you back in the foetal position you've been in most of your life. So will society, reinforcing your Gardol shield with selfish materialism, so no Truth can get in. Because its not Mr. Tooth Decay that The System is trying to keep away from you, dude. Its The Truth. Because they've seen it, and they're afraid. The Devil is a liar, and his demons will tell you anything if you'll go back to sleep. Wake up! Find the truth. Be it.

You don't need drugs; so don't blame the pushers. You don't need to go postal; so don't blame the gun lobby. You don't need to be rich, so don't blame the oligarchs who run the world. Take responsibility for yourself, with the difficulty of life down here as a given. Stop whining--we all know about it.

"If you see Buddha on the road, smash him!"
--Zen Buddhist Saying

You can't trust anyone else to get you out of this mess. Because they are as deeply entagled in their own ego traps or more so than you are. The most confident scammers are often the most enslaved. That's the scary thing. History shows that the inmates are running the asylum, baby.

"Open up your heart
And let the sun shine in!"
--Hair, The Musical

It doesn't matter where you find yourself--what country you live in, what class you belong to, or what century is currently ticking away. Dissolve your pain in the rain of tears of the angels, which are constantly falling for you from an eternal moment outside the reality you know. Until you get it. Then the tears will turn into a tide of joy for you. It happens every day to somebody. Why not you?

Meditate on that. Right on! Peace, children.
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