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The 5ive!

Posted August 6th, 2007 at 12:33 PM by markwars
HeroScape Color Theory (aka. The 6th General Premise)
For the last two years there had been speculation about a "6th General". The fact that this game is based on six sided polygons just naturally made us wonder why the game designers stopped at five generals. Well HeroScaper teekay took this line of thought to the next level. In this thread teekay uses the color wheel to illustrate his point and in the end his arguments are very compelling. So compelling in fact three weeks later Aquilla was revealed. I can't wait to see how correct this summation is when we find out more about Aquilla. Read it over and be amazed.
Marvel Custom Destructible Object Cards
Annerios has consistently amazed our community with his custom creations and once again he has started a thread to offer a new wrinkle to MarvelScape. This thread has a template for custom destructible objects cards. There are already several cool creations posted here and I expect many more in the coming weeks and months.
IAmBatman's SuperCustoms *8/02* New Lex Luthor/Battlesuit
And while we are looking at customized comic creations....I would be remiss if I didn't point out an amazingly gigantic thread started by one of the newest HeroScapers staff members, IAmBatman. This thread has an entire catalog of super heroes that are just itching to be played. If you prefer DC over Marvel then this thread is REALLY a must.
hi1hi1hi1hi1's Predict the Victor Game!!!
If you like HeroScape and you like forum games then this next thread is for you. Member hi1hi1hi1hi1 has come up with a genius game that is a lot of fun - Predict the Victor. Every evening he posts pictures of a battlefield and the armies that are "playing". You then have about 24 hours to post your predictions for the battle and vote on who you think will win. The next evening he posts results and another scenario. This is really a lot of fun and the thread has simply exploded since starting early this month.
XSI's Strategy Articles: PreGame Evaluation
And finally I would like to end this week's 5ive with a very meaty strategy thread started by one of our newer members XSI Addict 32. The article entitled "Pre Game Evaluation: Army Speed and Map Grabbing" is a wealth of information that any serious Scaper should read. The best part is that it is only Part 1 of the thread. Give it a perusal and see what you think.

That's it for this week. Next week I will be dedicating the 5ive to all of those getting ready for Gen Con with threads that attendees will definitely want to read. If anyone has suggestions I am always open to ideas, you only have to shoot me a PM.
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