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As Close As Multiplayer Heroscape Gets

Posted December 15th, 2010 at 03:22 PM by NecroBlade
This afternoon El Diabolo and his friend stopped by for some Heroscape.

First we played a few rounds of his gladiator variant, single combat in a small arena. It was quick fun.

Then I freehanded a 3-player map with lots of different terrain and lots of LoS blocking.

We played roughly 530 points. Here were the armies.

Marcus' (El D) "Steampunkroller"
210 Charos
300 Iron Golem x3
010 Isamu

Sean (whose army it turns out was 600 points, but who cares)
220 Captain America
080 Raelin 1
080 Kelda
120 Kaemon Awa
100 Krav Maga Agents

150 Marro Dividers x3
120 Raelin 2
200 Omnicron Snipers
060 Zetacron

There were a few treasure glyphs and we spent much of our early turns grabbing them up. Marcus' Charos got Disengage (scary ), Sean's Cap got +2 Attack (via Raelin), and my Raelin got Teleportation. Then Charos flew in, killing a couple Dividers and a Krav on his way to Raelin 1. Zetacron puts some wounds on him as he flew past, and both Raelins took fire and a few wounds each.

Sean's team got out of the first mess with the least damage, though, as he was able to kill Charos, then Heal Raelin. Now Sean and I duked it out while the Three Golems lumbered toward us. After decimating each other's armies for a while (I was down to a full squad of each Snipers and Dividers and Sean was down to Kaemon, Kelda, and 1 Krav) we realized we should probably turn and face the - literally - larger threat.

My remaining Dividers (who only managed one Cell Divide all game ) made OK speedbumps while Kaemon and the Snipers let loose. All the Golems got wounded, but also refused to die. After a couple rounds we FINALLY caught a break and they fell one after the other.

At the point where Marcus' Golems (and Isamu who had finished of my Raelin) died and made it a two player game, here's where we stood: 1 Krav and Kelda vs 2 Omnicron Snipers. I had declared after placing Order Markers "Last round I think" and after the Golems fell it still turned out to be so. A Sniper killed wounded Kelda, the the Krav killed a Sniper, and on the last turn of the round my Sniper barely won the game when the Krav whiffed her defense!
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MegaSilver's Avatar
The closest games are the best, IMO.
Posted December 15th, 2010 at 05:10 PM by MegaSilver MegaSilver is offline
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